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How To Edit WordPress Posts In Bulk

The other day I accidentally turned the comments on some posts that I had made on another site.   The problem was that I had moved a lot of content to this site and I wanted it to be static rather than a blog.    In order to quickly change the comments on setting to comments off I used the great bulk editing feature built into WordPress.   If I had done this on a post by post … Read More

7 Tips For Using WordPress For Internet Marketing

I use WordPress for all my internet marketing projects.   I couldn’t live without it.    It’s an essential tool for me.    Like most internet marketers I  have a number of different things that I do like:

  • create my own products
  • niche sites
  • autoblogging
  • etc

Everything I do uses different plugins, themes and configurations so here’s my 7 tips based on what I do to help you use WP with your internet marketing endeavours.

1.   Make it
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