Internet Marketing Just Got Easier

One of the problems with internet marketing is that it looks simple and it really is once you know what you are doing but … that’s the problem.

Who to learn from?

There are so many internet marketers out there that it is really difficult to work out who you should follow, who is the best to learn from and who provides the best value.

After a few years in internet marketing I now only subscribe to a few lists that I actively read.    Most emails from marketers get filtered out by gmail and I never realize what bright, shiny thing they were going to offer me.   And, I’m better off for it 🙂

Then there’s the flip side

There are a few internet marketers that I adore.   I respect their work and I admire their integrity.   They always provide top notch products, support and their work is full of value.    These are the marketers that I will actually read their emails and if I’ve bought a product that I really like I’ll recommend it.     It’s not often I find something that ticks all those boxes.

Today I’ve got two things that make internet marketing easier for anyone

The first is the dvds from the seminar that I went to last month in Las Vegas.     These hit the boxes.   Dennis Becker who organized the seminar is someone that I really, really respect and admire.     His ebook is one that I regularly read especially if I feel I’m in a rut and need to be motivated.     He put together a great line up of speakers for Las Vegas.   What is interesting when you hear the speakers like the Rhodes Brothers, Rachel Rofe, James Jones, Kevin Rockwell it seems very congruent.   Although each speaker spoke about their specialty there is an over riding logic to all presentations that focus on … focus, systems and maximizing your work.

To get a feel for whether this product is for you check out the previews of what’s on the videos here.

The videos are an absolute bargain and I’m not the only one who has already told Dennis that they are way too cheap for the value they provide.    Where else could you watch some videos and learn what systems you need in your internet marketing business, how to do video marketing, the smart ways when outsourcing, how to build your list easily, fast product creation and so much more.    And yes, I was a speaker at this event and my focus was on automating WordPress to save you time in your business.  Every speaker offered great value, insights and most importantly out of all the speakers there I’m sure you will find one that will inspire you to take your business further.

Something different

Maybe the dvds are not right for you but you still want to learn more internet marketing techniques to build your business but you don’t want to bust your piggy bank.

There’s a novel solution at hand

If you are tired of buying products and then realize that they were not what you wanted, can’t help you or are just overpriced then Rachel Rofe’s new site may be the answer that you are waiting for.       Rachel has started Choose the Pay an internet marketing membership site where you get to choose how much you would pay for the information.      You effectively get to try the internet marketing products free and then choose how much you would pay for it.    It’s a novel idea and one that is very appealing when you have bought products before that didn’t live up to expectations.  This way you can remove the risk without looking like a serial refunder.

She has got some great speakers lined up already including Willie Crawford, Brian McElroy and Nicole Dean amongst many others.

I hope you find an internet marketing solution that suits your business needs to  drive you forward this year and beyond.

This post contains affiliate links to products. If you purchase through my affiliate link I will get paid an affiliate commission which I may use to keep up the supply of coffee and chocolate required to write this blog

By Leanne

My name is Leanne King and I'm an Australian internet marketer and WordPress fanatic. I share my knowledge of WordPress here on my blog, through my products, private coaching and in private forums. In my spare time I like to develop products for WordPress users that are easy to use.Find me on Google+

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chocolate and tissues helped forge the love of WP 🙂 Glad you liked the presentation! The rest of the vids are excellent too.

Hi Leanne,
I just watched your presentation at the 1k a day seminar. Very fun. When you talked about building your first wordpress blog I couldn’t help but laugh because I related to your level of frustration, the chocolate and tears! My level of frustration also went from tears to chocolate and to wine!

I love wordpress these days….. Nice to come across your site.

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