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What I am up to (not mischief)

I have been slack.

I have so many posts to write for my blog I think I could post twice a day until the end of  the year and still have more to write!

Although that seems like a challenge it’s not one I’m going to be taking up ….just yet 🙂

Here’s why

I’m in product creation mode right now and have been for the last few months.     So although it may seem like I’m quiet and not doing “anything”   I’m really massively busy.   When I’m quiet it usually is a sign that I’m concentrating really hard (ie trying to focus – something that I seem to have internet ADD with). So just so you know that I haven’t been slacking off here’s what I’m up to right now, this very minute almost 🙂

I’ve just released my new product – Coupon Crusher.     This product has absolutely nothing to do with WordPress on the face of it.   Coupon Crusher is all about using the power of  coupon sites to generate traffic to your own sites, use them to sell affiliate marketing products,  use coupons to increase your Facebook Fan Page subscribers, becoming a Groupon Consultant and even sell internet marketing products on the coupon sites.  Phew!

You can see what Coupon Crusher is about here.

I’ve also been working on a new report to give away.    I had the idea to do the report when I was interviewed a month or so ago.    There seems to be a set format with interviews nowadays where everyone always asks “what would you do differently if you had to start again?”    The thing is, although I answer this question always when asked it irks me for a couple of reasons.     The first reason I get miffed is that the question assumes you can’t start again.   Wrong.  We can all start over again.    Admittedly, it’s hard to unlearn bad habits and wipe the canvas clean so it’s ready to receive new and correct information, but it can be done.      The second thing is that I love making mistakes.   Seriously.   I often joke that I make a ton of mistakes before breakfast because it’s true.     Some mistakes are minute, some are serious, some take a lot of fixing but they are all mistakes.    And I learn from all of them.     That’s the great thing about making mistakes – learning from them and helping other people avoid your mistakes.

With that in mind, my free report is called “Pressing Reset” and  it’s all the mistakes (that immediately spring to mind) that I’ve made with internet marketing.   Keep an eye out here on my blog or on my Facebook or Twitter for it.  And it is free, there’s no optin bribe – it’s just free to download.

I’ve also been finishing up some WordPress products so I can release them.    I have this aim (feels kinda crazy at this point) to finish 4 products by next week when the school holidays finish.     I’m not sure I can reach this goal …but we’ll see how we go 🙂

The next WordPress product I’m releasing is WP TurboNet.    This product is about harnessing the power of the networking feature in WP 3.0 (previously known as WordPress multi user).

After that, I hope to release a short course on how to customize the software generated WordPress themes created by Artisteer.    One of the reasons that I’m not a fan of  Artisteer WordPress themes is that they all tend to look the same to me.  I can spot them a mile away.     With that in mind, I’ve put together a couple of short tutorials so you can make your Artisteer theme look unique very quickly.   This new product is called Pimping Artisteer.

One of the bigger projects that I was working on this year was customizing the Thesis WordPress theme.      I had hoped to release it months ago, and then as life is, I had to step away from it for a few months.     Now it’s just a matter of  adding the finishing touches and releasing Thesis Fast Start to the world.

Finally,  the last thing that I have been working on is a low cost membership site for those new to internet marketing.    Of course this site is based on  helping people get their first WordPress blog online but I’m covering a ton of other information as well that new internet marketers will benefit from.

Well that’s it from me…hopefully by writing this post I’ll be accountable to produce all of the above within the next 10 days!

Let the challenge begin!






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