Random Stuff

What I’m Up To Now

The other day I did a bit of an assessment on what I have “done” this year.  One of the reasons that I did this was because I felt like I had not achieved “anything”.  The other reason was because I get so many emails from people asking if  I’m going to do something or when I will do something.     So for those of you who are interested here’s a snapshot of my year so far.

For the first  months of the year my time spent on Internet Marketing was limited.     I have a part time J.O.B. so for the first 7 months of this year I spent 4 days per week at my J.O.B.

Starting from this week I’ve re-negotiated my hours to reduce my work load  to 3 days per week.


I love WordPress and most of the things that I do revolve around WordPress in one way or another.

This year I:

  • Updated my book WP Quick Cash and move it to an online version making it easier to update and revise when needed.   Of course, that’s not without issues.    It is time consuming to upload the book, reformat it and then edit it but I think it was worth it in the long run.
  • Updated my point and click WordPress theme – WP Flex.     This was a massive project and ultimately I ended up firing the coder and rehiring someone else.  Any sort of changes to plugins and themes involve massive testing and checking that the work that you asked for has been in fact completed.     Each time a change is made the testing process begins again.     The real test is when users start using the theme and that’s when you can iron out any final bugs that users may post in the forum.    In order to get the theme out as soon as possible we didn’t add one feature that I really wanted which was a change to the sales page template.     We’ve since gone back to the drawing board on that one and we’re getting ready to release a new template shortly.
  • Released and updated my WordPress theme – XFactor – this is based on the Adsense Master Course by Xfactor.     We also updated the theme and released a new version about a month ago to incorporate some features that Xfactor users had asked for.     Again, the process of developing a theme is hard and tireless work involving lots of testing and button clicking!
  • Made the massive decision to move my book WordPress For Internet Marketers to an online version.   After getting feedback from users about my idea I thought that this was the best way to keep my 950 page bible on WordPress updated and fresh with the ease of convenience.    The last few months my virtual assistant has been spending 1 or 2 nights a week just uploading the information.    At the moment, there is still one more volume to go.        After that volume has been uploaded I can then commence the massive task of editing this baby.      This is a task that personally freaks me out a bit.    The book took approximately 9 months to write – hopefully it will take a lot less time to edit!    But, in order to keep it fresh and keep it up to date I will have to replicate the same things that I did in the book which involves building out a number of sites for demonstration purposes.    All very time consuming and certainly not something that happens overnight.
  • started development of a new plugin.   We haven’t released it yet to the public because we are still fine tuning it.    Again, any theme and development work is a time consuming process 🙂
  • started working on updating a plugin that previously I had created back in the WP 2.7 days called WP Biz List.     A lot has changed in WordPress in this time and right now I’m working on this plugin to update it to have some new features as well as be compatible with WP 3.0.

After all of the above have been churned out and cleaned up I really want to start the development of the plugin that I’ve wanted since 2008.     This is a plugin that personally as an internet marketer I want in my life.

Some of the down sides with creating plugins is that sometimes you are just not happy with the results or want to do things a different way.     Another problem is that there are obstacles.  No matter how much testing etc you do there will always be bugs and differences in the way that users want things to work.

Another downside that happened this year was after much mucking about a new plugin was created, sent up for testing and we were in the middle of testing when the programmer’s computer completely died.     As he was using the computer as a local server the plugin died with it.      No online backup, no chance of recovery.     This is one of the things that gives me a wrinkle – either start afresh or can it.   I’m undecided at the moment.

  • gave my presentation in Vegas on using WordPress on Auto Pilot

I’m also working on finishing off a few more WordPress related products.

  • did a short guide earlier in the year on Thesis called Thesis Fast Start.   I’m in the process of editing this before I send it out to the big world.
  • am working on my new book on WordPress exploring the multi user features.
  • decided to give people what they have been asking for which is a WordPress coaching site.  I’m setting up my own Bootcamp where I can teach people the ins and outs of WordPress.
  • continued to help people out in forums with WordPress problems

Lots of stuff going on WordPress wise for me 🙂

Physical Publications

This year I’ve also decided to get involved in the physical publication of books.

The first book  I have coming out on Amazon is  on driving traffic to your website.     I’m also in the depths of editing two more books for Amazon on improving your business and being an expert in your niche.     I have plans to release another two Amazon books before the end of the year making the total count at 5.

Internet Marketing

I love internet marketing and I have acquired a ton of knowledge about it and am always educating myself.      So this year, I decided to scale up my internet marketing activities.    First of all, I started outsourcing a lot of the stuff that I normally would do (that I absolutely hated).

