How To

Multiple Themes on One WordPress Installation

Years ago I wrote a post on using different themes on different pages. That post is now out of date because nowadays we can have different themes on different posts/pages and core pages like Category/Archive and Home.

Multiple Themes WordPress Plugin

The reason that we have more control over our sites is because of the new multiple themes WordPress plugin.

Why would you want a different theme on a page/post?

You might like to have your home page as:

  • a sales page
  • lead generation form
  • squeeze page
  • shop front

You might use a specific theme like Optimize Press for those pages. On other areas of your site you might apply multiple themes to incorporate a blog, a magazine, forum, jobs board or a store and want a similar but different look for those areas.

You can quickly and easily have multiple themes on different areas of your site just by using a free multiple themes plugin available from the WordPress repository.  You can search for the plugin via your WordPress dashboard and activate it in the usual way.

Once you have activated the plugin (or before if you prefer) upload all the themes that you wish to use throughout your site.    Unless all the themes are uploaded you will not be able to use the plugin.

Have a quick  video (less than 5 minutes) showing you  how simple the multiple themes plugin  is to use: