Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 7 July 2013

I often wonder if WordPress plugin developers will decide to take a week off work and have an on mass holiday. It doesn’t appear that that is going to happen this week, but  there’s not quite so many pickings this week probably due to the 4th July celebrations.

There are still quite a few plugins though to round up so it doesn’t appear all the coders were on a break watching fireworks!

There are already a few guest posters in the repository that allow users to submit a guest post. Here’s another one to add to the collection:

Free WordPress Plugins

Best Guest Blog Poster

The beauty of guest posts is that you can leverage the traffic from the blog you posting on and direct some of that traffic over to your site.

My Reviews

This looks like an interesting plugin to create a review archive on your blog. I would have liked to see some screenshots and a bit more information on how it works in the repository to tempt me to install it and play.

Invoice King Pro

Allows you to set up your invoices quickly and easily in WordPress

invoice wordpress plugin

Useful for freelancers and offliners looking for a quick, semi automated free system for sending out invoices to clients

Invoice King Pro


This produces a shortcode to translate text into braille (I am so going to play with this one!)


Premium WordPress Plugins

QR Code Plugin – this plugin is currently free. You can use it to creat QR codes quickly and easily. Useful for ecommerce store owners and offliners.

Download it here

SMS Point System Plugin – this plugin allows you to send an sms message to contacts which enrols them in an incentive based reward system. Customers earn “points” for transactions. The plugin uses Twilio for the SMS. What I do like about the plugin is if you are an offliner, you client s can use this system and you can resell the service to them. Management is all taken care of via an admin panel and you collect the monthly fee.


Read more here

Weekly Round Up WordPress News

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 30 June 2013

Well it’s the end of the financial year in Australia! That means today is my last opportunity to buy WordPress plugins and themes this financial year! There’s a few things that could tempt me between now and midnight as well ….

Plugin developers and theme creators have been busy this week again. Sadly, the themes that I have looked at really don’t cause any tingle in my fingers 🙁 However, I am excited about the new release of Optimize Press 2.0 but that hasn’t launched yet….

Free WordPress Plugins

Contact us – Contact People is a nifty sort of contact form that produces a business card type overlay on a map. Great plugin for those doing offline work and ecommerce where you want to display members of team/employees profile.

contact us wordpress plugin

Contact Us Page – Contact People

WP Metrize Icons – While we are talking about prettiness and WordPress – I think you’ll love the Metrize Icons. These are free little icon graphics that you can quickly add to the content of your articles. No more searching around for cute little icons …

metrize icons wordpress plugin

WP Metrize Icons

Reveal Discount Code – I predict that internet marketers will love this little plugin. Similar to a like gate on Facebook you can add areas to your website that need to be clicked to “reveal” the promo code or discount that you are offering

Facebook Like or Lock – On the subject of Facebook fan gates there’s a new plugin where you can make your user “like” your content in order to reveal the content

WP Ultimate Recipe – There are a few recipe plugins in the repository already ,but this one really caught my eye. I like the way it has been laid out so that you add “ingredients” for instance and a cute little list is generated for you. Nice interface and display and just looking at it makes me wish I had a cupckae recipe blog!


Tile Slider Builder – If you are starting to get bored with your single image sliders then you’ll love mixing it up a bit with the tile slider

tile slider wordpress plugin

FB News Ticker – bring in some news from Facebook into your blog

FP News Ticker

WP Client Lite – If you are a freelancer or provide offlien services then this plugin may help you manage your clients

Premium WordPress Plugins

Affiliate Assassin – this plugin claims to help you promote affiliate offers. There are a number of videos demonstrating the concept.   Basically it works like this; find an article on a topic related to your niche and add that url to your Affiliate Assassin dashboard, then take the url of your affiliate website and add that to the dashboard.

The plugin then posts the useful link in Facebook groups, twitter etc which redirects to the affiliate link. The theory is if you posted thea ffiliate link in most groups it would just get removed. This is a way of providing useful information and still getting paid for it.

There are three licenses for it – single, multi and developer. The plugin is currently on special.

Note: There are a lot of videos on the sales page to watch. I hate watching videos so I may be wrong about how this little plugin works

Snap Mobile – plugin to create drag and drop mobile sites on your WordPress installation. It is on discount at the moment.

