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How to make your internet marketing conference a real event

If you have been in internet marketing for any period of time you will have succumbed to the urge to attend an internet marketing conference.     You might find that you get “free” tickets in your email and you think “what the heck I’ll mozy along and have a look”.    Day 1, usually starts out pretty exciting,  giant conference hall packed with people with stars in their eyes.    After an hour you realise that the speakers are rehashing their cheap ebooks from 2001 and adding a $2,000 home study course to boot.    Your eyes glaze over but you are determined to stick it through, if only to meet people in the industry.    By day 3 the giant conference centre has been cordoned off to house the few scattered groups that remain, either through sheer determination, or to get value out of any VIP tickets they bought.    You go home and resolve to never do that again.

Not all internet marketing conferences suck

There are some internet marketing conferences that offer up exciting content, dynamic people to network with, and materials to take home and  learn from.   One conference that does this quite well is the annual 3 day Fast Web Formula internet marketing event hosted by James Schramko and held in Australia.

You can always tell a Fast Web Formula event because the event is not only branded on the retina but on all attending.     All staff (crew) that make sure the event runs smoothly are clearly identified in their FWF clothes, there’s a sign with FWF on it and all attendees are branded on entry with the FWF t-shirt and hoodie.     If  you have ever wanted to see what a “sea” of people in the same clothes looks like come to a FWF event.     Even last year when it was held in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Austalia which is known for being quite warm the attendees all donned their FWF hoodies to brave the outside world.

The branding of the event makes it really easy to interact with people you meet on the street or at a coffee shop in the morning.   You don’t have any awkward moments because you are all members of the same tribe.    You can start an instant conversation just through clothing recognition without even bothering to look at what they have written on or in the workbook they have been supplied with.    Never has it been so easy to network with people in your industry.

I’ve been to two of these conferences and what has always impressed me is the way that such a large event is organized.     Everything seems to go like clockwork, attendees are happy and inspired, and the conference crew deal with a ton of  matters from the trivial getting a glass of water for a speaker to probably bigger issues (but you never know about that).    One of the people that ensures this event runs as smooth as silk is Kerry Finch.

You might associate Kerry Finch with her writing services for internet marketers through her sites Kerry Finch Writing and DFY Content.      Kerry is known for writing press releases, site content and article marketing.    There’s a lot of internet marketers that rely on Kerry to deliver top quality content every month.     In addition, to her writing skills Kerry is a great organizer and has a knack of making things appear effortless.

I recently chatted with Kerry to find out how the secrets of how she helps to organize one of the hottest internet marketing conferences around.      You can listen to that interview here:


If you have ever been inspired to put on an internet marketing workshop for a small group or a massive conference then you’ll find a lot of useful tips in this interview including:

  • the difference between a paid and a free conference
  • what you need to think about when organizing a small event and a large event
  • the ideal size for a “hands on” workshop  event
  • what systems Kerry has created in order to ensure that things run smoothly
  • the importance of  the crew in ensuring the event runs smoothly
  • the one important thing Kerry does at any event she helps to organize
  • how much planning is involved in holding a large event
  • the one thing you should not promise attendees


Find Kerry at:

Kerry Finch Writing

This is where you can track Kerry down to provide her writing services for you.  Kerry’s team specialize in putting together SEO optimized and engaging content for article marketing.   There are a range of  packages and services you can choose from to best suits your needs.

DFY Content

Have you ever been asked by a business to set up a site for them?   I know that I have.   I know it takes me very little time to set up the site but a long time to finish it.   Simple reason why that is.   My number 1 reason for not being able to finish a site is that I’m waiting for the client to provide me with the content to go on the site.    Kerry has stepped in here to help business owners (and web service providers) out by providing quality content for website owners.    This is a great resource for anyone that offers services like web design and development  to businesses.

Obra  –   Kerry’s latest project is providing an information based resource for regional Australians.  Her focus is  bringing internet marketing to the regional areas  of  Australia.   Kerry was inspired to give out this information as a result of the new broadband roll out across regional Australia.   No doubt, this will become an important resource for those considering a career working at home in internet marketing in regional areas.







