Google Plus Plugin Overload!

Although Google+ is quite new to the social media scene it already has in excess of 10 million new users.  With statistics like that Google+ is bound to become the next big social networking site online.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on Google Plus yet but one of the things that I really like is how clean and easy the interface is.   There’s no clutter, no 140 character confinement and even better there’s the ability to organize your Google Plus experience into lists (or circles).

Google Plus For Internet Marketers

I can see that Google Plus is going to become super important for internet marketers for:

  • SEO
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Communication (Hangouts could replace skype conference calls)

One of the most informative articles that I have read about Google+ is from Michelle McPherson.     This is an excellent read and I highly recommend after you have finished here you nip over and read this post.

One feature which makes Google+ different from other social networking site and social bookmarking is the all-new +1 Button (Plus-one button). It’s this small blue +1 icon with a big purpose:

What does it mean to get +1?

If someone gives your post a +1, what they’re basically saying is, “I like this and I think other people should check it out.” Google’s intention to release this button is to integrate social sharing in their search algorithm, making the +1 button more powerful than any other share button you’ll encounter on the web.

It’s only fitting, then, to add the Google +1 button to your blog.

Here are 15 Google+ Plugins rated 4 stars* and above which you can find on the web and use for free.

* WordPress plugin directory rating

  1. googleCards

Created by John Henson of


This plugin will add a widget to your blog that will link to your Google+ profile so readers can follow or add you to their circles.

  1. The Google+1 Plugin

Created by WPMUDev from and VeBailovity

Download page

This plugin lets your readers add their +1’s to your website. It lets readers vote for posts and pages using the Google+1 widget.

  1. Manual installation of the Google+1 Button

Created by Google (official code release)


This code works for WordPress sites and sites using other platforms. You need to add the URL to your Google+ profile to complete the code.

  1. Google Plus Widget

Created by


Not a plugin but this is also a third-party code generator. This tool lets you add the Google+ widget to your site or blog.

  1. WordPress Google Plus One Button

Created by Andrea Pernici


This plugin automatically adds the Google+1 button to your WordPress posts.

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus one Share Buttons

Created by Jeriff Cheng of


Aside from adding the Facebook ‘Like’ and Twitter share button to your page, this plugin will also install the Google+1 button to your blog.

  1. Google Plus One Bottom

Created by ddd2500


This plugin will add the Google+1 in every single posts page.

  1. Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Google plus one Social share

Created by beingmaverick of


An all-in-one share button, this plugin adds all three social networking share buttons to your blog namely, the Facebook ‘Like’ button, Twitter share button, and Google +1.

  1. Google Plus One Button

Created by mfields


Fast and easy to install, the Google Plus One Button plugin automatically adds the +1 buttons throughout your website.

  1. Scriptrr Google + Profile widget

Created by Sandeep Verma of


Google Plus Profile Widget allows users to plus your posts and follow or add you to their circles on Google+.

  1. WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button

Created by


This is a pretty impressive plugin that boasts a variety of features: it adds the +1 button to your posts so your content may be rated and also shows a count of how many times people have plus’d your posts.

  1. WP Google+1

Created by sebar of


Add the +1 button to your blog and show the number of shared articles as well.

  1. Add Google +1 (Plus one) social share Button

Created by Rohan Pawale of


Automatically displays the +1 button above, below or on both sides of the post and admin may alter the button size to small, medium or tall.

  1. Plus One

Created by metronet


Easy to install, the plugin adds the +1 button to your blog or website.

  1. WordPress Google +1 Button – Advanced Plugin, Includes Redirection

Created by jacobwg


This is the ultimate +1 button on the web. In a nutshell, it lets you add the +1 button to your website and on each individual post and gives you the freedom to enable or disable a +1 on certain posts or pages.

Just in case that’s not enough for you, here’s a few more

Add Google PlusOne

Google +1 button automator

Google Recommend Widget

WP PlusOne This

Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget

Simple Social – Sharing Widgets & Icons Updated

Like this post? Don’t forget to +1!


A plugin that thinks for you?

Have you ever wished for a WordPress plugin that would take your mind off some of the stuff that as internet marketers and WordPress users you have to think about.

