Google Crystal Ball Plugin Review

Wouldn’t you love a crystal ball that tells you how you can rank in Google?

google-crystal-ballGoogle Crystal Ball plugin is a premium plugin that is designed to do keyword research for you based on what the developer has tested for what “google wants”.

According to the author Google seems to be favouring in the search results sites that are using Google Plus Author. Sites that are integrated with Google Plus regardless of size and the usual “seo” seem to rank higher.

Google Crystal Ball is easy to use just install and activate and enter in your own keywords that you wish to rank for. The crystal ball will then check those terms and determine whether you have a chance of succeeding against other sites already using social signals. It will return results for you based on a simple traffic light system where green is good and red is a no go.

The plugin also comes with support for proxies (as you will be calling on Google’s tool and you won’t want to get banned 🙂

You can see how the plugin works here:


Veit the plugin developer suggests using the plugin like so:

Step 1: use your normal research tool to find candidates you ‘like’

Step 2: BEFORE you do any of your normal competition research etc, use Google Crystal Ball almost like a ‘second opinion’:
if there are NO results whatsoever that even remotely resemble the target keyword, then it’s alarm-bells ringing. You then need to decide if that’s because it’s sooooo long in the tail that Google really has no idea what to show, or is it because it’s a high-value target and Google doesn’t actually WANT to show specific pages? If you decide to continue anyway OR there are enough ‘exact’ results in the SERPS to make you happy (that Google isn’t screwing with you), then the next step is to check what the “Google+” saturation is:

if it’s totally Google+-saturated, then you’re obviously going to have a harder time getting in there.

if there’s no Google+ competition, then Google+ should definitely be part of your overall SEO-strategy, as it’ll give you a definite boost.

At this point you now have done a quick analysis of what the competition from Google’s side is (and the odds of ‘exploiting’ the Google+-boost).

Step 3: now you continue as normal with your competition analysis (i.e.: what are the other guys up to, in terms of backlinking, on-page etc.

Central Keyword Research Hub

You don’t need to install the plugin on all your sites by the way. You can just install on one site and use it as a central hub for doing your keyword research.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to install the plugin on a particular site at all you could also just install it on your computer using or wamp or similar products.


At this stage I haven’t tested the plugin enough to know whether the author is correct and if I find it useful enough to use.  I’ll report back when I’ve made more use of it.

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Now & then, google changes its algorithm, so the Author needs to update the plugin often.

Also Not sure, how much success this will give to a website owner.

Eager to see you to do an update, after testing it.

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