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Pimping out your blog to increase traffic

Most bloggers at some stage end up monetizing their blog so they can make it pay for itself.

There are a number of ways that you can monetize your blog to name a few:

  • Paid advertising
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Zone rental
  • Paid reviews

However, no matter how good your blog is and how great your offers are you need people to visit your site, time and time again to make money.   Not only that, but you need to capture new visitors  all the time to build your blog.

In short, you need TRAFFIC

There’s a multitude of ways that you can get traffic to your site and if you really want to know how to get boatloads of traffic then check out traffic grab (probably the best course I’ve seen on traffic).

But Traffic is only some of the equation because you might get a ton of traffic to your site (and you should if you use all the strategies in Traffic Grab) but they also might leave just as quickly as they came never to return again.

If a visitor lands on your blog it’s your job to keep them there.

Put it another way

It’s Saturday night and you are looking for a great place to eat out.    I’m lucky that I live around the corner from the popular Italian district in Sydney.  Wall to wall italian restaurants and cafes – my idea of heaven.    When I’m looking for a place to eat I might often see a restaurant that’s packed.    Next to it there’s a restaurant and no-one’s there.    So I have a choice do I wait for a table at the busy, exciting restaurant or go to the lonely stepsister next door.      Well, usually, what happens is that when you go to the one next door and pick up the menu and breathe in the atmosphere you walk straight out again.

That’s what your blog is like

You want your menu to be appealing and you want the atmosphere to reflect the nature of the blog.

Here’s some ideas:


First and foremost your food has to be good even great and your blog food is really your content.    Offer your readers something that they want to devour and come back for seconds.     Know from the start what your blog is going to be about, what topics you will be writing about, for what market – and stay on topic.


Design is important.    Make your blog clear and easy to read and navigate.    Put yourself in the mind of a visitor and don’t make your visitor click more than 3 times to take any action.  After all, you don’t want them exhausted before they get to the main meal.

Again, think of  your favorite restaurant.    Does it have graffiti and gaudy advertisements all over it or is it clean and inviting?      Advertisements certainly have their place but if you have so many ads on your blog that it is hard to see where the content is and it looks like graffiti then you have gone too far (and if they glitter or sparkle and your blog is not for an 80’s themed nightclub then you have gone too far!)

Tweak the Typography

Fonts are important too.    You want a font that displays well in all web browsers and computers and you need to be consistent with your typography.    You can achieve a great looking blog if you have a simple easy to read font for your titles and a similar one for your content.     If your fonts are a multitude of designs and colors and light up like an 80’s disco then you have probably gone too far.

Clean Colors

Color is so influential about the way we think and respond.    Take some time to choose colors that reflect your niche and spend some time testing complimentary color schemes that do not clash.     If you feel a migraine coming on looking at the site you need to remove some colors.  Personally, I think that content should be displayed on a white background with a black/dark grey font.    That’s just me 🙂

Content is King

If you make the content, that beautiful meal you have prepared for your visitor, difficult to read (think white on a black background) they won’t return.

If you have great slabs of text with nothing in between then you make it difficult to read.  Think of adding life to your content by breaking up your text with sub headlines, bullet points, images, videos and audio.

Stick around for the long haul

If you don’t update your site regularly your visitors will think that your shop is shut.    There will be no reason for them to come back to your site and check out your new stuff.   They’ll just move on to the place down the street.  Have a schedule and stick to it.

Ask Your Readers

It’s easy nowadays to find out what content and what design your readers want – you just ask them.

Put a survey on your blog – stick to one topic at a time and ask your readers what they want you to write about, what they are interested in and then give them what they want. You can make this fun as well by turning it into a contest and giving out a prize.   If you submit your contest to the contest sites you’ll also find a new source of traffic as well.

By the way

If you buy Traffic Grab v 1 through my affiliate link email me for this great bonus.

