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Pimping out your blog to increase traffic

Most bloggers at some stage end up monetizing their blog so they can make it pay for itself.

There are a number of ways that you can monetize your blog to name a few:

  • Paid advertising
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Zone rental
  • Paid reviews

However, no matter how good your blog is and how great your offers are you need people to visit your site, time and time again to make money.   Not only that, but you need to capture new visitors  all the time to build your blog.

In short, you need TRAFFIC

There’s a multitude of ways that you can get traffic to your site and if you really want to know how to get boatloads of traffic then check out traffic grab (probably the best course I’ve seen on traffic).

But Traffic is only some of the equation because you might get a ton of traffic to your site (and you should if you use all the strategies in Traffic Grab) but they also might leave just as quickly as they came never to return again.

If a visitor lands on your blog it’s your job to keep them there.

Put it another way

It’s Saturday night and you are looking for a great place to eat out.    I’m lucky that I live around the corner from the popular Italian district in Sydney.  Wall to wall italian restaurants and cafes – my idea of heaven.    When I’m looking for a place to eat I might often see a restaurant that’s packed.    Next to it there’s a restaurant and no-one’s there.    So I have a choice do I wait for a table at the busy, exciting restaurant or go to the lonely stepsister next door.      Well, usually, what happens is that when you go to the one next door and pick up the menu and breathe in the atmosphere you walk straight out again.

That’s what your blog is like

You want your menu to be appealing and you want the atmosphere to reflect the nature of the blog.

Here’s some ideas:


First and foremost your food has to be good even great and your blog food is really your content.    Offer your readers something that they want to devour and come back for seconds.     Know from the start what your blog is going to be about, what topics you will be writing about, for what market – and stay on topic.


Design is important.    Make your blog clear and easy to read and navigate.    Put yourself in the mind of a visitor and don’t make your visitor click more than 3 times to take any action.  After all, you don’t want them exhausted before they get to the main meal.

Again, think of  your favorite restaurant.    Does it have graffiti and gaudy advertisements all over it or is it clean and inviting?      Advertisements certainly have their place but if you have so many ads on your blog that it is hard to see where the content is and it looks like graffiti then you have gone too far (and if they glitter or sparkle and your blog is not for an 80’s themed nightclub then you have gone too far!)

Tweak the Typography

Fonts are important too.    You want a font that displays well in all web browsers and computers and you need to be consistent with your typography.    You can achieve a great looking blog if you have a simple easy to read font for your titles and a similar one for your content.     If your fonts are a multitude of designs and colors and light up like an 80’s disco then you have probably gone too far.

Clean Colors

Color is so influential about the way we think and respond.    Take some time to choose colors that reflect your niche and spend some time testing complimentary color schemes that do not clash.     If you feel a migraine coming on looking at the site you need to remove some colors.  Personally, I think that content should be displayed on a white background with a black/dark grey font.    That’s just me 🙂

Content is King

If you make the content, that beautiful meal you have prepared for your visitor, difficult to read (think white on a black background) they won’t return.

If you have great slabs of text with nothing in between then you make it difficult to read.  Think of adding life to your content by breaking up your text with sub headlines, bullet points, images, videos and audio.

Stick around for the long haul

If you don’t update your site regularly your visitors will think that your shop is shut.    There will be no reason for them to come back to your site and check out your new stuff.   They’ll just move on to the place down the street.  Have a schedule and stick to it.

Ask Your Readers

It’s easy nowadays to find out what content and what design your readers want – you just ask them.

Put a survey on your blog – stick to one topic at a time and ask your readers what they want you to write about, what they are interested in and then give them what they want. You can make this fun as well by turning it into a contest and giving out a prize.   If you submit your contest to the contest sites you’ll also find a new source of traffic as well.

By the way

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