For example:

  • Do you worry that your affiliate links may no longer be working properly or worse have been hijacked and someone else is making money off your hard work?
  • Do you wonder if all that time you have been spending building links for your keywords on your site are in vain because the links are no longer valid or working?
  • Do the constant spammers visiting your blog deter you from enabling comments?   And what about the comments that look like genuine comments are their links valid?   When their links are no longer valid it presents yet another broken url on your site.   Do you want to check this manually?
  • Are you worried that your site is not working or performing to its best (and therefore could affect your Google quality score)
  • Is your SEO just so/so and you need someone or something to tell you when all more SEO love is required
  • Who is really visiting your site?     Do you have the nice visitors or do you have ones with evil in their hearts who are trying to attack your site through the common methods of theme files and plugin files.

Well naturally,  I’m going to tell you that there is a plugin that takes the worry of the above things off your hands plus a few more.    It monitors your site for SEO, broken links, spam, uptime and performance as well as informing you of changed files.


One plugin that covers a multitude of  problems that is normally carried out by a number of other plugins and vigilance.

You can choose when you get reports sent to you by the plugin daily, weekly etc so you don’t need to constantly check your site.


I really detest a few things about this plugin, they are minor, because I haven’t tested it enough to get feedback on its performance.

  • the plugin is a manual install (according to the instruction guide).    A small gripe but really I would be a  happy camper if all plugins could be installed via the dashboard.
  • the download for the plugin is in a membership area.  I have no problem with that but every time you navigate to a different section of the member area either your session times out or you have to log in again.    Again a small gripe but annoying.    I’m using Firefox on a Mac so maybe it’s browser related.
  • you can only use the plugin on 20 sites or a total of 500 pages.    This is my biggest gripe.    Whilst I understand that the cost of developing and maintaining plugins is high, restrictions like this give me a headache.   This basically means that I could use the plugin on one site that contains 300 pages and another that contains 100 pages and say 2 more 50 page sites.     First of all, it’s annoying because I have to work out the number of pages on sites, secondly it’s annoying because I have to monitor the pages.  When I add new content the pages will naturally increase.    For this reason the plugin for bulk site creators is extremely limiting and I would only use it on static sites or micro niche sites.
  • You have to load your sites into the plugin administration area as the plugin developer’s servers are being used to monitor the activity.  Naturally this costs money and explains the restrictions on the use of the plugin (and I fully understanding the reasoning for it) ….but call me paranoid … I detest exposing my information to third parties that I can’t control.    Go on….call me paranoid or a control freak or both!

Who this plugin is for:

In my opinion, people that have static sites where the content is limited to fit within the terms of the use of the plugin

People that wish to have a hands free environment and limit the plugin load of their blog (there are a combination of plugins that you could use instead of this one plugin to achieve a similar result – and they are all free).

You can check out Autoclaw WordPress Plugin while it is on special (not an affiliate link)


Making Your Mark

I remember a forum post I read about a year ago.    A guy had spent months writing this ebook that was his pride and joy but didn’t want to release it to the big, bad world because …shock, horror…people might rip it off.

My feeling was, get over it.

I’ve had my stuff ripped off, stolen, “repackaged”, you name it – it used to bother me … a lot.   Now, not so much 🙂

If you’ve been putting off releasing your ebook to the big, bad world now’s the time to think again.

Ebooks are hot right now.   I know they may sound old hat for some internet marketers but right now ebooks are hot because they are becoming acceptable mainstream.  The average user is now used to downloading an ebook and they’ve been educated in paperless knowledge by the big players and technology.   The big players like Amazon are selling more ebooks than physical books.   Ereaders like kindle are making it possible for everyone to read a book on the bus in the morning.    Innovations like the kindle library (borrow an ebook anybody?) are making it possible to be educated, paperless and mobile.

If you have never thought about releasing an ebook why not?

I don’t propose to cover creating an ebook in this post.   I’m assuming you’ve got one in your head, PLR on your hard drive or a pride and joy waiting to be unleashed.   If you want some tips in a later post about creating an ebook fast then let me know in the comments below.

The big, bad world

Once you have created your ebook you can protect yourself a little bit from the thiefs of the world.   There are a number of ways that you can do this:

1) by using download software that allows you to track ip addresses, ban people, blacklist ip addresses and the like
2) protecting your pdf by encryption, password, preventing copying
3) using pdf stamping

I want guarantees

None of these things are 100% effective.    It’s just like your house, if people really want to get in – they will, you can just make it harder for them.    The only things that are guaranteed in this life are death and taxes.   There’s not a lot of point in putting off releasing a product because you’re frightened of what will happen to it.    Remember, there’s more  honest people in the world than dishonest.

