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IP Neighbourhood Review

I seen people talking about a new website called IP Neighbourhood on Facebook the other day and I was a little curious to see what it was all about.

The front page of the site tells me that this service provides “competitive intelligence services to businesses”.

Sounds a bit high brow 🙂 but that’s exactly what it does.

The site has a low cost day trial which is a good enough reason to sign up and have a look about and see if it is for you or not.

What IP Neighbourhood does is condense a ton of resources that domainers in particular would use into the one resource.

The Neighbourhood is divided up into a number of areas that you can use to research and gather information on either your own site, sites that you are interested in or sites owned by or interest to your clients.

Overview of the Neighbourhood

If you prefer video you can watch the overview below where I take you on a tour of the service and how to use it:


Intelligence:   This area comprises data on Domain History, Domain Due Diligence, Domain Comparison, IP Reputation, IP Intelligence, Hosting Intelligence and Auction Intelligence.

You can review data on domain names that have dropped or are expiring, for sale (through numerous resources including auction sites and forums). Finding a domain name is pretty easy nowadays. There are even WordPress plugins that will find great domains that are dropping or expiring for you. What is new with this service is that it also checks forums where domains are for sale, something I haven’t seen with software/plugins/or other subscription based services.

The hosting intelligence gives you an array of information which is incredibly helpful if you want to check if a site is in a bad ip neighbourhood or just using it as an ip neighbourhood checker.

I would suggest that you watch the video so you can really get an idea of what the service does as text does not do it justice.

Brand Protection: I’ve never seen this offered on a website before so this tool was quite a novelty. This section encompasses Domain Name Management and Trademark Monitoring.

Trademark Monitoring

This particular feature would be incredibly handy for Intellectual Property Lawyers. They could use this service to monitor their client’s brands and trademarks. Often clients are unaware that someone is using their name until a lot of damage has already been done.

I could also see a lot of offline marketers using just this service to monitor their client’s names and names that may be similar enough to mislead the public that they are associated with your client.

Domain Name Management

I have domains with different registrars and in different account names.    I often forget even the registrars for a domain …let alone that it is about to expire 🙁    Last year and the year before I lost three domain names that expired.  One domain I was able to retrieve during the redemption period (at a higher cost than the usual renewal fee).   Another domain I’ve pretty well lost forever …..   There was one domain though that I really wanted to get back badly.   After backordering it and going through the auction process I was able to return it to it’s mummy after 18 months!  In that time, I lost the 70,000 odd links associated with it and the new owner had used it as an autoblog 🙁   So even though I’ve got it back it’s not quite in the same state that I had left it in 🙂

domain-managementI do have domain name management tools.   The problem with them  is that they require me to manually gather up the relevant data and insert it into the tool 🙁  Easy task if you have one or two names.  Not so easy when you have hundreds …

Also, because it is software based it is only installed on my computer but …usually my better half deals with domain issues.    There are two  things that  I like about the domain management function in IP Neighbourhood.   The first is that you insert the domain name and it automatically fetches the data.  Yay!   Saves me heaps of time!   The second thing that I like is that it is browser based so I can access it anywhere!

I have to say I really prefer browser based services nowadays.    I really hate cluttering my pretty mac with software and I resent having to use a Windows VPS just to run some software.

Domain Names

This is a large section where you can find domain names through a number of sources.

  • Aftermarket and auctions
  • Forum sales
  • Expiring domains
  • Expired Domains
  • New domains
  • Affiliate domain finder


There’s also a section that you can use to get an idea of how much your domain might be worth (or how much to offer for a domain).

This section includes Domain Sales and Live weekly reports.


If you are a low user of this type of data you can get a day pass and do all your research at once for a low cost.

There’s no need to have multiple forms of software, alerts and subscriptions to retrieve the data you need to find and monitor domains.

There are 3 subscription options together with “add ons” that you can purchase to customize a monthly service package that is right for you.

If you are doing a lot of research or site/brand monitoring then having the data in one place is going to save you a lot of time (and perhaps money too!).

You could package part of the services like Trademark monitoring for instance and perhaps resell it to local lawyers to increase your offline services.

Works anywhere!  The service is browser based so you don’t have to install anything or worry it won’t work on your operating system.


The site is only new so I imagine that a few things are still evolving.

One thing that I would like to see are some tutorials showing how to best use the numerous tools. This is particularly needed because the service is tiered subscription based.  Users are assigned credits and naturally they will want to make the most of the credits that they have to achieve the results they want.

The site is a low cost subscription based. If you are not actively in the domaining marketing, affiliate marketing or monitoring sites for clients it may not be used each month.

There are some tools/services already on the market that provide some of the functionality that IP Neighbourhood does.   These may be sufficient for your needs.  You would need to assess what a difference being able to quickly gather data in one place would make to your bottom line.

Pretty pictures courtesy of pixabay