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Simple Search & Replace Plugin

Simple search and replace plugin allows you to replace strings of content across your WordPress site.  Although there are other similar plugins on the market they didn’t allow you to exclude categories.   So, for example, on my ebay sites I use a plugin to add products to my site.   Although I might want to change the product from “blue widgets” to “red widgets” I might not want to change all my articles  so … Simple Search & Replace Plugin was born.

The plugin is super simple to use.      All you need to do is:

  • Upload the plugin via  Plugins/Add New in your WordPress dashboard
  • Activate the plugin
  • Go to Settings/Search & Replace and start searching and replacing.   If you want to exclude a category so that the content is not replaced just choose it from the side menu.

Download Search & Replace Plugin Please use the Forum if you require support

Making Adsense Sites For Passive Income

Adsense money used to be the BIG thing in internet marketing.    I think Joel Comm and John Reece made quite a splash with Adsense back when they were starting out.  Nothing like getting a cheque from the big G to make you happy 🙂

Adsense sites usually consist of some content that is targetted  to display appropriate Google ads on them.   The idea, of course, is that people will click on the ads and therefore earn you money.

Each click on the ad, depending on how your site is viewed by Google, could earn you pennies to bucks depending on the amount that advertisers pay.     Of course, there are some keywords that have a lot of advertisers that are very keen to pay a large amount per click on their ad.  That’s good news for you, because the greater the amount that you are being paid the less clicks you need per day to make a decent income from a number of sites.

Adsense is one of the income streams that I use with my niche blogs.   I like to have different income streams for different blogs so some may be Amazon, some Ebay, some Adsense.   I don’t like to mix it up for example have Adsense and Ebay listings because you end up giving people too many things to choose from ….and they could just get confused and leave rather than taking the action (clicking) that you want.

I usually have some pre-requisites for my income streams like they must be simple, quick and easy to set up and they must be able to show a minimum return of $5 a day.  That’s always my benchmark.  I don’t mind if some do more 🙂

This year I’m concentrating on outsourcing most of  my little niche sites so I can concentrate on other projects.    The first project that I started my assistant with was creating Adsense sites.   All they need to do is discover the niches, write 5-10 articles for the site and do a little marketing.   This means that my assistant should be able to do one site a day.    It hasn’t worked out like that because of course, assistants are human and they get sick, confused or just delayed 🙂

Of course, I had a plan but it WAS NOT my plan!

Last year I read about a guy called John making a decent passive income from Adsense sites.   What I liked about John was he wasn’t a  big guru type who claims you can make a bundle in adsense money.  His adsense earnings are actually quite modest but on their own they are enough to provide people with a decent income stream.    I like diverse income streams as I’ve already said so this appealed to me.

John produced a course called Adsense Master Course which is basically a guide on how his 45 sites make about $300 plus a day.  That means each site roughly makes about $6.00 per day and that fits nicely with my philosophy on how much a site should earn me per day.

Even better, once I read the course I realized that I didn’t need to do this.   This was actually a perfect project for me to outsource 🙂 All I do is buy domain names based on the research that my assistant has already given me. In fact, I could outsource this as well but …I’m not ready to hand over all the control just yet!

There was something though in the course that really bugged me.   John uses Xcite pro to build these sites.   Now many moons ago, I bought Xcite pro but that was before I discovered WordPress.  It now sits sad and lonely on my hard drive.    I didn’t want to use XCite pro when WordPress has a lot more features including plugins and automatic pinging.

So now I had a problem

I wanted to use WordPress.  In fact, I need to use WordPress because I know it’s better 🙂 But the template that John uses in the course, that he spent a lot of  time tweaking and testing was created in Xcite pro.    I hunted around wordpress themes until my eyes blurred but I couldn’t find anything suitable.    Then I thought I’d have a go tweaking my own theme

And that’s when the light dawned on me

I could create something better.   I could create an adsense theme based on John’s course for my niche adsense blogs that not only has the look and feel of his template but also has some WordPress automation built in to save time and create sites fast.   This was especially important for me because I’m paying my assistant to build these sites – so time is MY money.

So that’s what I did 🙂

I created the XFactor WordPress theme to compliment John’s Adsense Master Course.    It’s the perfect template for John’s great course as it looks just like his plus it has some little in built WordPress features to save time creating sites.

What’s In It For You

If you buy John’s course through my sneaky affiliate link I’m going to give you the XFactor Theme as a bonus for buying the course through me.  All you need to do is shoot me an email showing the receipt you received from John for the course.  Once I verify that you purchased through my link I’ll send you a link to download the theme.

If you purchase the Adsense Master Course through my affiliate link I will be paid a commission which helps keep me supplied with coffee and cake!