PDF Stamping is something that some digital sites have been using for a while – Ejunkie to name one.    Basically what happens is you upload your pdf and when it is downloaded by the buyer the pdf is stamped with their name, address and email address on the downloaded copy.    This means that if the product creator locates a copy of that pdf in the big, bad world they know which customer to blacklist, ban or banish to the end of the world with no chocolate!

WordPress solutions

There is also a WordPress plugin that does the same thing called PDF Stamper for people that do not use Ejunkie.

The PDF stamper plugin is pretty nifty.

How it works

First of all you need to upload your pdf to its download destination.

Then go to Settings and choose what information you want to be stamped on the pdf once purchased.  You might want to include, name, email address, address, date of purchase.     You can customize this section with what information you fancy (as allowed by the plugin).

You can also configure the pdf stamper at this stage for:

  • No Printing
  • Password protection
  • No Copying
  • No Modification

You can also pretty up the stamp by changing the colors and fonts.

When someone purchases your ebook the plugin nips out and stamps the information on the pdf download that you configured earlier.


An easy way to make your mark on documents for a low one off cost.

The plugin is said to work with third party ecommerce solutions provided you can integrate it in accordance with the PDF Stamper guidelines. (I haven’t tried it myself) .


Each time a purchase is made the stamped pdf remains on your server.   You can go in to the Plugin Settings and manually delete these files.    A scheduled automatic deletion feature  has been considered by the developer in future releases. This could cause a lot of excess space to be used.    If a customer loses their download link etc a new copy has to be stamped.

If someone is keen to mis-use your product this will not stop them.

Check out the PDF Stamper WordPress plugin here.

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5 Internet Marketing Irks

This week I’ve been annoyed.   Several times.   I have frowned and wrinkles are forming.   The things that have annoyed me are all internet marketers.   Now, maybe I haven’t had an adequate quota of chocolate for this week but I’ll let you be the judge.

1) I bought a product a while back in a private forum.  It was an ebook and I gave it a quick read and left a comment in the thread.   The product creator was looking for testimonials and had a link where you could sign up and submit your testimonial.  I didn’t submit my comment as a testimonial.   The product creator then sent out an email asking for testimonials.  Again,  I didn’t submit a testimonial.

I was pretty amazed though, when I was browsing another forum to find the product on sale and lo and behold with my testomonial on it.

Not impressed.   A comment is a comment a testimonial is a testimonal – different stuff.

2) I woke up one  morning this week to find the email clones in full force.   Email clones are the same email content from different people.   In short, it basically means that people can’t be bothered to do any work for their list and they just cut and paste the same affiliate promo that everyone uses.

What irks me is that it wouldn’t take long to make the email a little special for your readers …just saying.

And, no I’m not talking about the emails about Wasabi, Kyabi, Kyoto or whatever it is called  (the hyped launch of the week – that topic is for another day).

3) I ummed and aahed about buying a plr product through the week.  Finally after thinking about it for days on end, and the time that I could save I forked out a few hundred dollars for it.

PLR by its nature should be changed and personalized but I never expected the quality of this PLR (at that price) to be so bad.   Part of the product consisted of text reports and every report was littered with words like “gonna” and “wanna”.  These words that don’t make any appearance in my English dictionary.

It really irks to buy something and the creator didn’t spend any time proof reading the product.

Yeah, you’re probably thinking I’m whining but if you spent nearly $400 on something and then had to do basic editing for two days I don’t think you’d be too impressed either 🙂

4) I signed up for an affiliate program the other day for a product that I really like.   There’s so few.   Long story short there was a problem with the sign up process and I ended up not knowing if I was an affiliate or not.   So like a dutiful affiliate I put in a help desk ticket marked “high” priority that was 4 days ago …. still waiting for a reply.   Which brings me to my next point.   If, as an affiliate, I’m waiting 4 days for a reply how long are customers waiting for a reply?

By the way, I understand that emails get lost etc but this is a professional supported ticket based help desk from a full time marketer. I would expect more than what I’ve received but certainly not perfection.

5) closed club – I’ve been listening to a few audios, webinars and videos lately for internet marketers.    One thing that I’ve found to recur again and again is the closed club.