[box type="info"]Traffic Grab v 2 @2012 has now been released and this bonus is no longer available.[/box]
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Getting More Links to Your Site

Blogging Underground (BU) is  a new network opened by Mike Liebner from Article Underground fame.

What it is

Blogging  underground is a network of  blogs owned by Blogging Underground and blogs contributed by members of  BU as well.     A blogging network allows you to post snippets of articles to blogs in the network with the aim of getting a good link to your site.     Getting links and a variety of links is essential to getting traffic and improving the organic ranking of your site.

I am a member of a number of blog networks because I want a variety of sources for links.     If I used just one network for all my links then it is likely that I’ll leave a footprint, won’t get link variety and be limited to the blogs that I can post topics to. Being a member of a few different networks allows me to spread my links out, have link variety as well as link velocity and have a number of choices where to get links from and when.

About Blogging Underground
Blogging Underground has about   390  blogs in the network currently and it is growing.    Members of BU  can also add their own sites to the network which is a great way of getting fresh content to your sites on relevant topics (without having to write it yourself!)

One of the things that I really like about BU is that there is a centralized posting section which is simple to use because it uses WordPress 🙂    In order to post to one of the blogs in the network you simply Add Post and then choose which blog you want to post your article to.

Now, because there are so many blogs it might be difficult to find the most relevant blog for your topic but that’s not the case here because there is a built in keyword search tool.   So say, I wanted to post on the topic of  “WordPress” to some of the blogs in the network.   All I have to do is type in my keyword in the search box and the results be returned showing which blogs I could post to.

My keyword search for blogs accepting articles on the topic of “WordPress” returned 15 results from the inhouse network and 4 from members own contributed blogs.    Quite a lot when you consider that WordPress is often considered a technical rather than a general subject.

The other thing that I really like is that you can have multiple author names (or profiles).    So for my WordPress posts I would want to use my own name as author but for my niche sites or client sites then I could add other profiles to assign those posts to.

Content Posting

One of  the things that I really like about the network is that you post article snippets.   Often with blog content networks you need to post about 300 words.    Not with this network, really your posts only need to be about 120 words (but more is, of course, better) and you can add TWO urls (but not to the same page).    This means that in the time it would take me to do one 300 odd word article I could post 3 snippets and get 6 links!

Sweetening the deal

Blogging Underground is already a great blog content network but the owner has added a ton of bonuses when you sign up.    I already own some of these products eg Nanobloggers (which is excellent) and I’d been itching to get my hands on the Category Creator plugin (the only other one I know of hasn’t been upgraded to WP 3.0).

  • PLR Articles
  • Nanobloggers by Peter Spaepen
  • Rank & Pillage Extended by Brian Johnson
  • 10 Commandments to Keyword Research & How to Conduct Market Research The Right Way – Jim Morris from Nichebot
  • Wordtracker Magic by John Alexander
  • Category Creator plugin
  • Jam Session Videos
  • Boosting Revenue with Google Adsense by Using Google Analytics – Neil Shearing
  • Stat Counter Tutorial – Wendell Chong
  • Many more by Brian Johnson
  • Huge training videos by Mike on choosing keywords and the 12 steps to success

If you are just starting out internet marketing you will find that the bonus training videos by Mike will be invaluable in showing you how to do keyword research, buy domains and get links to your site.    If you are more advanced then I’m sure you will find the Nanobloggers products and Brian Johnson’s bonuses excellent value (and they should give you loads of ideas for niche sites as well!).

The great thing about the network is that you don’t need to make a big commitment up front to see if you like it or not.     There is  a $4.95 seven (7)  day trial where you can check it out and see if it is something that will be useful to you and you will use.

More sweet stuff

I love this service so much that I’m going to throw in a bonus of my own if you purchase through my affiliate link (and stay beyond the 7 day trial period).    In 2010 I spoke at James Schramko’ Fast Web Formula 2 internet marketing seminar about WordPress and content networks.      If you purchase a BU membership through my affiliate link I’m going to give you my FWF2 presentation (video), mind map and wordpress plugin list.

Claiming Your Bonus

To claim your bonus you just need to sign up through my affiliate link for Blogging Underground  here.

