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Optimize Press 2.0 – Let the buzz begin

The new version of Optimize Press (completely re-built) is due for release soon on 31 July 2013.

What’s different about Optimize Press 2.0?

The main difference between this theme and the previous versions as well as competitor’s themes is ease of use and a bucket load of features.

The team at Optimize Press identified that lack of techie skills and graphics were delaying people from creating their sales funnels and membership sites quickly. They addressed this problem by re-building Optimize Press to a user friendly, point and click, drag and drop interface that takes minutes to customize (without any techie coding know how).  One of the great things about the new Optimize Press 2.0 platform is that you can choose to integrate this functionality by either WordPress theme or  WordPress plugin.

Optimize Press 2.0 has a number of pre built features in it, but one of the main selling points for me is the use of elements.

What are elements?


Elements are preconfigured, drag and drop features that are commonly used on websites.

For example, say you want to add a little feature box at a point in your page. You don’t need to look around for a shortcode or a plugin to do that you simply drag and drop that element where you want it on the page.

The element library that is included in Optimize Press 2.0 is extensive so no doubt there are short cuts that would suit everyone.

Point & Click New Templates

As you would expect for this theme there is also an amazing array of new templates that you can use out of the box. No fiddling with code or graphics just click the one that you want to use.

This provides the best of both worlds for WordPress users – you can choose how little or how much work you want to do customizing your new site.   This is just a small selection of the default templates available for Optimize Press 2.0 users.


Mobile Friendly

One of the most common requests that users of  Optimize Press had was to make it responsive.   When the new platform was built the team concentrated on ensuring that the new Optimize Press would size to fit on mobile phones and tablets.  As more and more consumers and internet surfers are using their mobile devices having mobile friendly sales pages, launch pages and membership sites responsiveness is more important than ever before.   You can also customize what content, if you wish, to show mobile visitors.

Live Preview

Don’t you just hate making customizations and opening another tab to see what it looks like?   Well with the  handy in built live preview feature you can kiss opening up separate tabs goodbye!  T ability to use the live editor which displays what your customized content looks like is a real time saver!

Memberships made easy

One of  the most common requests that I  have had personally over the years was to show people how I customized Optimize Press for use on membership sites.    I think I can trash my screenshots on this now 🙂

The new version of  this theme and plugin has really taken memberships to a new level.   There is  shopping cart integration with some of the most popular platforms like infusionsoft, paypal, paypal payments pro, clickbank and authorize. net. They are also working on more integrations with other platforms like office auto pilot shopping cart/membership system.

The members area has a number of features but it also allows for membership levels.   You can easily set up areas for example, silver, bronze and gold.     This is an absolutely boon for those that don’t want to use fancy pants plugins for memberships (and save the time and expense of figuring them out) or who want to keep their existing shopping cart and integrate it with the design elements and ease of use of Optimize Press 2.0.


Now you can offer your visitors a seamless website experience – using  Optimize Press your sales funnel, webinar registration and your blog all look the same ensuring visitors are not confused when roaming your site.  You can create a blog that compliments your brand with a ton of options using the in built layout manager.

So much more

There are so many other features that this theme and plugin include that one post won’t cover it.     One of  the things that I think will be extremely popular with internet marketers is ….webinars.   More on that later though!

Watch the video demonstrating some of  the features of  Optimize Press 2.0

P.S.   I know a lot of  people purchased Optimize Press when it was first launched a couple of years ago now.   Optimize Press 2.0 is not an upgrade but a completely new platform.    In plain speak, this simply means that you will have to pay for the new product.   However, existing users will be offered a discounted price when it is launch so keep an eye out on your inbox.

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Optimize Press 2.0 – coming soon

Optimize Press 2.0 is launching in July 2013. Optimize Press when it was first released a few years ago quickly became one of the most popular internet marketing WordPress themes to use. The reason for that was quite simple. The theme allowed you to quickly create slick sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and membership areas. While other themes and plugins have the capability to do this what separated Optimize Press from the crowd was the ease in which you could create the sites and the slick graphics that were provided by default. It was easy to make a site that looked a million bucks even for the graphically challenged like me!

The team at Optimize Press have been beavering away for some time now working on a new and improved version of Optimize Press which is called Optimize Press 2.0.

Optimize Press 2.0 is NOT an upgrade for the original version but a complete new system. Existing users will receive a discount link to buy the new version during the launch period.

What’s in Optimize Press 2.0?

First of all, it’s been expanded. Now it’s a theme and a plugin! This means that if you have a favorite theme that you want to use on your site you can just add the Optimize Press 2.0 plugin to create your sales pages etc. If you are creating from the ground up then you might just want to use the theme. What is important is that you now have a choice.

In my opinion, Optimize Press has always been simple to use and is one of the best documented themes on the market with a massive range of tutorials. It’s even easier to use now!

Features Galore

The creators of Optimize Press 2.0 have loaded it with features including:

  • drag and drop page creation (click a button simple)
  • massive range of fonts (including Google fonts)
  • responsive – no more making another site for your mobile version!
  • massive range of default slick graphic templates to create your sales pages, landing pages, membership areas

Why would you want it?

