Revenge of the Affiliates – Kindle Training

Have you ever wanted to write books and sell them on Kindle? Or better yet, have someone else do the writing for you while you sell the books on Kindle and make monthly commissions?

Ever since Kindle came out I’ve been fascinated with it. So fascinated that I’ve been stockpiling a pile of books that I’ve written so I could one day go upload crazy and list them online.

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I’m glad I held back though… because although I had done the writing I hadn’t done the research. Without research who knows if my little books would ever sell!

When Brian Johnson released his Kindle training called “Revenge of the Affiliates” I knew that I wanted it. Brian always produces quality products whether it’s how to sell halloween items or WordPress plugins – you know that they will be good.

What I really liked about the Kindle training was that there was a whole free pre launch series stepping you through how Brian makes money on Kindle. You’ll be shocked when you realise how little “writing” there is in his books but they are still of high quality and make passive income each month. I was also pretty surprised with how long it took to go through the training, how good it was and that Brian is giving it away!

In the training you’ll learn how Brian first entered the Kindle market over a year ago. He started as a true newbie in this niche and ultimately developed a system where about 10 books (that he didn’t write) earn him monthly passive income. No list, no fancy pants backlinking and starting with no advertising budget.

Here’s my overview of the pre launch video training:

Video 1 – Selling Topics

In this video Brian steps you through the research you need to do to discover topics that will sell on Kindle. Thank goodness I overcame my aversion to videos and watched this because this one video saved me from uploading my stock pile of books and re-thinking the title and category I should be focusing on. Brian also gives away some valuable tips on how to get an instant boost in the Kindle store and the best pricing strucutre for your new book. Less than 30 minutes to watch and well worth watching at least once.

Video 2 – Conversions and Traffic

Brian teaches you how to leverage traffic and get more eyeballs for free to your book. He uses this information that is freely available (just takes time to research) to name his book. Without watching this short 20 minute odd video you could risk losing traffic.

Video 3 – Reviews

Using ethical and white hat methods you learn how to use free sources and more importantly when to use them to get more reviews for your book. Getting reviews on your products and books is always important and Brian shows you how to work smarter to get reviews coming in.

Bonus – Live Training replay

I don’t often like watching webinars anymore. They are usually too long and tedious for my liking. However, I did enjoy Brian’s webinar because you get the feeling he genuinely wants to help people achieve the same success with Kindle he has. In the webinar Brian briefly describes the 6 step formula he uses to create Kindle books.

The most important take away that you get from this training is that first and foremost Brian is a marketer and not an author. Important difference because not everyone likes to write. If that’s you and you are wondering how on earth to publish on Kindle you might be surprised how easy it is to produce a quality product that people love. To support this, check out Brian’s first book on the Kindle store. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’m not going to name it here, but it is primarily images and has very little words. In addition, it has been top book in its category and continues to earn Brian money each month.

If you are a writer then you will save money by doing the work yourself and not outsourcing. More importantly, you will realise the importance of marketing when it comes to getting sales automatically and passively each month for your work.

Certainly well worth watching at least once.

You can follow along and do the free  training yourself here

Theoretically, you could do the free training that Brian provides and get a great book up on Kindle and start making sales.

However, I would suggest that once you’ve completed the training you check and see if the Revenge of the Affiliates training is available and snap it up if you can. Unlike the pre launch series the 6 step training is a pdf. It is packed full of information and expands upon what was in the launch videos. Often Brian removes this from sale so you have to sign up to his list to get notified when it is available.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own publishing empire then I highly recommend checking out Brian Johnson’s – Revenge of the Affiliates Kindle Training course.   I’d love to have a Kindle book a day challenge where I create a book each and every day for a month and pop it up on Kindle.   With Brian’s method, I can produce a high quality book that will sell, and sell regularly.