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7 Wonderful WordPress Women

There are a ton of females blogging about  WordPress.  Often you don’t hear that much from WordPress women who code, design or make a difference to the development of WordPress or to WordPress users. They are out there.  There’s a lot of them, so I thought I’d pay tribute to some of the women I admire and who have inspired me.

It was really difficult actually limiting this post to just seven WordPress women because there are so many that I like that I might have to do another follow up post!

My first WordPress heroine

Lorelle VanFossen–  . Lorelle has to be at the top of my list because she’s certainly someone that has made a difference to WordPress. Lorelle gives out great tips and information on blogging with WordPress at her site. She is the author of a number of books including Blogging Tips: What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging and Social Media for Crafters: Covering the basics of the Social Web. In addition to her podcasts she volunteers writing the WordPress Codex and assisting in the WordPress Forums. She’s a regular guest blogger on popular sites like Blog Herald and Problogger (reading her bio makes me feel very lazy!).

I think Mark Ghosh of Weblog Tools Collection sums this amazing woman up best:

“Be kind, educate.

I adore Lorelle. To me, she is the embodiment of our community in everything she does and in every action she performs. She is supportive and critical at the same time. She embraces and challenges in the same breath. She sticks her tongue out and throws her arms wide open all in one swoop. I believe what makes her approach so nice is that she is kind to the people that can enact change and she loves to teach other people to do the things she does so well. She is a WordPress enabler.

I wanna be like her. So I pledge to be as kind as I can be and I promise to educate everyone that cares to listen. While I am at it, I hope to learn a thing or two along the way.”

Ditto – Mark 🙂

Goddess of  WordPress

Jennifer Stuart is another WordPress goddess,  in fact a Scripty Goddess 🙂 She is a WordPress theme designer and general all round developer with experience in other areas including shopping cart solutions. What I like about Jennifer is the information that she gives to WordPress users, and simple hacks that can make your life easier.

WordPress Developer with Heart

I love that Amber Weinberg   classifies herself as a  WordPress beast and a coder at heart. One of her sites is Hired.IM which is a job board that funds 50% of Code Club, a group inspiring kids that code is truly poetry.  She helps to make a difference to not only existing users of WordPress but also the next generation.

She’s no dummy

Lisa Sabin Wilson has helped a lot of  new WordPress users with the “dummy” series of  WordPress books.  She  is well known as the author of  WordPress for Dummies, WordPress Web Design for Dummies, WordPress All In One For Dummies  and Buddy Press For Dummies. She is a designer, theme creator and developer and partner at  Web Dev Studios.

Multi Site Knowledge Base

Andrea Rennick – I often think that Andrea is a chick that doesn’t sleep. She is so amazingly active in the WordPress forums that I shudder to think how many posts she has answered over the years (and how many have been variations of the same thing). She also works at Copyblogger adding to the customer service in the forum there and is well known, together with her husband Ron, for a ton of WordPress tutorials, plugins and themes with a main focus on WordPress multi site (or WordPress networking).

Behind the Scenes of WordPress

Jen Mylo aka Jane Wells – somewhat confusing 🙂 Jane/Jen is part of  the team at Automaticc (those responsible for letting us play for free with the best software in the world). Jen recently changed her name which you can read about here  if you want to clear the confusion 🙂 Jen/Jane is one of  many at Automaticc helping people enjoy WordPress, helping clients and improving the core WordPress. You can see some of what she does in action over at the WordPress community.

Words for  WordPress Users

Siobhan McKeown – describes herself as a translator for geek speak 🙂 She is the words behind many of the websites, user interfaces, read me files and instructional manuals for WordPress that are available.  She is also an editor at  Smashing Magazine.  She leaves the “code to the coders and helps translate geek speak to user friendly language that users and customers can understand”. You’ve probably seen her words at Manage WP, WPMU Tutorials, Sucuri and Smashing Magazine.  Here’s what Eric Hamm from Catalyst Theme had to say about her:

We contacted Siobhan about re-writing the copy on Catalyst to help better communicate our product and services with our potential customers. Within a few weeks we were in the process of re-designing our site around her perfectly tailored text and couldn’t have been happier! So now we are quick to recommend Words for WP to anyone in need to overhauling their less than effective web copy or who just don’t know where to start and need a push in the right direction.

Wicked Aussie Woman

Last but not least on this  list is Raena Jackson Armitage.   She is  the  co- author of  Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes and  Site Point contributor, WordPress developer (theme designer and coder) and the first Aussie on the list!  Her books and articles have helped to inspire new and more experienced WordPress users to delve into css and theme template files.

Got a favorite WordPress woman I haven’t mentioned?  Tell me in the comments below.