How To

Export Google Reader Feeds

As most people know Google Reader is no longer being supported from 1 July, 2000.

I’ve used  Reader for years now and have over 100 subscriptions that I regularly check on my iphone.

Now I have to find a new Reader 🙁     Luckily, there are heaps to choose from!

In the meantime, it is important to export your feeds so you can import them into a new Reader.    Luckily, this is a task that can be done in minutes.

First of all you need to login to your Reader account.   Click the cog on the right hand side of the menu and go to Reader Settings.












Once in Reader Settings click on the Import/Export tab

export google reader file






Once in the Import/Export tab click the link to download your data through Takeout

download google reader data






Your takeout screen will now load up. Click on the tab labelled “Choose Services” and be patient while it loads up your data. Once it is loaded up click on the “create archive” button.












Once the archive has been created you can either download it or email it to yourself.


Unless you have a massive collection of feeds the process of exporting your Google Reader feeds takes less than five minutes. Once you have downloaded your archive you will have .xml file that you can use to import to a new feed reader.

WordPress News

Optimize Press 2.0 – coming soon

Optimize Press 2.0 is launching in July 2013. Optimize Press when it was first released a few years ago quickly became one of the most popular internet marketing WordPress themes to use. The reason for that was quite simple. The theme allowed you to quickly create slick sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and membership areas. While other themes and plugins have the capability to do this what separated Optimize Press from the crowd was the ease in which you could create the sites and the slick graphics that were provided by default. It was easy to make a site that looked a million bucks even for the graphically challenged like me!

The team at Optimize Press have been beavering away for some time now working on a new and improved version of Optimize Press which is called Optimize Press 2.0.

Optimize Press 2.0 is NOT an upgrade for the original version but a complete new system. Existing users will receive a discount link to buy the new version during the launch period.

What’s in Optimize Press 2.0?

First of all, it’s been expanded. Now it’s a theme and a plugin! This means that if you have a favorite theme that you want to use on your site you can just add the Optimize Press 2.0 plugin to create your sales pages etc. If you are creating from the ground up then you might just want to use the theme. What is important is that you now have a choice.

In my opinion, Optimize Press has always been simple to use and is one of the best documented themes on the market with a massive range of tutorials. It’s even easier to use now!

Features Galore

The creators of Optimize Press 2.0 have loaded it with features including:

  • drag and drop page creation (click a button simple)
  • massive range of fonts (including Google fonts)
  • responsive – no more making another site for your mobile version!
  • massive range of default slick graphic templates to create your sales pages, landing pages, membership areas

Why would you want it?

Optimize Press has always been graphically sexy. Now, it is even more sexy and easy to use with the additional features. If you are not graphically talented you will shortcut the work creating common internet marketing pages from hours to minutes just by using the default templates.  When Optimize Press first was released it was an absolute god send to me.    Finally, I could produce a slick looking sales page just like the big guys without spending a fortune and pulling my hair out.    Optimize Press 2.0 is just going to make building commonly used internet marketing pages point and click sale.

Check out the video below to see the slick graphics I was referring to:


Sign up for the early bird list to be notified when it launches.


WP Indexer Plugin Review

I initially thought that WP Indexer by Sam Woods was just another plugin to rapidly index your WordPress posts. The purpose of most of these style of plugins is to let the search engines know that you have created some awesome content and to come on around and take a peek. I have many of these plugins already so I wasn’t inspired by this idea at all… plus I don’t have a problem getting things indexed.

But you probably all know that WordPress plugins are my weakness (and of course chocolate and coffee!) so I had to take a squizz.

Seems I had been a bit hasty in writing this plugin off as yet another indexing plugin because it’s actually a lot more (and also a cool little toy to play with as well!)

Before I tell you what the plugin does that makes it such a cool toy, I encourage you to check out the free pdf that has been created on Quick Indexing by the plugin developer. This little 26 page pdf report is suitable for anyone (even people who don’t have the plugin). What the guide will do is quickly and without gobbley gook tech speak educate you on the many ways of search engines including indexes, crawl cycles, tagging and pinging (and also functions as the user manual for the plugin, if you decide to buy it).

