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Automatically Add Images To Posts

I went on a blog inspection today.   That just means I visited one of my sites that I don’t often frequent.   I don’t visit often for the simple reason that is that it is a multi author site ie other authors other than me provide the content to it every day.    I just sit back and approve comments every now and again and visit sometimes 🙂

When I visited today one thing really stood out.   … Read More

WP Robot Is Coming

A lot of you know that I have been working on a few WordPress projects lately and rarely get the time to blog.   The project that I am most excited about (strangely) is called WP Robot.     It started out as a short pdf …. and then of course it grew 🙂 While I have been sick for a few months I have  had time to reassess WP Robot and have changed it so much that it’s … Read More

WordPress As An Arcade Games Site

I’ve always wanted to build a games site with WordPress and I’ve got loads of ways that I can do it and even have a few reports stashed on my hard drive half done but….. they all require a bit of that stuff that I don’t like to do too much of …..yes WORK!

But I’ve found an easier way to build an arcade games site with WordPress.   A new arcade games plugin has been … Read More

Convert Static Site To WordPress

Have you been thinking about converting your static site to WordPress?   Here’s some reasons why you should consider doing this:

  • WordPress is easy to manage
  • The range of plugins and themes available to WordPress users is phenomenal.   You don’t need to be a code king or queen to have a functional and pretty site up in minutes
  • Automatic pinging – I post – WordPress pings the search engines and tells them to visit.   Nice 🙂
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Secure Your WordPress Blog

A lot of people are concerned about security for their WordPress blog with good reason.    A lot of effort and time as well as money can go into the creation of your website. 

Imagine how you would feel if you woke up one day and found that your site had been hacked?

Well, it’s not all doom and gloom there are things that YOU can do right now to improve the security of your WordPress … Read More

WordPress 2.8 – Quick Peek

Just when we are getting used to WordPress 2.7 there is a new version on its way.

WordPress 2.8 is due for release on 10 June 2009.    I’ve been having a play with the beta release for  WordPress 2.8 and so far I’m happy with what I have seen.

Bear in mind that changes could be made between now and the official release (but they will probably only be minor).

Here’s a quick vid showing … Read More

Happy Easter everyone

It’s that time of the year again……the Easter Bunny is running out the door of my house now.   He could be on the way to your place loaded up with chocolate treats!

Enjoy the Easter break and don’t eat too much chocolate 🙂 


Leanne… Read More