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Revenge of the Affiliates – Kindle Training

Have you ever wanted to write books and sell them on Kindle? Or better yet, have someone else do the writing for you while you sell the books on Kindle and make monthly commissions? Ever since Kindle came out I’ve been fascinated with it. So fascinated that I’ve been stockpiling a pile of books that […]

fast wordpress indexing of posts

WP Indexer Plugin Review

I initially thought that WP Indexer by Sam Woods was just another plugin to rapidly index your WordPress posts. The purpose of most of these style of plugins is to let the search engines know that you have created some awesome content and to come on around and take a peek. I have many of […]

Google Crystal Ball Plugin Review

Wouldn’t you love a crystal ball that tells you how you can rank in Google? Google Crystal Ball plugin is a premium plugin that is designed to do keyword research for you based on what the developer has tested for what “google wants”. According to the author Google seems to be favouring in the search […]

Adsense Masters Course – The Final Blueprint Review

If you are looking to make money online with google adsense then having someone to give you adsense training is a good place to start. There are a lot of adsense courses on the market and information available through google iteself on making money with the adsense program. One course that I really like is […]

CMS Commander Review

Having a central dashboard to manage all your sites is something of a dream come true. When Manage WP came out it was the answer to a lot of webmasters prayers. Finally, the one spot to see what sites you have, update them, clone them and back them up. Unless you were a WordPress network […]

Push Button SEO Review

It seems every 5 minutes that there is a new  push button SEO WordPress plugin promising great things to users.      WordPress SEO plugins tend to come in a few different flavours there are those that make it easy to complete your SEO meta data on each post and page, those that track your […]

WP Robot Autoblogging plugin Review

People often think of auto blogging as a fast way to easy cash.   That’s just not true (although I’m sure that there are some successful autoblogs to prove me wrong).   Like any other blog you need to do your research, have a hot niche and the right market.   In order to have […]