I didn’t think the plugin would be useful if indexing was not an issue for you. However, the developer does address these issues in the pdf report.


When you purchase the plugin you will be taken to a download area. You will need to register the domain that you are using the plugin with and then download the plugin.

I did spend a few minutes looking for a “read me” file so I knew how to drive the plugin but couldn’t find one. After clicking through to the support tab I discovered that instructions for use had been added there. However, the real instructions imo are in the pdf report that you can download.

In order to use the plugin you need to have ioncube loaders on your server. After I had uploaded the plugin through my WordPress dashboard I realised that I didn’t have that setting on the new server I’m using. A quick ticket to my web host and it was installed in minutes.

Back to the plugin …

Now it’s just a matter of configuring the settings that you want to use with the plugin. In order to do that, you really need to consult the little pdf manual.


At this stage I would also recommend that you install:

  • a cache plugin; and
  • Wordfence (free version)

The reason for using these plugins are to decrease bot activity. You will already be generating a lot of activity from the indexing of posts and older posts, tags, categories and other pages. A massive amount of bots will just slow down your server and website.

When you first install the plugin you set it up with recommended settings. The idea is to index things that sometimes we would normally “no index” for example, tags, categories archives, author page and use exercepts on those pages. Each of these pages gets updated all the time with out latest content when we post so develop their own page rank which can be passed to other pages in your site….. mmmm.

The set up of the plugin allows you to insert relevant tags automatically with each post (you select the number). The purpose in doing this is so it will update your Tag page and give you new pages each of which can get indexed

The plugin also generates keyword links to the tag page increasing the inter linking on your own blog using relevant and themes tags. The goal here is to eventually increase traffic


Another feature of this plugin is that with each post you make to your home page it creates a link back to your site from these sources:

  • Authority Pingbacks this allows you to link to relevant blogs and get pingbacks
  • RSS Pinging – whenever you make a post a number of areas on your blog are changed eg the category/tag/archive and author pages. The RSS pinging function means that each of these paages are pinged as well. In addition the plugin pings these pages as well

Over a period of 7 days adjusting the settings on your blog you can basically index all the content. In addition, you can use the Related Posts feature (similar to YARP) to help users discover old content on your blog.

What first attracted me to the plugin was that you could easily see the results of what the plguin does in your dashboard in simple graph form and using a simple color traffic system.


There’s a handy log feature that you can use to view the activity as well.

I don’t like to base my reviews on other peoples experience so I installed the plugin and tested it out for myself.   Within hours most of the content had been indexed and within a week all  my existing unindexed content had been indexed.    I then deactivated the plugin for a while (I was testing something else on my site).   As I have been creating new content and had WP Indexer deactivated it hasn’t indexed the new stuff.    Based on its previous performance I expect that will be indexed within hours now that it has been reactivated.

The plugin is currently available at discount here.   If you are interested in the plugin I would suggest that you read the sales page carefully as it covers a lot of features in greater depth than what I have touched on.   If you are not  interested in the plugin I would recommend picking up the little pdf that is very helpful (and free) from the sales page thread.

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 23 June 2013

As I haven’t done a round up for two weeks this post is going to be kinda long 🙂

Free WordPress Plugins

Bulk Creator – quickly create posts and pages in bulk also allows for custom post types which separates it from existing plugins that also do mass creation.

Bulk Creator

Site Wide Messages For Multi User Sites – if you have a multi user site then you’ll love this plugin to make announcements across your network great for getting site wide messages out on multi site set ups

Read Aloud Audio Player – another cool audio player that reads your content to your visitors.

Google Typography – use Google fonts without having to rejig your theme

Google Typography

Local SEO – another plugin for those in the offline market either selling websites or seo services

WordPress Local SEO

Google App Engine – hook up with the big G

Google App Engine for WordPress

Primal for WP – a simple curation style plugin

Primal for WordPress

Ultimate Auction – run your own auctions on your blog

Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin

If you are in the offline market then you know that your clients just want leads. The WP Easy Leads plugin is a quick and free solution to get set up in the lead generation business.

