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PLR Articles For Sale (Mega Amount)

The other day I checked out a PLR article membership site that I hadn’t heard of before that had plr articles for sale.    Now, I know that a lot of people aren’t big fans of  PLR but I honestly think that is usually because they don’t know how to use it properly.

The Right Way to Use PLR

PLR can be a great source for:

  • brainstorming
  • compiling into reports
  • creating videos from
  • making it into audio transcripts
  • and content
The Wrong Way to Use PLR

The problem with PLR is that generally a lot of people don’t take the time to give it a quick rewrite and give it your own voice and style.   A lot of people just slap up the same article all over the interwebs and expect the search engines to find it and index it (again and again) and visitors to find it engaging.     Just 10 minutes spent giving the article a clean up, adding some headings, bullet points and a quick rewrite will make all the difference.

Why Most PLR Memberships Suck

In the past I’ve been a member of many PLR memberships.    However, none of them really suited me.    One month for instance I would get 400 odd articles on a pile of random topics.    The only thing to really do with these is to upload them to an article directory style site rather than sort through and try and figure out what sites you could build.     Another site would supply me with content on two topics each month.   The problem was the topics never really thrilled me and I ended up with them on a hard drive somewhere.

That’s why I was intrigued when the owner of  this PLR Membership site contacted me and asked me to take a squizz at his site.  As some of you may know,  I’ve been sick the last 6 weeks or so so it took me a while to check it out.

I was quite surprised with what I found:

  • over 100,000 articles in their searchable database (and according to their You Tube video they add an extra 1,000 per month)
  • wide range of niches
  • articles show word count and the ones I checked out were well written
  • article spinner (and ability to download articles in spintax form)
  • training on how to use PLR properly and even some basic internet marketing training
  • requests section – basically you can ask for articles on a topic and people can vote on what gets added

What I really wanted to know was if the articles had a download limit.   After trawling through the site I couldn’t find this information so I sent in a support ticket which was promptly answered.    The site doesn’t have a limit on downloads because like most PLR it should be rewritten anyway.     After investigating the site a little more I figured out that you can actually work out (in some cases) how many articles have been downloaded if it is important for you.

Inside The Members Area

I shot a quick video so you can see what the articles look like, word count, the amount of niches and how easy it is to use the site.


  • Large range of content in a wide variety of niches
  • Ability to request articles on specific topics
  • $1 for a 3 day trial to see if you like it
  • Articles checked appear well written
  • Wide range of  article word counts
  • Number of monthly plans to choose from


  • Monthly subscription
  • All PLR needs to rewritten and/or re-purposed

Get Your  $1 Trial for PLR Articles Membership here

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