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Testing & Releasing Your WordPress Plugin

Now that you have your idea turned into reality it’s time for the hard part. Testing It Once your plugin has been created you will need to start the testing process.   Usually, your coder will have it uploaded to a test site you need to go in and: a) make sure that everything you asked […]

How To Install WP MU

Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken a lot about WP MU.   Today I’m going to show you how to install WP MU yourself. If you are more familiar with using WP MU now when it merges with WP. org you won’t have as much of a learning curve and you will have a lot […]

WP Help Desk Plugin

WP Help Desk WP Help Desk is a free WordPress Plugin.    If you have a WordPress site selling your products chances are that you might need a Help Desk.     Rather than integrating another script with WordPress WP Help Desk works with the popular Hesk help desk software. Now you can have your very own Help Desk integrated in […]