While we are talking about leads the WordPress Leads plugin is a great little tool for those that like to analyse

WordPress Leads

Paupress CRM System for WP Users – nice, free solution for those looking for a CRM

I can see the Bistri Video Call button being particularly useful to internet marketers that offer coaching and educational services to the clients and customers. A video call has a more personal touch than a phone call.

quick-business-website-pluginThis is a great little plugin for those either with their own online business selling services or those working with offline clients. To be honest I would think that this should be a paid plugin with the amount of features that the Quick Business Website plugin has (see screenshot)

WM Child Post – ever wanted a post inside a post or a page or a widget …then what you were looking for is a child post

WP Child Post

Casengo FAQ Web Self Service Plugin – nifty little frequently asked questions and knowledge base plugin

FAQ & Knowledge Base Plugin

WP Models – what can I say?  If you have a site for models ..then this plugin could be useful adding important information like height, weight etc

Just Rate It – a simple rating plugin for WordPress users


Custom Business Locations – Another one for those offliners!    If you have a client that has a number of business locations for their brick and mortar store then this handy location plugin will help your customers

Custom Business Locations

WPS Coupon Management – Coupons are the craze lately!  See the screenshot to see a demo of the plugin.


Advertisement Sponsors –  Allow advertisers to sponsor an ad.  Very professional looking plugin.

RRD Advertisment Sponsers

Premium WordPress Plugins

Well my inbox virtually exploded in the last few weeks with the rush of affiliate marketers wanting to flog, I mean, inform me of the latest and greatest WordPress plugins available.  Two plugins in particular made me extremely grateful that I filter my email through 🙂    I might never have got any work done otherwise!

Squeeze Page Engine –  WordPress plugin that creates squeeze pages for all your sales pages and lead generation pages.   There are a ton of quality themes and plugins in the sales page niche for WordPress. I would recommend that you check out a lot of offerings before diving in if you don’t already have one.

There’s a cute little demonstration video to watch of the plugin where you can see some of the lovely graphics that the plugin comes with.

Read More 

At the time of writing, there are very few reviews of the Squeeze Page Engine.   I’ll be checking back later in the week to see what type of feedback from users this plugin is getting.

WordPress Super Cloaker –  have to say that this is one of the most expensive plugins I’ve mentioned on the round up.    The annual subscription is $297.00.   Currently there are some discounts available if you are quick.

The plugin has a number of functions including a link cloaker (doh!) link referrer and several ip functions that are pretty snazzy.

Read More  and check out the free demo version.

WordPress Themes

Cartsy – a new theme from Templatic for ecommerce stores.  I like the clean minimal look and hover effects that this theme has.


Read More

How To

Make Your Own WP Magazine – Using A Free WP Magazine Plugin

Ever wanted to have an online magazine?   If you have, you are in luck!  Now you can create an online magazine for your niche using a free magazine plugin and theme package from the folks at Issue M.

wordpress magazine plugin

Like most plugins Issue M was created to solve a problem for the users and was then made available to the general public.   The creators of Issue M were looking for a way to publish their Dartmouth College Engineering magazine online. The magazine had traditionally been published with an “issue based production cycle”. They wanted to keep this format, but transport it to the online world by being able to “load up all their stories and publish each issue with one click”. The advantages of getting email subscribers, search engine traffic as well as social media coverage was part of the reason they combined their problem into a WordPress solution.

There are a number of advantages to using WordPress as a magazine platform as set out in this article.

What I like about Issue M (as well as being free) is that it is super simple and intuitive to use.

You simply create the Issue of your Magazine in the dashboard of  WordPress and then add articles to each issue.   Easy peasy.

This short video shows just how simple it is to set up:

The magazine plugin has a number of in built features including:

  • the ability to publish your articles as a slideshow,
  • a cover issue widget quickly shows the user what issue they are browsing
  • an archive widget allows people to easily find and browse previous issues; and
  • an article teaser widget


The team at Issue M have released this package for free for use by the WordPress community. It is available either at their site or through the repository. It would appear that in the future to monetize the software they have created and that they will develop additional add ons for purchase.   Out of the box, it’s a quick, elegant and free solution to get started as an online magazine publisher for your niche.