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New Year, New Look

One of my tips for getting ready for 2013 was to give your website a make over.

After a few years with the same theme that was created for the site I decided it was time for a new look.    The new theme is a slightly customized version of  Canvas from Woo Themes.

Why did I choose Canvas?

I could give you lots of reasons about the in built features and good customer support from the team at Woo but that wasn’t the decision maker for me 🙂   The real reason was that I bought Canvas a while ago and actually had forgotten to use it!      This forced me to learn how to use it, and use some of those things that we buy that end up as hard drive dust if we don’t use them immediately.

Thoughts so far

I like the new clean look,  but will reserve the right to make any changes as I feel like along the way 🙂   On that note,  I haven’t quite finished tweaking the site to incorporate the features of  Canvas which can replace plugins that I was previously using.


I would like to say that the whole change over process went smoothly.    I can’t say that 🙂    One of the biggest problems that I had was that I lost my internet connection half way through the change 🙁   Another problem is various plugins not playing nicely with this server set up and with existing plugins.    The beauty of using this theme was that I was able to build out the new look on a test site and just back up the options and transfer them over.   That was a real time saver.

I hope you enjoy the new look.