Due to time constraints I no longer have time to assist people personally with coaching and problems they may have with WordPress.  The best place to find help is the WordPress Forums.

If you are contacting me because you would like me to review your product/theme/plugin then your contact form should include:

  • a direct download link to the item
  • a link to the product page
  • instructions/tutorials

Please note I get a lot of requests to review products.    It takes up my time doing so and at the end of the day I will only publish things on my blog that I like, would use myself and think that people would get real value from.    Those types of products generally have great features and awesome customer service and support.   Bottom line – just because  you ask for a review does not mean that I will a) review it and b) publish it on my blog.

If you are contacting me because you would like to submit a guest blog post for review then please note the following:

  • Only articles on WordPress, blogging or internet marketing will be considered
  • Your draft article should be forwarded in .txt format
  • Please include a bio in your article with one link only to your blog/website
  • If your content has been published on other sites please provide links to those sites
  • Only unique articles will be accepted and must pass copyscape
  • By submitting your article you acknowledge and agree that alterations and amendments may be made to the article before publication

Articles or requests that do not comply with the above will not be considered.

If your draft article is acceptable then you will be contacted within approximately 72 hours of submission with the proposed date of publication.

Sydney, Australia