Optimize Press has always been graphically sexy. Now, it is even more sexy and easy to use with the additional features. If you are not graphically talented you will shortcut the work creating common internet marketing pages from hours to minutes just by using the default templates.  When Optimize Press first was released it was an absolute god send to me.    Finally, I could produce a slick looking sales page just like the big guys without spending a fortune and pulling my hair out.    Optimize Press 2.0 is just going to make building commonly used internet marketing pages point and click sale.

Check out the video below to see the slick graphics I was referring to:


Sign up for the early bird list to be notified when it launches.

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Behind The Scenes – Fast Web Formula 2 Event, Sydney

Today, I thought I’d do something different and describe how I go about doing something.

The “something” is preparing to speak at the Fast Web Formula 2 Event in Sydney.    This was an event put on by James Schramko who is an Australian Internet Marketer (that is very successful).

What James did was gather experts in their chosen field together at the venue for a three day event.

Over the period of three days, attendees learnt how to maximize software that they may be using like Market Samurai and Nanacast direct from the product creators themselves.    They learnt domaining and flipping websites from experts Kenny Goodman and Dave Jenyns.   They had expert advice on copywriting from the legendary John Carlton and they learnt about leadership from Ed Dale.

If that wasn’t enough they had the ability to learn about Web 2.0 from experts like Dean Hunt and Peter Parks.    Affiliate marketing was covered by underground expert Andy G and PPC was covered by Mike Rhodes.   Then you had the expert content creators like Kerry Finch (article writing goddess), Pam and Steve Brossman (video creation) and designer conversion tracker master James Dyson.  Steve Ovens covered SEO and Brian Johnson gave you the strategy to unleash the internet marketer within.    Both Cory Boatright and James Schramko gave you a taste of what their IM business is like and some real numbers to make you gasp and Kyle Tully put you in the offline business model.   There was also some chick babbling on about WordPress 🙂

My Objective

When James asked me to speak at FWF2 I immediately began to brainstorm what I could speak about to a number of advanced marketers (as that was the target audience).   Obviously, I didn’t want to speak about things I had already covered at other events or in my products.   I wanted to give people something of real value that they could take away with them.

After throwing around a few ideas I decided that I would speak about WordPress Networking from a different angle.     I gave it my bench mark test to see if it was something that would be understood by the audience.

My benchmark is my partner.    He has little idea of internet marketing and  zero knowledge of WordPress so I know if I can explain it to him, and he understands, then it passes the benchmark.

So I did a pretty little drawing and gave it to him and walked him through it.    Fantastic result – he understood the concept so it was all systems go from there.


Now I knew my topic I had to work out how to best present it to an audience with equipment I’d never used in a venue I’d never been to.

I decided on a mind map approach because it is easy to conceptualize your thinking by using these great tools.

I created my pretty mind map but because I didn’t know the venue or the equipment, I thought I would do it in sections as well, as I was  not sure if the equipment would allow me to zoom in on details.   Luckily I did, because there was not a zoom button in sight 🙂


Finally, I’ve had my test sites networked for a while now but I needed to go and check and see what combinations of plugins I had set up were working  properly and which sites were getting the best results.   This is the REAL WORK.   This is the knowledge that has taken me a long time to fine tune and there have been a lot of mistakes along the way.   This is the stuff  that gets me up at all times of the day and night scouring for the perfect plugins to make some hair brain idea I might have work.     In short,  this is the stuff that I have a love/hate relationship.     I love finding the perfect plugin but often I hate the search that it takes to uncover it.    Often I’ll come up empty handed and frustrated.   Often I’ll just get the plugin created myself if it doesn’t already exist.    This is not something that you can throw together in an hour this is real work that takes real time to get the result.

As I have a bad memory it did take me a little while to remember where I had put this particular bunch of test sites 🙂

One of the things that also took me a little bit of time to work on was my list of ninja plugins for building these types of sites.    I knew I couldn’t expect the attendees to remember every name that I rattled off so I thought I would pop all this information in a handy little pdf guide.  Problem is, I’m a bit of a freak and it offends  my character just to  type a list up.   I always need to add more information or other alternative plugins to suit every budget.   Consequently, the little pdf grew to over 10 pages long.



I then had to practice a quick run through of my presentation with the timer on to make sure that I could work within the time limit.  This was also a good excuse to play with my new iphone that I’ve fallen completely in love with.   After a couple of practice runs (and ditching all the funny jokes!) I made it – provided no-one asked any questions 🙂

Finally, when I was satisfied with everything it was time to bundle it up and zip it over to the event organizer.    The event organizer takes care of loading up your powerpoint presentation into their slide show projector and arranging for your downloads to be uploaded for the attendees.

Naturally, some people are naughty getting their downloads together – like me, so it can sometimes be a last dash effort.  What can I say there’s always just one more plugin to add 🙂

The thing about public speaking is that you just never know what might happen on the day.   A slide might go astray (it did) but you always need to be ready to go on as if you didn’t  have the slide at all as a memory aid.    This is why at least one of your practice runs of your presentation should be without props so you will be prepared to speak, no matter the eventuality.

If you want to see this fantastic event for  yourself check out the dvds.