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Defining Moments of Internet Marketing

Last year I did quite a few interviews with people.    There’s one that really stands out for me which is this one.    The reason that it stands out for me is that the interviewer managed to weedle more out of my life story than anyone else ever has.

and that’s how it should be because …

I was interviewed as part of a series  “Defining Moments of Internet Marketing“.    The series is the brain child of  internet marketer Seth Larrabee.     Seth approached a number of  internet marketers including greats like John Carlton and Ed Dale and over 50 more internet marketers and interviewed them on what their “defining moments” were.   The “aha” moment that brought people to internet marketing.   His goal was to get into their head and see what you can learn from other marketers.

I was  honoured (and surprised) that Seth asked me to be a part of this.

You can check out the interview below between Seth and I.



You can check out the entire series of Defining Moments of  Internet Marketing here (you can also opt in to listen to some free interviews as well)


WordPress News

WP Robot Is Coming

A lot of you know that I have been working on a few WordPress projects lately and rarely get the time to blog.   The project that I am most excited about (strangely) is called WP Robot.     It started out as a short pdf …. and then of course it grew 🙂 While I have been sick for a few months I have  had time to reassess WP Robot and have changed it so much that it’s barely recognizable.

So what is it?

WP Robot teaches you how to make niche money making sites using WordPress.   Yes, there are other products that do this as well but there are none that I know of that teaches you what I am going to show you 🙂

No matter if you are new to WordPress or an old hand if you want to make money online with niche wordpress sites then WP Robot will give you that head start that you have been looking for.

I also have a few other WordPress projects lying around or in development that will be available soon as well. 

All the best

Leanne 🙂

Just an update, I changed the name of my new course ….then promptly had a computer problem where I lost the entire thing!    The reason that I changed the name was that a wordpress plugin was created of the same name!  The plugin is called WP Robot and if you like autoblogging it should tickle your fancy.    I’ve written a short review of  WP Robot here … and yes if you buy it that’s my sneaky affiliate link and I’ll be getting paid enough commission to keep me in chocolate and coffee 🙂