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Simple Search & Replace Plugin

Simple search and replace plugin allows you to replace strings of content across your WordPress site.  Although there are other similar plugins on the market they didn’t allow you to exclude categories.   So, for example, on my ebay sites I use a plugin to add products to my site.   Although I might want to change the product from “blue widgets” to “red widgets” I might not want to change all my articles  so … Simple … Read More

Making Adsense Sites For Passive Income

Adsense money used to be the BIG thing in internet marketing.    I think Joel Comm and John Reece made quite a splash with Adsense back when they were starting out.  Nothing like getting a cheque from the big G to make you happy 🙂

Adsense sites usually consist of some content that is targetted  to display appropriate Google ads on them.   The idea, of course, is that people will click on the ads and therefore … Read More