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Spread the word using a WordPress podcast plugin

I wrote in my book WordPress for Internet Marketers and WP Quick Cash years ago about using free WordPress podcasting plugins to get traffic and links to your site.

What is a podcast?

According to Wikipedia a podcast is:

[quote]a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. The word replaced webcast in common vernacular due to the fame of the iPod and its role in the rising popularity and innovation of web feeds.[/quote]

How do you create a podcast?

You can easily create a podcast by reading one of your blog posts and recording it using free software like Audacity.  Once you have made your recording upload it to your server and use a podcasting plugin to embed your podcast in your post and automatically submit it to Itunes.

Simply upload your podcast (using the WordPress media dashboard) and take note of the url of your podcast.    Don’t select the option to insert the podcast in the post because we are using a podcast player.

If you scroll to the bottom of your post you will see an option to insert the url of your podcast.  Once your url has been inserted you will see further options that you can configure.  When you have finished configuring just click the button to send to the editor.

Why create a podcast?

Creating a podcast serves a number of useful purposes.

  • it appeals to those who prefer to listen/watch rather than read your blog posts
  • you can submit the podcast to podcast directories for additional traffic
  • podcast submissions can bring extra link love to your site

I’m lazy this seems like hard work!

Yes it is a little bit of extra work but if you want to produce a quality result for your visitors then it’s probably worth spending an extra 10 minutes or so on your blog post.

However, if you are super lazy 🙂  you don’t actually need to create the podcast yourself.    You can rely on WordPress automation to do it for you.

Text to Speech plugins

There are a number of  free WordPress plugins that convert text to speech

Cast My blog
Voz Me

I also recently tested this paid WordPress podcasting plugin but, at this stage, I prefer the ones listed above.
What about submitting it to podcasting directories?

The first one that you should be submitting to is itunes.    Take an extra 5 minutes to add a cool logo to your podcast to make it more interesting for Itunes browsers. The free podcasting player listed above will automatically submit your podcasts to itunes.

Then you can use a free service like PodSubmitter to submit to 55 other directories.

Where’s your podcast Leanne?

It’s right here below 🙂