How To

Include Selected Pages in RSS Feed

Often you might want to include pages that are updated in your RSS feed. You might have a testimonials page, services page or portfolio that is constantly updated for your visitors.

Most feeds generated for WordPress are for posts.   This is great if you have a blog that is constantly updated but it’s not good for those that have a blog and a static site or a static site that is updated.

The good news is that you can also include pages in your feed by using the RSS Include Pages Plugin.

I’ve long been a fan of this free plugin from the repository but it has one problem 🙂 It includes ALL pages.  Most webmasters would have no need for our contact page for example to be included in a feed. The contact page doesn’t change and is static in function so it would not be of interest to our regular rss readers to access rss content on their favorite feed reader.

There must be a way to include only SPECIFIC pages in the RSS feed. One way that I’ve done this (without any code hacking or geekiness)  is by installing the Stealth Publish plugin in addition to the Include Pages plugin.    The Stealth Publish plugin allows me to simply go to each page or post that I do not want included in the rss feed and stealth publish them.    This simply means that they are published but hidden from the feed.    Pretty cool huh?

You can see how easy it is to do this for yourself in the short video below (less than 5 minutes).