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Easy Ways To Generate Content For Your Blog

One of the problems that I face when setting up niche blogs is getting content.    I’ll be honest.   I like writing about WordPress but other than that I suck.   I do not write niche articles for  my sites.   No matter how hard I tried I could never fall in love with writing articles on getting rid of acne or tips on the best colon treatments available.    It used to take me all day to bang out one lousy article on a niche topic.    Long ago I decided that the best thing I could do was get someone else to do it that enjoyed the process.    I like doing niche research – that’s fun.   Once the niche research is over I give the keywords to my article writer and she does a much better job than I ever would of doing the articles.

But the problem is sites need content to keep the search engines buzzing around and keep visitors returning for new stuff.    Now, of course, what you can do is drip out the content over time.   That’s what I do.   But if you have ordered say 20 articles when it comes to the last article being published you are faced with a dilemna – order more articles or do something else or just do nothing.

I only like to invest a small amount of time and money in each website I create. So 10 articles for content and  10 for article marketing is usually my limit (depending on the niche).  So how to get more content?


There’s lots of ways to get more content you can get my favorite which is user generated content by:

  • allowing guest posts on your niche blog; or
  • opening your blog up for comments

You can also get hands free content for your blog by subscribing to one of the many blog article services.  What these services do is they set up a network of blogs (hopefully getting them ranked well) and then they allow people to post articles on their network (getting some quick link love) but they also allow people to add their blog to the network.   By adding your blog to the network you are getting more people submitting content to your site (that you didn’t write), getting more links to your site and diversifying the ip addresses of the blog network.     Some of the networks have thousands of sites in them others only have a hundred or less.

The Good

The good thing about joining a blog network is that you can receive articles for free on your blog about your niche.

This is easy content for your site without costing you money, is hands free (unless you want to approve articles) and doesn’t require you to spend any time researching or doing anything.

The Bad

You are receiving content created by people other than yourself or your trusted writers.  It may not be any good.   It may not be the sort of content that you want associated with your other top notch stuff.    There will also be links to the author’s blog within the content.

The Workaround

I use these services on some of my niche blogs and article directory sites.  Personally, I love them.  I don’t need to do any thinking or any “doing” other than setting up the site in the beginning.

Little Add Ons

I like to build my sites with unique content, some rss feed mashes and some content from blog networks (depending on the niche).    When I use the blog  network articles I also use a  plugin like Max Banner ads or Post Layout Pro to add my own additional words below and above the post redirecting visitors to other useful pages on the site. This allows me to fill the blog with niche specific information and helps to keep people on the blog and hopefully clicking on whatever monetization method I have set up.

If you are interested in getting blog network content for your site there are a few around that you can use (I’ve tried all of the ones listed below).

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