The closed club is simple the internet marketer tells all the internet marketers listening that they should only follow them (like the Pied Piper) and unsubscribe everyone else.

What irks me about is this is a couple of things a) your audience is internet marketers.    You were probably one of the ones that said to your internet marketing students go forth and build a list.    If you are in the internet marketing niche …guess who is going to be on that list …yep fellow internet marketers.    So basically all internet marketers on that list if they follow your advice will now be left with no list… b) it’s treating people like sheep.   What I get from this message is that your subscribers certainly can’t be trusted to make their own decisions, heaven forbid how did they make it out of bed for the last 20 years without you telling them to? and c) it’s a control tactic.   By separating it into “us” and “them” those who can be trusted and those who can’t you are maintaining control over the subscribers. What a happy coincidence now that  they are not on anyone elses list – your affiliate commissions should go up 🙂

I don’t have a problem with people filtering out emails.  I do it all the time.    There’s way too much noise in my inbox.   That’s why GMail is so good I can filter out the people I want to hear from and those that I might read later.   What I do object to is people being told who they should subscribe to and who they shouldn’t.  Different people resonate with people in a different way.   It shouldn’t matter who delivers the message as long as the message is received and welcomed.

My rant for the week.   Thankfully, I’ve got a new stock of chocolate in the cupboard and this week is already looking brighter.


Increasing Your Subscribers With WordPress

Everyone knows that I am not a big email marketer.    As I’ve said before I’d rather be part of the solution than the problem with my WordPress products.


With my niche sites I am going to build an email list for them and do a relaxed version of email marketing.  After all, the money is in the list as many internet marketers will tell you.    I was fortunate enough to hear James Jones speak about list building in Vegas a few months ago.    James has over 100,000 people on his list so I’m guessing he knows a bit more about list building than me 🙂

All you really need to build your list is something that makes it worth while for someone to trade their email address for your offer.    This could be a free report, sneak peek at videos, a white paper, a plugin … you name it as long as it is of interest and value to the prospective subscriber.

Once you have your valuable item then you just need to add in the opt in code from your autoresponder company to your website to enable people to sign up.

And there’s the problem for me ….

Until recently, out of all the plugins that I’ve seen for WordPress (and bought) there wasn’t any that I particularly liked.    The thing that I really disliked about most of them was that while they were functional, they usually did not allow enough customisation to deliver your message and have that pop up tie in with the “look” of your blog.

I don’t want to have a pop up that says “Get your free ebook here”  because it’s not giving the visitor a reason why they should trade an email address for the ebook.    Ideally, I’d like a mini sales letter with a few good bullet points to outline the benefits.

Then I found the solution

There’s a great new plugin out that allows easy customisation and control over your  light boxes.  You can see how easy it is to customize on the screenshot below.    The other thing that is also great is that you have a number of options to choose for the look of your lightbox (and new templates are being added as well).     Of course, it also works with all the major autoresponder companies.

I like it because of the design and the customisation features but the developer likes it I’m sure because of the huge increase in subscribers that using the plugin brought him.    Either way, it’s a good plugin and I recommend you take a peek at it here.

If you purchase this product through my affiliate link then I will get paid an affiliate commission which I can squander on chocolate and coffee.
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7 Tips For Using WordPress For Internet Marketing

I use WordPress for all my internet marketing projects.   I couldn’t live without it.    It’s an essential tool for me.    Like most internet marketers I  have a number of different things that I do like:

  • create my own products
  • niche sites
  • autoblogging
  • etc

Everything I do uses different plugins, themes and configurations so here’s my 7 tips based on what I do to help you use WP with your internet marketing endeavours.

1.   Make it Manageable

You need to be organised.   Organisation saves you time hunting around for stuff that you could be marketing instead.   If your organised it also makes it easier to replace yourself (when you are ready) by getting an outsourcer to do your job.

The way that I get organised is as follows:

For each type of site that I create like Niche Sites for example I have a folder with the themes that I use, the plugins that I use and a little note on any special instructions.

I used to use WP Manager DX to create a blog for the site and create a profile for that particular type of site.   So, if I was building Niche Sites I would use my niche profile that I created and hit the button and my theme and plugins would  all be uploaded and the new site created.

Since I started outsourcing a lot of work that I used to do myself I decided to make that process even easier.

