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Optimize Press 2.0 – coming soon

Optimize Press 2.0 is launching in July 2013. Optimize Press when it was first released a few years ago quickly became one of the most popular internet marketing WordPress themes to use. The reason for that was quite simple. The theme allowed you to quickly create slick sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and membership areas. While other themes and plugins have the capability to do this what separated Optimize Press from the crowd was the ease in which you could create the sites and the slick graphics that were provided by default. It was easy to make a site that looked a million bucks even for the graphically challenged like me!

The team at Optimize Press have been beavering away for some time now working on a new and improved version of Optimize Press which is called Optimize Press 2.0.

Optimize Press 2.0 is NOT an upgrade for the original version but a complete new system. Existing users will receive a discount link to buy the new version during the launch period.

What’s in Optimize Press 2.0?

First of all, it’s been expanded. Now it’s a theme and a plugin! This means that if you have a favorite theme that you want to use on your site you can just add the Optimize Press 2.0 plugin to create your sales pages etc. If you are creating from the ground up then you might just want to use the theme. What is important is that you now have a choice.

In my opinion, Optimize Press has always been simple to use and is one of the best documented themes on the market with a massive range of tutorials. It’s even easier to use now!

Features Galore

The creators of Optimize Press 2.0 have loaded it with features including:

  • drag and drop page creation (click a button simple)
  • massive range of fonts (including Google fonts)
  • responsive – no more making another site for your mobile version!
  • massive range of default slick graphic templates to create your sales pages, landing pages, membership areas

Why would you want it?

Optimize Press has always been graphically sexy. Now, it is even more sexy and easy to use with the additional features. If you are not graphically talented you will shortcut the work creating common internet marketing pages from hours to minutes just by using the default templates.  When Optimize Press first was released it was an absolute god send to me.    Finally, I could produce a slick looking sales page just like the big guys without spending a fortune and pulling my hair out.    Optimize Press 2.0 is just going to make building commonly used internet marketing pages point and click sale.

Check out the video below to see the slick graphics I was referring to:


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How To

Convert Your Old Sales Pages To WordPress

I often see in forums that people want to convert sites that they have made in html to WordPress. Usually, it’s sales pages. I’ve posted before on how to convert your static sites to WordPress so this time I’ll show you how to convert your old sales pages from html to lovely WP.

First of all, no need to panic because this is super simple to do.

I assume you have a sales page that is named salespage.html (or something similar as long as the extension is html). Open up that sales page with a nice editor. I just use notepad which is installed on all windows pcs.

At the very top of the opened file add the code highlighted at the  top of the screenshot. It is very important that this is at the top of the file with no spaces whatsoever.

You don’t have to name it “Sales” like I have done.   You can call it whatever you want – that just makes it easier for me to find.

The next step is to save your sales page file as a php document.   To do this just click File/Save As and type the new name which, in my example, is salespage.php instead of salespage.html

Now, it’s time to fire up Filezilla or whatever FTP program you use.

Browse to your current theme folder in wp-content/themes.     In my example I am using a theme called “Snowtime”.   Open up the theme folders and upload your new salespage.php file to that folder.

Once that’s done you can go back to your dashboard.    We will  now need to add a new page in WP for our new sales page.   To do this we go to Pages/Add New.  On the right hand menu you will see Templates.   From the template menu choose the name of  the file you uploaded.

If you are uploading a normal sales page be sure and turn comments and trackbacks off.

Click Publish and that’s it you are done.

If you want your sales page to be the home page on your blog just go to Settings/Readings and choose the page from the drop down menu.

I told you it was painless 🙂

Leanne King