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WordPress Gifts for WordPress Fans

I was recently thinking about the 10th birthday of WordPress. That got me thinking about presents 🙂

What do you give a WordPress fan for their birthday?

Seems I am not the only user that has this thought from time to time because the interwebs are loaded with gifts for fans of WordPress

Of course you can check out the WordPress swag store  and pick up a t-shirt, hoodie or even a baby onesie or a case for your iphone.

wordpress t shirtAll items come in a variety of colors and embellished with the logo we love 🙂

But why just dress you and your family when you can decorate your Christmas tree WordPress style?


If you want a t-shirt with a bit more on it you can head on over to Zazzle


Maybe you don’t want to wear your heart on your sleeve but you want to display it on your wall. In that case, an understated poster might be just the ticket.

wordpress poster

Or maybe it’s coffee you need.  And you need it  in a cute WP mug

wordpress poster wp-coffee-mugs

or maybe you just want something low key like these cute thongs from cafe press


or maybe something for your dog

wordpress dog coat

There’s probably many a night you have spent battling WordPress when instead you could have been cuddled up to this cute little fella instead


or maybe a bumper sticker for the car for dyslexics


Something that shows your love for a certain framework …

Genesis WordPress poster

or maybe something handmade and crafty like these laser cut earrings

wordpress earrings

And you can never start blogging too early …


Nothing says fan though like a bit of ink – so maybe a gift card for a tattoo might be the perfect gift

Geek WordPress Logo Tattoo | Geek |

Or just a simple badge of honour instead …


Or for the practical fans I’d hook them up with an annual subscription to Sucuri 🙂

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