Now what I do is for each type of site I create a WP MU site and use domain mapping to map each domain to the blog that is created.    The advantage for me in moving these sites to the WP MU set up is saving the server space for small blogs and making the process of creating a new site just adding the domain.    This means that the type that my outsourcer would have spent installing the site, configuring the plugins is now just mapping the domain to the site.    It also means that when there are new versions of  WordPress or plugins my outsourcer doesn’t need to log in to multiple sites to update the system.   This saves a lot of time in the long run which can be better spent on the marketing side of things.

2.   Choose the Right Theme

I recommend you buy a selection of premium themes to use.    Yes, I mean a selection.    A selection of themes makes it easy to choose a specific theme for a specific type of site that you are creating.    If you use the same theme on every site that you create you are potentially leaving a footprint behind for the search engines and your competitors to copy you.  Mix it up  a bit.

I recommend a premium theme because

a) they are more professional looking
b) more versatile
c) support
d) better design
e) no unnecessary link backs to third party sites which can leak link juice and sometimes be a security issue

If you are not ready to buy a premium theme then find a free theme that is versatile, clean looking and has a minimum of links to other websites.    Check the WordPress forums to see if users are experiencing any problems with the theme and make sure it works with the current version of WordPress.

3.  Blog Basics

When you create a new site it can be really tempting to just start posting and popping in all your affiliate products straight away.    Instead of doing that spend a few minutes:

  • removing the links in the Blog Roll,
  • removing the first post,
  • checking your navigation and
  • ensuring that you have the Privacy settings turned on for search engine love
  • setting your permalink structure

If you have set your username as “Admin” go and create another User with admin  privileges for yourself and delete the old one.   “Admin” really is too simple for hackers to guess 🙂

4.  Plugins

Go easy on the plugins.    Yes, they are great and I love them to death but seriously most people don’t need the amount of plugins that they have installed on their blog.     Some plugins load every time your page is loaded this causes a slow down on your blog which is not very search engine friendly.

I have a quick rule of thumb when using plugins.    If it is way too hard for me to do something without a plugin I’ll use a plugin.   If it is just a matter of me popping in some code, or clicking a button then I’ll do it manually and save the plugin for another day.    So many things you do not need a plugin for but people use plugins for them all the time; for example; changing page order, excluding pages, adding optin form, adding google analytics.

Remember, the more things that you add to the site the more things that need to be updated, checked for compatibility and more potential security risks there are.

5.   Lock Up Your Blog

If you have spent time on your blog the last thing that you want to happen is to be hacked.     One way of hackers to access your site is exploiting  a security issue with a plugin.     Prevent  people seeing what plugins you are running by uploading an index.html file to your wp-content/plugins folder.   Now, there are other ways of doing this by changing your ht access file which will also prevent people browsing your wp-content folder but they are a little more advanced than this so I’ll save it for another day.

The next thing that you can do is use the secret key generator in WordPress and paste your secret key into your wp-config file.   The wp-config file contains your username and password so you need to make sure that this is hard to access.   Find out how to create a secret key and change your wp-config file here.

Check your file permissions on your server.   Your Directories should be set to 755 and files should be set to 644.    Your wp-config file should be set at 644.    Some plugins may require different security settings in order to work.   Always check the read me file before using the plugin and be wary of changing the permissions beyond 755.

Choose a strong username and password.   Hackers can guess your blog  name or “admin” any day of the week.   Choose something hard to guess for hackers but memorable for you.

Use wordpress security plugins on your blog.    This is such a big topic and there are such a lot of excellent plugins available for WordPress users that I’m going to do a separate post just on this issue.

6.  Back Up Your Blog Regularly

There are a number of ways that you can back up your blog.    You can use Cpanel and run a cron job to regularly back up your blog,  you can use plugins to back up your blog or you can use software to do this task.     If you are a user of Amazon S3 you can even use a plugin to back up your blog and send the backup to your Amazon S3 account.      There is really no excuse not to back up your blog when you consider the amount of options that are freely available.

If you have a back up and you lose your blog it is a simple matter to quickly restore it and be back in business.    If you don’t have a backup then get out the tissues and the chocolate because you are going to need it!     Often your web host may be able to restore your blog but that is not guaranteed.    The best thing is to be charge of your business and regularly do this.

When you are creating your back ups do not delete them all at once.