At the end of the 7 day trial period send me an email with “BU Bonus” in the subject line and with your clickbank receipt number to verify your order.    Once I have received and verified your claim I will email your bonus to you 🙂


It’s NOT About The Website

When you start out online there are a few things that you need.   Some of the essentials if you are going to maintain control over your internet marketing activities are  a domain name, hosting and a website.

Most of us find the first two a breeze but get stuck on the third – the website!

I get emails, private messages and answer questions every day about WordPress and by far the biggest sticking point people have is not the software platform they are using for their site, but the look of their website.

I can understand, to a certain extent, the website hangup.   A website is like a reflection of ourselves, but instead of being in a mirror it’s out there in the big bad world for everyone to judge.

The problem is that websites don’t sell products or make money.   They are just a tool for doing so online.

In fact, a lot of the websites that have made their owners a stack of bucks in the internet marketing world are sites using the free Kubrick theme with some custom graphics.   Have a look at Arbitrage Conspiracy which made a stack of change in early 2009.    When you pull apart the website all it consists of is some custom graphics and a single column WordPress theme.      Arbitrage Conspiracy didn’t make money because of how  pretty it looked – it made money through great marketing and a topic that people were interested in paying a lot to learn about.

I love Frank Kern and he makes a stack of change in internet marketing so let’s look at his blog.    Yes, that’s right Mr Mass Control who earns over $100K per month can’t even pony up for a premium WordPress theme.   But, why should he when the  “Not so Fresh” free theme is already bringing in the dollars for him.   Again, it’s not about the website it’s about the content and the market.   The website is just a tool for Frank.

Is Frank concerned about SEO?   Apparently not… he doesn’t even have custom permalinks but rather the default .   He’s not alone there either 🙂

Here’s my point

Too many people are spending way too long tweaking and fiddling about with their websites in order to get it “perfect”.   Serial tweakers – you know who you are!    The problem with serial tweaking is that it never finishes and it just becomes a proscratination point for not taking ACTION.

Serial Tweaking Does Not Make Money

One of the things that I say all the time is “It’s Not About The Website”.    I’m not the only one that says it either but too many people are not listening.

Stop Tweaking and Take Action

An internet marketer that I really respect and admire is James Schramko who teaches, mentors, produces products and creates a ton of sites as well.   If you are not already tuned into him check out his blog and you’ll find a load of free useful advice to help you with internet marketing.

One of the recent, low cost, products that James released is called.. surprise.. It’s Not About The Website!

Here’s why I like this product:

  • it’s delivered in different formats audio, video or powerpoint
  • it’s short and sweet – a bit over 20 minutes long
  • it’s a complete perspective of modelling off someone that is VERY successful

What it’s about

This is a presentation by James going through the factors that comprise an internet marketing business. Rather than pay several thousand dollars for courses that contain much of this information he has presented it in no fluff no filler style with the important factors you need in your internet marketing  biz.  This is great news for you because you won’t get information overload or paralysis by analysis but clear, straight talking!

The first words resonate with me because it’s something that I preach “it’s not about the website”. James  then discusses mindset, traffic, recurring income, branding etc.   All of the factors that YOU need to be thinking about.   If you are not doing these things, all you are left with is a tool to make money with and, of course, plenty of time to tweak it 🙂

You are probably thinking that you already know that stuff already and that may be true. I know all of that stuff myself, compiled from piles of different sources and then arranged in my brain in some sort of order. What James does is take all the knowledge you may or may not know and put it in perspective for your business and highlights the important factors for you to consider in your online business.

Take a look at the sales page and you will see a preview of the product if you watch the video.   If you like what you see you can buy it before he increases the prices.

I’ve listened to the recording once already and will be doing so again.   I also took notes 🙂   This is not something that I will put on my hard drive and forget.  I’ll actually pull the recording out again and listen to it a number of times.   I may not learn anything new but it always motivates me to take action.

If you purchase It’s Not About The Website through my affiliate link I will be paid a commission which should keep me in coffee and cake!