Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 15 July 2013

It’s way past this WordPress worker’s bed time! So it’s a very quick round up tonight for you guys – I need my beauty sleep! Rest assured though, the plugin developers have not been sleeping and have got a great range of plugins to tempt you with.

Free WordPress Plugins

Terms Per Product – For those selling digital products online using Pippin’s Easy Digital Downloads Plugin a new add on could help you out.

Easy Digital Downloads – Terms Per Product

Meetup Winner – if you are an offliner running or attending meet ups this little plugin could increase your engagement

Meetup Winner!

Lawyer Plugin – how could I not like this one 🙂 This plugin adds resources that are updated and relevant to the law firm’s area of practice. I assume that this plugin is only for US users though …
Something for offliners working in the lawyer niche to add and test on client sites perhaps

High Light Cam – Video hosting plugin – this is a new company that while it is in its start up stage will host your videos (up to 30 minutes) long for you. Currently, there is no limit to the number of videos or domain you can use with the plugin. Simple sign up, install the plugin and upload those videos.

You can get all the juicy details here

If you don’t have an S3 account to host videos and you make videos longer than you You Tube length then this may be a good option for you to explore.

Premium WordPress Plugins

geralt / Pixabay

Ultimate Video Curator – this is an entire video curation package – theme, plugin plus some bonuses. The premise is that the plugin finds relevant videos for you to download and curate on your site. The idea is that all this lovely content will then have hordes of traffic flooding your site. You can read more here 

Viral Pay Bot – Another plugin that locks content on your site until a payment is made. The plugin allows certain parts of your content to be redacted until the payment is made. Users that don’t want to hand over their wallet can pay with a tweet, like or Google Plus.

You can get all the dirt here

In other news …

This month we have two premium themes getting upgraded and re-launched. The first is Optimize Press 2.0 due for release later on in the month. The second is the much awaited Thesis 2.1 which is due for release on 16 July.


Customize your Embedded You Tube Videos

Tay Omojokun from the team at Embed Plus WordPress plugin  has created this guest post to show visitors what you can do with this amazing free video plugin.    I have to admit when I seen what this plugin could do my mind started spinning with the possibilities and opportunities for internet marketers.   I hope it makes you think as well.    Tay is going to take you through some of the features of this plugin below.

Embed Enhanced YouTube Videos Using EmbedPlus

Are you looking to enhance the playback and viewer engagement of the YouTube videos that you embed on your blog?

Take a close look at the picture below of what might initially look like a screen shot of a standard YouTube player. You’ll see, however, that the bottom displays an extra
bar containing DVD-like controls for navigating through video chapters, replaying scenes, and even looping parts or all of a video. This and some interesting blog friendly social features are provided by the free WordPress plugin EmbedPlus.

Install the plugin  and you’ll automatically have embedded YouTube videos updated with the enhanced features. From the website, you can customize specific embeds to contain personalized extras like your own marked chapters to allow viewers to use the NEXT/PREV buttons to jump back and forth between specific scenes.

When specific chapters aren’t marked, the player performs a novel process called ‘Sweet Spot Marking to activate these buttons. It works by getting cues from social signals to approximate what scenes people across the internet are focusing their attention on and automatically marking chapters at the corresponding times. Viewers can then use the NEXT/PREV buttons to jump to these popular scenes.

The annotation feature is another attractive customization that can also allow you to connect with visitors by emphasizing specific scenes during playback. You can insert your own text, and even links, to be displayed during set times.

As shown above the EmbedPlus annotations are different from YouTube’s own annotations feature, which doesn’t support this kind of third-party access. EmbedPlus places them just below viewing area and does not obstruct the picture. The EmbedPlus team plans a future plugin that will allow these and other customizations for a video to be made directly within your WordPress editor.

Another social media based feature of EmbedPlus is the REACT button highlighted in red below. It is described on the EmbedPlus homepage as follows:

“Discussions about a video occur in many places. Optionally enable this button to show viewers the latest Internet reactions, right inside the player. We are currently showing YouTube comments and Twitter feeds; more platforms soon.”

This feature could be particularly helpful for blogs will typically little comment activity as it embeds chatter from other communities right within the widget. As it evolves and offers conversations from other communities, it could increase the engagement and time spent on pretty much any blog.

It’s important to mention that EmbedPlus is free and requires no signup. It’s even free to WordPress developers wishing to integrate the enhanced player features in their own video plugin. Simply use the contact information from the about us page. While there, take a look around the site and demo some videos to evaluate the features just presented above.

An authentic pronunciation dictionary is in the works that you can use to test the features on tens of thousands of videos. Simply put, it leverages features like chaptering and replay/loop to help language learners watch real speakers correctly pronouncing difficult English words.

Here are a few popular examples words to  start with:

how to pronounce schedule
how to pronounce thought
how to pronounce genre
how to pronounce miscellaneous
Finally, the EmbedPlus team is always looking for feedback. Please share your thoughts by commenting on this page.

Download the plugin

If you have found the plugin to be useful and you like it please give it a review and rating in the WordPress repository.   Doing so, encourages WordPress plugin developers to keep creating and developing amazing free plugins for our community.

Internet Marketers can use this plugin in a number of ways and I’m sure your heads are spinning with the options available.    

One of the easiest ways to quickly put this plugin to use is to save you time updating videos.   You can quickly make annotations now without having to change an entire video.    

Another usage is by simply tracking what users are most interested in on the video.   That should give you ideas for improving your videos/products and/or creating new ones based on the sweet spot marketing and the social signals.    

Of course, one of the easiest ways to use this plugin in your internet marketing business is to incorporate it into your affiliate marketing efforts.      

Overall, the features of this plugin are amazing and it will be interesting to follow the progress of Embed Plus as it develops more and more features over time.     Thanks to Tay for guiding us through this plugin’s features  and drawing it to our attention.