Here’s why

If you have a number of blogs you might get a chance to visit them each day, each week or each month – I know I don’t!    So, if you haven’t visited your blog regularly to see if all is well and it has been  hacked, injected with a virus or whatnot you may not know when that happened.    So, if you restore your latest back up you may just be restoring bad news on your blog.    By saving your backups you can work backwards and find the back up that is the original site that needs to be restored.

7.   Stop Tweaking

I say this all the time,  I probably sound like a bit of a broken record but it bears saying again.      Too many people spend time fiddling with their website, moving widgets, changing the theme layout and never progressing because they are never ‘finished”.   Really, this is just tweaking your site and a great looking site is still never going to make you a cent if you don’t do any of that internet marketing stuff 🙂   So, stop tweaking and start marketing.     I have a rule of thumb on sites as well.    If I can’t get the tweaks that I want to make done within half an hour they don’t happen.    Simple.     I’m not going to spend a ton of time tweaking a site that may never make any money.      If it makes money then I may go back and give it a tweak.    Just as a little aside,  the site that brings me in the most affiliate cash  per month has about two paragraphs of text on it and an affiliate banner, no widgets, no sidebars, nothing.   It took me less than 5 minutes to knock up as well.

Random Stuff

My big box is coming today

So today marks a new era of internet marketing for me.   I’m crossing to the other side ……

Anyone that knows me knows that I have had a hate/hate relationship with my Vista PC.    Last Friday I was tempted to open the window and throw it out.     As my office is on the ground floor I didn’t think that I’d do much damage to it.

The problem

I was doing an interview with Sandy from SEO Site Mates that we had arranged a while ago.   I get asked to do a lot of interviews but I don’t do them, mainly because I’m short on time.

I’d tested my microphone the night before – all working well.

Ten minutes before start of interview another quick test …guess what.  Nothing worked 🙁 Okay, we all have off days so I switched to my XP PC.  Still no joy – sounded like I was trapped in the chunnel.   Changed microphones – no use.

Drastic Measures then followed

I had to actually pick up the phone.    It’s funny really, in my previous job I was permanently attached to the phone but since I’ve been doing internet marketing I rarely use a landline.    It’s a foreign concept when skype is so much more convenient.

Just not one thing

Lately, I’ve been putting off doing or listening to videos because the sound quality is so awful.   It wasn’t until I was chatting to Sandy and airing my frustrations with my PC that I realized how many products I’ve failed to release because of  computer problems.  How many opportunities I’m letting pass me by.

Chewed Up and Spat Out

Of course, it’s not a recent hate affair with the PC.   That began when I wrote my book WordPress For Internet Marketers and 300 pages of it “disappeared” from Word.    I gained a wrinkle instead and had to rewrite.    The rewrite I managed, the wrinkle is still there. Word and I have hated each other ever since.

Day to Day Drag

I often just sit at my PC waiting.   Waiting for it to do something, update, scan for viruses ….it’s all a drag and patience is not one of my virtues.     It’s also time that I could actually spend doing something slightly more productive than rearranging my desk.

The Final Straw

The final straw was one of my sites had been infected with Malware despite my security precautions.  Not a big deal if it was a couple of page niche blogs.    Not so.   This is over 100 pages of articles with  lots of links.     After a long ….two hour…cyber chat with my web host it appears that the culprit is my PC.

After thinking about the time that is spent with PC problems, updates, virus issues and computer crashes I decided it was time for a change.

It’s Prettier

I’ve bought an apple computer – an IMac.    Even looking at the screen makes me smile.   It’s so pretty and it’s so big.   It makes me feel like my PC screen is the size of an ipad!   I’m wondering what it will be like to wake up in the morning and actually look forward to seeing your computer and get work done.    Not having to worry about Word crashing every time I create a report, not sitting for 15 minutes while it updates.  I think it’s going to be a brighter more productive world (once I figure out how to use it!).


If you are an internet marketer you need to have the right tools.   It wasn’t until I sat down the other day and worked out how many things I have been “putting off” because of my tools that I realized what a mistake it was.      WordPress is one of my fave tools but to be effective we have to build on the right foundations.     I’m pretty sure that my new Apple computer  is going to be one of the right tools to bring my internet marketing business forward.   I’m also sure I’m going to spend less time fiddling with stuff to make it “go” properly and more time actually working!