Tart up your archives

As this is my last post in the 30 days of free plugins challenge I’ve decided to go to the last part of  my blog that I think about and that’s the archives.     The archives are where your old posts go to live.    Your archived posts are usually displayed  on one page of  your blog in a text format.    You can get archive wordpress plugins to jazz up the format a bit but, in my opinion, there’s only one archive plugin that is really super snazzy and it’s Snazzy Archives.

This plugin has been around for a while now and it’s still as good now as it was when it was first released.     No-one has come close to creating an archive plugin, in my opinion, that is so visually appealing as this one.       The other thing that I like about this plugin is the  developer.   Vladimir   Prelovac is a major contributor to the WordPress community via his plugins, tutorials, themes and his part in the Manage WP project.

Once you install Snazzy Archives you need to go to the Options page for the plugin and change your options.      To display your archives it’s simply a matter of pasting in the short code to your page.

The plugin will automatically search for images or videos in your posts to display in the visual archive format.

Sometimes the display might not suit your theme but it is easy to change the layouts or adjust the css style sheet to ensure that it looks as great on your site as it does on the developers.

I hope you have enjoyed the last 30 days of free WordPress plugins challenge