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FTP. Tears. Success

When  I first started in internet marketing there were some things that just would make me cry. One, of course, was WordPress (but I nailed that monkey in the end!) and the other was FTP.

For the life of me I couldn’t understand FTP.    The concept of moving files from my computer to cyber space was beyond me.    I followed tutorials on the internet and it never worked out for me.   Sometimes I thought it was because the demonstrator   using different software to me that I couldn’t follow the FTP instructions.  So I bought the same software – only to often find that it had been updated and still didn’t look like the video tutorial!    I had long cyber chats with my web host which ultimately led to them fixing whatever stuff ups I had made.   I wheedled, whined and probably whinged …and I cried.  Many times.    It was so frustrating!  At one stage, I wondered why you couldn’t just snail mail stuff to the web host instead of having to go through this torture.    But I got there …in the end!

I have made so many mistakes in internet marketing that I could write a book about them!

But the biggest mistakes that I’ve made weren’t ones that had to do with technicalities.   The biggest mistakes I’ve made have become the best lessons that I’ve learnt (and continue to learn).  These were extremely important lessons to me.   Each mistake is just an opportunity to learn something new and a step towards getting it right.

That’s why I’m disappointed

Every time I ever get interviewed people always want to know about the stuff that I’ve done right.     But in fact, I’ve probably done more stuff that is wrong that you never get to hear about.     You don’t hear about all the plugins and wild ideas I’ve tried and tested that failed dismally.    You only ever hear about the things that worked.   But, the mistakes are important too.    In my case, learning from my mistakes is something that I am continuing to work on.   I’m certainly a long way off perfect and I make mistakes all the time.

With that in mind, and because I think it’s important, and (no-one else has asked me) I’ve written a short book about my mistakes.       It’s called “Pressing Reset” because sometimes you just need to get back to a default install and take on board all the things that you have learnt and start again.


Click here to download your free copy of  Pressing Reset