CMS Commander Review

Having a central dashboard to manage all your sites is something of a dream come true. When Manage WP came out it was the answer to a lot of webmasters prayers. Finally, the one spot to see what sites you have, update them, clone them and back them up. Unless you were a WordPress network user you probably had never experienced that before.

The only problem with Manage WP is that it manages WP (beautifully I might add). But what if your site (or your client’s site) is not made from WordPress?

Well usually, that means that you need to keep a spreadsheet or something similar with all the information in it. If you are in charge of maintaining the site you need to keep all the logins safe and handy and if you are backing up …you are backing up each site individually *sigh*

Well there had to be an easier way and of course some bright spark has done it

The bright spark in this case is Thomas Hoefter. Now that name may already be familiar to you because Thomas has been around and active in the WordPress community for some time as the creator of the WP Robot autoblogging plugin, amongst other things.

Thomas has created a platform called CMS commander to make it easy for webmasters to have a central dashboard to manage sites that are WordPress (of course) but also sites created in Joomla, Drupal and phpBB.

Managing the Sites

Having the central dashboard in CMS Commander you can manage all the sites under the one roof, cloning, logging in, updating the sites – no problem at all.

And, of course, WP Robot users will find that the CMS Commander platform integrates with WP Robot making it super easy to update those niche sites.

Here’s a quick  video review of the cms commander platform:

[youtube] [/youtube]


  • Manage your sites – check comments, add content
  • Clone – your website including the data, content, plugins and settings in a flash.
  • Update – plugins and themes across all your sites using the handy Bulk Actions feature
  • Backup – each site and restore it if needed
  • Add Content – if you are a WP Robot user then you will love the integration
  • making it easy to add content across all your sites
  • Stats – Thomas is adding in integration for Google Analytics statistics


  • Great set up for people that manage sites created from a number of platforms;
  • Internet marketers with a number of niche sites that want integration with WP Robot
  • Currently it is in beta so you can sign up for free and manage 50 sites.
  • Thomas is very responsive to feedback and suggestions for improvement


  • The platform is in beta so there are still a few tweaks and bugs to be ironed out.
  • No word of what the pricing (if any) for the platform will be when it is released.

Sign up for the beta release here:


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