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WordPress 3.1 is out now

WordPress 3.1 has now been released.     Like all releases it is usually a good idea to wait a couple of weeks before you update to allow for themes and plugins that need to update.   Before you do update, make sure you back up your site and database as well (just in case something goes wrong!).    A good free WordPress plugin is Back Up and Move.

Here’s a quick video tour of the main changes … Read More

WordPress Plugin Development Tips

It goes without saying that I love WordPress plugins.      I have so many of the little darlings that I often forget what I have.     One of my up coming projects is actually to sort out my WordPress plugins into different categories (love you to death, love you lots, love you little and time to go).

I also love thinking about how WordPress plugins can be used to speed up and make life easier for an … Read More

WP Help Desk Plugin

WP Help Desk

WP Help Desk is a free WordPress Plugin.    If you have a WordPress site selling your products chances are that you might need a Help Desk.     Rather than integrating another script with WordPress WP Help Desk works with the popular Hesk help desk software.

Now you can have your very own Help Desk integrated in the WordPress dashboard.

Installation and Usage instructions are contained in the read me file.  Please note that … Read More