Genesis 2.0 Release

It seems that my favorite themes like Optimize Press and Genesis are being updated at the same time. Theme developers are certainly keeping us on our toes and giving us a lot of eye candy to look at!

This week Genesis 2.0 was released. If you are already using Genesis you can upgrade the framework through your WordPress dashboard or you can download the files and ftp them up if you prefer.

I’ve updated my framework to Genesis 2.0 on a couple of sites that are not using a child theme without any problems at all.  As always, I would suggest that you take a back up just in case you have a hosting or plugin conflict.   If you are using Genesis with a child theme I’d suggest that  you upload Genesis 2.0 together with your child theme and export of your posts to a test site to see all is working well.

What’s new in Genesis 2.0?

Genesis 2.0 is an improved framework for this popular WordPress theme. It has integrated new web standards into it to keep up with the change in technology and user needs.   Let’s have a look at the major changes in the framework.

genesis 2 wordpress theme


Genesis now incorporates HTML5 standards.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is the new version of HTML if you like. It is just a change in web design standards. Some important features that you should note about using HTML5 is that it is responsive ,that means the code responds to the user’s device to display information. In short, Genesis 2.0 is mobile friendly and will display well across platforms and devices.

Another aspect of HTML5 is that unlike HTML there are now attributes that you can incorporate into the theme design for display of commonly used elements like video and audio. This means that it makes it easier to integrate these items in your theme without having to use separate code or plugins.

You can read more about html 5 in full techie speak here 

By incorporating the html5 features in their themes Genesis users are assured that moving forward their theme will be easier to use and will require less plugins for common uses.

For the last few years a lot of plugins have been released to display rich snippets. The microdata from is read by the major search engines and Google has said that

“rich snippets can make your site appear more prominently in the search results so you may see an increase in search traffic”

This is good news for SEO types and for Genesis users as the up to date framework supports the use of this microdata quickly and easily.


geralt / Pixabay

I so wish that more theme developers would take the care that the team at studio press does when they release a new theme. Brian and the team regularly hire experts at WordPress security, to inspect the code and review it for security flaws.Mark Jasquith had that task for the Genesis 2.0 release and said this “..from a security standpoint, Genesis 2.0 is at the top of its class”.


There are some other miscellaneous changes in Genesis 2.0 that users will enjoy and notice in the difference in load time on their site. The but the main changes encompass the use of HTML5 and Schema.


To celebrate the release a new theme has been released called Sixteeen Nine as well as an upgrade for the existing eleven40 theme.   Other upgrades to their existing themes are being rolled out over time.


One of my regrets was that I didn’t update my blog using the Genesis framework when I did a refresh of the look this year. I think it’s time for a change now 🙂