Check Out XFactor WordPress Theme

XFactor WordPress theme makes it simple and easy to recreate the Xfactor template used in the Adsense Master Course.

Combining the template used by XFactor with the functionality of  WordPress means that you can whip up these sites fast.

You can watch this short video to see version 1   in action:


We’ve made some changes to theme and installed new features which you can see here:

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The XFactor WordPress Theme has these features:

  • posts automatically link  to the header section – no editing required by you!
  • pages automatically link to the footer section –  no editing required by you!
  • inbuilt image uploader to display images XFactor style above your posts and pages
  • inbuilt code that automatically pulls your site name and copyright and displays in the footer
  • point and click easy to customize the  header, footer, sidebar
  • additional field provided to automatically insert any additional text before your adsense ad if you want
  • no need to remove the date, author name in the theme it’s already been done for you!

A picture tells a thousand words so I’ll let you see the backend of  XFactor theme.   The default theme displays out of the box XFactor style but, of course, you can change that if you want 🙂

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P.S.   After you make payment through Pay Pal you will be taken to the Ejunkie download page.    Download your theme  by clicking the orange text “click here” as shown in the screenshot below.   Remember, to sign up for the email updates of the theme while you are on the download page.   Please note this is a digital product and as such there are no refunds.