WordPress Default Theme is Finally Getting Sexier (a little bit)

One of the things that I really hate when doing a WordPress install is staring at the default Kubrick theme.   Don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure the Kubrick theme was pretty exciting stuff in its day but that day has long passed.     In case you are wondering the current default WordPress theme has a plain blue header and single right sidebar.   Of course, you can change the color of the header and the header text but frankly it still looks boring and dull when compared with the exciting free and premium WordPress themes available.

With the introduction of  WordPress 3.0 the guys at Automatic finally decided that a change in theme scene was in order.   After much decision making (no doubt committees were formed and coffee was consumed!) a new theme was decided on as the default which is called Twenty Ten.

Now, Twenty Ten basically looks like the Kubrick theme with a new header and page navigation.   You can see that it still has the right sidebar so not a lot has changed at first glance.

But it has changed enough to make it a good default WordPress theme.     The theme design overall is plain but it is clean white theme with attractive fonts.   The site title and tag line are now displayed above the header and there is now navigation below the header.  This will be  a feature that a lot of new WordPress users will be happy with.

The backend of the theme also gives the new user options to customize the theme without knowing any coding or too much fiddling about.

If you go to Appearance/Background once you have activated the theme you will see that you have options to change the color of the background, the display, or even upload an image.

If you go to Appearance/Header you can also choose one of the many default images that are installed with the theme or upload your own.

All in all, I think WordPress have done a pretty good job with the new default theme.   They have a theme that is cleanly styled with just enough options for a new user to quickly customize and make their own unique blog.