Comment Luv Link Cleaner Plugin Giveway

The creator of Comment Luv is  currently giving away a free plugin to clean the broken links quickly that you might have in your comments area.

Checking my site recently with the broken link checker plugin I was surprised to find a number of “broken links” in the comments section. Most of the comments containing broken links originate from Facebook. A number of people commenting have changed their profile url to something more customized like “likeleanneking” rather than the previous series of numbers.

Broken links can be a negative factor with the search engines. If the search engines find a number of broken links on your site then it affects the user experience of a visitor. Fixing these broken links regularly should be added to the “to do” list.

You can see how the Comment Luv Link Cleaner works in this short video by creator Andy Bailey:


In order to get the plugin you have to “like” comment luv on Facebook.

As I had already “liked” Comment Luv I had to “unlike” it and then “like it” again. I expected to get a download page on the “like” but got nothing 🙁 So then I checked my email thinking my pressie would be there but nothing …

So far a plugin has not hit my inbox but other people seem to have been luckier.

If you have retrieved the Comment Luv Link Cleaner plugin then let me know how you managed it!


Sharing the Luv

I was thinking today about comments.

Comments are great because they allow you to interact with your visitors as well as providing user generated content.   Add to that you can often obtain seo benefits from comments because they often incorporate keywords or related keywords.    This helps you get ideas for new posts, new keywords and may even be indexed by the search engines.

So, how to get more comments

There are a number of ways to get more comments.     You can just ask people to comment, you can reward people if they comment or you can punish them if they don’t make enough comments – ie I will not post this juicy tutorial unless I get 50 comments – that works well for some people but is annoying if it appeared on every blog.

I like things that are automated.    Then, I don’t have to think too much and get time to focus on the things that I like doing … eating chocolate and shoe shopping amongst other things 🙂

One of the best plugins to reward people for commenting (and it’s free) is Comment Luv.  I’ve used   Comment Luv for a long time on other blogs where I play with things and test them out but …. never here …until today 🙂

Comment Luv allows a visitor to post a comment on your blog and that comment will also link to the last article that the visitor posted.  This allows people to get passer by traffic to their site and links all while contributing to your user generated content.   Of course, you need to have your comment approved by the blog owner.   It goes without saying …but I’ll say it anyway… that spammy, valueless, meaningless comments probably will not be approved.

The benefit of using Comment Luv for the site owner is that the reward for commenting is now automated by the plugin.   In addition, Comment Luv has an active little community of users using the plugin where you can make comments, enter contests and have some fun while getting links!    You can also set up your comment luv blog as well as join their affiliate program.   It’s really worthwhile looking at and the plugin is free.

So, back to my thought for the day

I was thinking about doing a quick search for the most popular blogs that are using the Comment Luv plugin so I could write a quick and juicy post on it today.     After a quick trip to Google I realized that cyberspace was giving out this thought to a few people other than me.

The good news

An internet marketer beat me to it and has compiled a great list of sites – by niche – that are using Comment Luv.    Between that list and the Comment Luv members sites you should have no problem finding a place to add your comment contributions in cyberspace.

P.S. Share the luv – and post a comment below