Blogging Plugins

Lock it up and keep ’em out

No-one wants their blog to be hacked but sadly these things can happen.

A new plugin has just been released a new WordPress security plugin that has a ton of features:

  • Enforces strong password policies
  • Monitors login attempts
  • Blocks IP addresses on failed login attempts
  • Gives you control to manually unblock IP addresses if required
  • Allows¬† you to forcibly log out all users immediately and require that they all change their passwords before logging back in (useful if hacker is logged in)
  • Allows you to¬† forcibly log out idle users after a predetermined period

Enforces Strong Password Policies

  • Define which types of characters must be used in passwords (this is to force you and your users to have better security)
  • Define the minimum required password length
  • Define how long a password is valid before it must be changed (great if you are outsourcing/freelancing work on your blog)
  • Prevent users from reusing the same passwords repeatedly
  • Prevent users from choosing common passwords from a database of more than 3100 common passwords

Emergency Lock Down

Login Lock provides an emergency “panic button” that, when used, immediately logs out all users, resets all user passwords to a random value, and sends each user an email message informing them that they must change their password before logging back in to your site.

Download this wordpress security plugin from the WordPress repository.

There are more things that you can do to secure your blog (see WP Lockdown) for more information on that.