There are always teething problems with outsourcing and I have had to change outsourcers several times.   Hopefully, this is all on track now.     Part of the outsourcing process requires you to train staff.       No matter how experienced your outsourcer is you always need to tell them the way that you do things.    I’ve been doing this by way of videos, reports and checklists they can print out.

Another part of outsourcing is making sure that the outsourcer understands what is required.     What I now do (lesson learnt) is have them do one part of the process and send it to me to check.      This way I can ensure that things are going the way that I want them to do and also advise them along the way.     Once they have learnt the process, then I just check in every now and again and make sure that all is up to speed.   I’ve found that having a good project management system is essential for the ordering of the tasks and assigning deadlines and priorities.

This week I’m opening up my group internet marketing coaching program.   I’m pretty excited about this as it will be a great way to help people get started with internet marketing and share my knowledge with others.

Offline Marketing

I love offline stuff and although I’ve delved into this in the past, on a random basis, this is now an area that I’m becoming more and more involved with.


  • In the last month I’ve been “training” my fiancee on the basics of internet marketing.     When we decided that we were going to move into internet marketing only one of us “moved”.    So now my darling is learning the ropes.      So far he has learnt keyword research and buying proper domain names.

We got off to a shaky start (probably a bit like teaching your beloved to drive) but after a day or two he started to “get it”.      We’ve had huge internet problems the last 10 days or so and that has meant that he has not been able to do any more work.     Internet is back on now and he is standing by the computer ready to get started!   I hope he hasn’t forgotten too much but I’m standing by and waiting to help him.     One of the real things that you need to do when you are teaching someone something is a) show them how to do it b) do it together and c) let them do it on their own.       Of course, the more he practices what he has learnt the better he will be.   There are two main advantages of him doing this.   First of all, it is saving me time if I can “outsource” this task to my darling and secondly it means he has a vested interest in our business by becoming involved in it.

  • Speaking of my fiancee, we are planning to get married next year.    We’ve been together over 11 years now and I guess we know each other enough to make the commitment!  As far as planning a wedding goes I have been supremely slack.   So far we’ve selected a date (subject to change) and a color scheme (purple and white) and a cake (cupcake tier).   I’m not the most romantic person in the world and so far no bridal magazines have passed my door.     I’m thinking that the best way to get this event to happen would be to elope and buy a dress on the way.
  • One of the things that I’m most excited about that I’ve done this year is joining a gym.      I should point out that I’ve never joined a gym before and previously my idea of exercise was walking to the shop to buy chocolate!     The reason that I wanted to join the gym was first of all to lose the chocolate and to get fitter.    I quickly found that I’m not overly enthused about all the machines and equipment in the gym but what I do like is the classes.     So far I’ve been taking boxing classes, weights, zumba, yoga, pilates and, although, I’m not keen on the machines I do a circuit for about 45 minutes just to work all parts of my body.       Initially, I hated the gym and used to watch the clock to see when the torture would end.  I also hired a personal trainer for a couple of weeks to keep me on track.     After about two weeks of going to the gym 6 nights a week I found out that I got really antsy if I missed a class.    It was slightly addictive.      About a month ago I got sick and didn’t go for about three weeks.     It was really easy to slip back into bad habits so I’m now up and back at the gym.
  • One of the best things that I did this year was change computers.    I still have my Vista PC (too much software on it for me to retire it) but I’ve now switched to Mac and really, I don’t know what took me so long.       I have very little idea of how to drive it and haven’t got around to watching the tutorials for anything but so far pressing a button and hoping something will happen seems to work fine.       I can’t believe the amount of extra work that I can now do with the Mac it has increased my productivity by double, I’m guessing.    The only set back occurred about 10 days.    When we switched to Mac I thought it would be wise to back up the PC online.    I use Mozy for this but according to Mozy it hadn’t been backed up for 6 months!  I don’t know how that happened but anyway I started backing up madly and I think that’s what I did to over extend my broadband connection for the month.    For the last 10 days I’ve been barely able to log in anywhere!
  • The other decision that I made this year is to have time off.   I have a personality that gets very addicted to working and often I can’t find the “off ” switch for me.    Although, this sounds like a good problem to have it is not.    You can end up being burned out and exhausted from too much work.   Add to that, you miss out on all the things that the big beautiful world has to offer by being permanently attached to your keyboard.     My motto now is one day a week where I will not play with the computer at all, no emails, no twitter, no forums no distractions.   I’m convinced the world will not end if I have a computer free day and I’ll be a better person with this change in my life.  This day will now be spent 100% with my fiancee, friends and family where I’m with them 100% (rather than thinking about internet marketing stuff).

That’s it for me today I have books to edit and things to do!