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Making Your Mark

I remember a forum post I read about a year ago.    A guy had spent months writing this ebook that was his pride and joy but didn’t want to release it to the big, bad world because …shock, horror…people might rip it off.

My feeling was, get over it.

I’ve had my stuff ripped off, stolen, “repackaged”, you name it – it used to bother me … a lot.   Now, not so much 🙂

If … Read More

Shouldn’t you do some work?

In case you haven’t heard there is a new WordPress release – 2.8.4.

Whenever there is a new release of WordPress the forums fill with scaremongers.   You know the type, people that ask should they upgrade, will their site be hacked.  The problem with this, from my point of view, is that these are the type of people that want guarantees out of life.   

There are no guarantees in life except death and taxes 🙂… Read More