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How to make your internet marketing conference a real event

If you have been in internet marketing for any period of time you will have succumbed to the urge to attend an internet marketing conference.     You might find that you get “free” tickets in your email and you think “what the heck I’ll mozy along and have a look”.    Day 1, usually starts out pretty exciting,  giant conference hall packed with people with stars in their eyes.    After an hour you realise that the speakers are rehashing their cheap ebooks from 2001 and adding a $2,000 home study course to boot.    Your eyes glaze over but you are determined to stick it through, if only to meet people in the industry.    By day 3 the giant conference centre has been cordoned off to house the few scattered groups that remain, either through sheer determination, or to get value out of any VIP tickets they bought.    You go home and resolve to never do that again.

Not all internet marketing conferences suck

There are some internet marketing conferences that offer up exciting content, dynamic people to network with, and materials to take home and  learn from.   One conference that does this quite well is the annual 3 day Fast Web Formula internet marketing event hosted by James Schramko and held in Australia.

You can always tell a Fast Web Formula event because the event is not only branded on the retina but on all attending.     All staff (crew) that make sure the event runs smoothly are clearly identified in their FWF clothes, there’s a sign with FWF on it and all attendees are branded on entry with the FWF t-shirt and hoodie.     If  you have ever wanted to see what a “sea” of people in the same clothes looks like come to a FWF event.     Even last year when it was held in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Austalia which is known for being quite warm the attendees all donned their FWF hoodies to brave the outside world.

The branding of the event makes it really easy to interact with people you meet on the street or at a coffee shop in the morning.   You don’t have any awkward moments because you are all members of the same tribe.    You can start an instant conversation just through clothing recognition without even bothering to look at what they have written on or in the workbook they have been supplied with.    Never has it been so easy to network with people in your industry.

I’ve been to two of these conferences and what has always impressed me is the way that such a large event is organized.     Everything seems to go like clockwork, attendees are happy and inspired, and the conference crew deal with a ton of  matters from the trivial getting a glass of water for a speaker to probably bigger issues (but you never know about that).    One of the people that ensures this event runs as smooth as silk is Kerry Finch.

You might associate Kerry Finch with her writing services for internet marketers through her sites Kerry Finch Writing and DFY Content.      Kerry is known for writing press releases, site content and article marketing.    There’s a lot of internet marketers that rely on Kerry to deliver top quality content every month.     In addition, to her writing skills Kerry is a great organizer and has a knack of making things appear effortless.

I recently chatted with Kerry to find out how the secrets of how she helps to organize one of the hottest internet marketing conferences around.      You can listen to that interview here:


If you have ever been inspired to put on an internet marketing workshop for a small group or a massive conference then you’ll find a lot of useful tips in this interview including:

  • the difference between a paid and a free conference
  • what you need to think about when organizing a small event and a large event
  • the ideal size for a “hands on” workshop  event
  • what systems Kerry has created in order to ensure that things run smoothly
  • the importance of  the crew in ensuring the event runs smoothly
  • the one important thing Kerry does at any event she helps to organize
  • how much planning is involved in holding a large event
  • the one thing you should not promise attendees


Find Kerry at:

Kerry Finch Writing

This is where you can track Kerry down to provide her writing services for you.  Kerry’s team specialize in putting together SEO optimized and engaging content for article marketing.   There are a range of  packages and services you can choose from to best suits your needs.

DFY Content

Have you ever been asked by a business to set up a site for them?   I know that I have.   I know it takes me very little time to set up the site but a long time to finish it.   Simple reason why that is.   My number 1 reason for not being able to finish a site is that I’m waiting for the client to provide me with the content to go on the site.    Kerry has stepped in here to help business owners (and web service providers) out by providing quality content for website owners.    This is a great resource for anyone that offers services like web design and development  to businesses.

Obra  –   Kerry’s latest project is providing an information based resource for regional Australians.  Her focus is  bringing internet marketing to the regional areas  of  Australia.   Kerry was inspired to give out this information as a result of the new broadband roll out across regional Australia.   No doubt, this will become an important resource for those considering a career working at home in internet marketing in regional areas.







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