WP Flex Cloner

WP Flex Cloner

If you own WP Flex you will realize already that you can save a ton of time customizing your niche sites.    Pointing and clicking is after all easier than digging through stylesheets to pretty things up.

Recently, I’ve been on my own niche money site challenge.    I won’t tell you how many I’ve been building (I did tend to get a bit distracted!) but my personal challenge caused me to think about WP Flex.

I use WP Flex on all my niche sites – it is after all one of the reasons that I had the theme developed because it is perfect for banging out sites fast 🙂   The thing is I’m pretty predictable.  I like my niche sites to follow a certain format.    In each niche that I build sites in I have a set style.  It might be in some niches I have two sidebars and a narrow look with green fonts, in other niches I prefer a black background with a single sidebar …. My point is that I’ve got a set way of doing things which  means that I have to replicate that look on each new site.  

Yes, I know it’s not a big deal but for me it’s all about saving time and avoiding repetitive tasks.    If I can save 5 minutes on theme customization that’s 5 minutes that I can spend on getting traffic.   If I’m building out 10 sites and I can save five minutes on each one then I’ve automatically saved another half an hour nearly!  Not much on its own but it does have a cumulative effect when you are buiding loads of sites which is my personal challenge for the next few months.

So how can I quickly replicate the custom look in WP Flex I’d already created?

I could do a couple of things:

1.  I could just open up two browsers and copy from one to another.   The problem with that is that it is not saving me time and let’s face it – it’s boring 🙂

2. I could just download the database and fiddle about in php my admin.   The advantage of that is that I’m moving plugins as well but the problem is that first of all it’s fiddly (and I need to be awake for fiddly) and secondly it’s not really saving me any time at all because I use an autoinstaller with all my plugins already loaded.

Every problem has a solution so it’s

3.  I’ll use the WP Flex Cloner plugin that I had especially created to save me time replicating my WP Flex sites 🙂

Here’s a quick vid of it in action:

[S3VIDEO file=’wpqpubvids09/wpflexloner.flv’]

Get WP Flex Cloner and start saving time


1.Does the WP Flex Cloner work with other themes?

2. Does the WP Flex Cloner import plugins, posts and comments etc?
No, WP Flex cloner only exports any customizations you have made to the WP Flex theme options.  If you want to clone an entire site you are better off using the db backup WordPress plugin

3. Does WP Flex need to be installed for the WP Flex Cloner plugin to work?

4. Why do I need this?
If you are like me, you might have a set way that you like your sites to look for different niches.   With WP Flex Cloner I can just clone one site settings and upload to the next one without having to spend any time  making customizations on the new one.  This saves me a ton of time when I’m building niche sites because I have a set format I like to follow.  You  might be different 🙂

Let me give you an example:

If I’m building sites say in the car niche then I like to have a site that has a black background, black fonts and a double right sidebar so I’ll just clone one site in the niche and download that dat file and import it to all the other sites that I’m using in the car niche.    I’ll save this dat file for future use in a folder called blackcarwpflex (or similar).   

5. Can I deactivate WP Flex Cloner after the import process?
Yes, I always recommend that you deactivate plugins that you are not using