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A Static WordPress Homepage Makes A Difference

Let’s face it,  WordPress is primarily and will always be a blogging platform or is it?

The designers behind WordPress have made it so powerful and so customisable that it can be used with just about any other website including as a blog.

But you know where the trick lies in transforming the WordPress blogging platform into the most powerful content management system ever?  It is in the creation of the static homepage.

Having a static homepage is crucial if you are going to use WordPress for your non-blog website.  Your homepage will describe what your website is all about and will serve as a portal to the other features your website may have.

You can create a static homepage for your WordPress site easily 🙂

First of all you need to write your page or your post that you wish to be static.    Publish it.    Then just go to Settings/Reading and select your page or your post from the drop down menu and click the radio button for static front page.     That’s it …… you can go and admire your handiwork.