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Monetizing Your Site – Lead Generation

There are masses of different programs and methods that you can use to make money off your website. In short, you can promote products as an affiliate (private programs, amazon, ebay etc), you can rent advertising space (banner ads, adsense), you can rent your list of subscribers to others …you can even rent your website to others.

Setting up a website with a great keyword and ranking it and renting out the site to a … Read More

7 Tips For Using WordPress For Internet Marketing

I use WordPress for all my internet marketing projects.   I couldn’t live without it.    It’s an essential tool for me.    Like most internet marketers I  have a number of different things that I do like:

  • create my own products
  • niche sites
  • autoblogging
  • etc

Everything I do uses different plugins, themes and configurations so here’s my 7 tips based on what I do to help you use WP with your internet marketing endeavours.

1.   Make it
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My big box is coming today

So today marks a new era of internet marketing for me.   I’m crossing to the other side ……

Anyone that knows me knows that I have had a hate/hate relationship with my Vista PC.    Last Friday I was tempted to open the window and throw it out.     As my office is on the ground floor I didn’t think that I’d do much damage to it.

The problem

I was doing an interview with Sandy from … Read More

Internet Marketing Just Got Easier

One of the problems with internet marketing is that it looks simple and it really is once you know what you are doing but … that’s the problem.

Who to learn from?

There are so many internet marketers out there that it is really difficult to work out who you should follow, who is the best to learn from and who provides the best value.

After a few years in internet marketing I now only … Read More