Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 3 February 2013

This is the 4th edition of WordPress Weekly. You may be wondering what happened to edition 3 and this post explains that. I actually posted edition 3 on the newly created Facebook Page here  on January 28.

This week there has been a few interesting plugins and themes released (most free) that may be useful if you are doing internet marketing using WordPress as your platform.

Free Plugins

WP Alert Plugin is a new plugin designed to grab your visitor’s attention! It allows you to add images, icons, text and links  on your pages and posts.

Upload your images, set your text add your links links and choose where you want to use it – home page, posts and pages.  There are a number of different ways that you can use this plugin and you can’t go wrong at the price (free in the repository).  If you scroll down further you will find a  similar plugin that is in the premium plugin section.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

A plugin that interests me but I really don’t know what it does is The Ranking . It appears to be based on a Spanish website called The Ranking which seems a bit like Pinterest but with voting and other features. I can see some possibilites for this plugin but the description and usage page are very light on at this stage. I gave it a whirl on a test site and danged if I could find out what it does (but it’s been that kind of a week!). I’d like to check it out again in the future because,I think, for marketers there could be some cool possibilities.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

Revenue Share Plugin – A new plugin has been released to make it easy to revenue share adsense with your guest bloggers.
You can select an ad spot on your site  for the revenue share; currently top, bottom and middle. The drawback is that the plugin appears to be set at 50% of impressions as the amount of revenue share for the author whereas blog webmasters may want to adjust the amount to a different figure.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

Authy have released a plugin in order to help cut down hacking. The plugin relys on a two factor authentication (text message, then a token which changes every 20 seconds). You need an Authy account, an Authy API key and a cell phone 🙂

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

Paid Plugins

There have been a few paid plugins released this week. Just because I may mention them, doesn’t mean I’m a fan of them 🙂

Position One Profiler – yet another *yawn* seo plugin. The plugin sales copy says that it will help give you exactly what Google wants. I find this hard to believe. Only G knows exactly what they want at any particular time 🙂 The plugin is said to “have your finger on the pulse of the top 4 back link data providers online so you never get slapped by Google again” Using the plugin is probably cheaper than using other data analysis services for this information. Although you do not need a subscription to AHREFS, Open Site Explorer, or Majestic to get backlink data if you do have those accounts you will get more information.

The plugin comes with training that promises to show you how to pull data from the three services above for free.

Position One Profiler promises to “not only allow you to see the types of links but it will also show you the strength of those links with the click of a button”. The point being that it will help  you through data analysis and report collection to find high authority sites to use for your sites back links.

[ilink style=”info” url=” “]More information[/ilink]

Notice Box Ads – allows you to put an alert box on your blog where you can display text, ads, interact with your audience, direct people to your squeeze page, affiliate products where ever you like. You can even put in a survey. There are some templates included to easily match your theme as well.  If you are on a budget, check out the free plugin WP Alert.  It has less features but may suit your purpose.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

WP Boostpress – allows you to choose what posts and pages you would like to display as related content at the bottom of each page. The plugin was primarily designed to boost Amazon affiliate commissions. It is said to do this because the related content will keep visitors on the page longer and reduce bounce rates.

[ilink style=”info” url=”
“]More information[/ilink]

KCS WP Plugin – KCS is an abbreviation for Keep the Customer Satisfied. This plugin is designed to ensure that when a customer finds your search listing in the organic results that they are taken to the page most relevant or useful for their search query – rather than the home page. The plugin operates by creating rules but also has some other features like dynamic keyword insertion, split testing and on the fly content substitution. There is a bonus included which is a keyword tracking plugin.  It  tells you which keywords actually lead to click throughs on your site and on what page/post they land. This can help you customize those pages for visitors  and provide them with the content they are searching for.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

Comments Plus said to increase user engagement and eliminate “spams”. In my opinion, comment luv is a better plugin and has a spam solution built in.
[ilink style=”info” url=” “]More information[/ilink]

WP Hybrid Plugin – allows to build an amazon store quickly with WordPress.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

WordPress Themes

I don’t often find WordPress Themes that interest me enough to tell you about. Usually the free themes are just a bit of customised Artisteer and are completely dull. This week I found a few classy designed free themes for you! Yay!

Zenith Theme


The first theme is called Zenith and is based on the Zenith Magazine look. It’s slick and beautiful for a magazine or pictorial based site. The reason that it has such a clean look is that it is designed by Dev Press and, in particular, a designer called Small Potato. If you have been around WorddPress for a while you will remember Small Potato from his website WP Designer (which was sold and taken over by trolls). WP Designer offered some beautiful themes (usually free or cheaper than a cup of coffee) as well as excellent tutorials. In fact, the team at Dev Press also have a theme membership club which is (I think) the cheapest WordPress Theme club around.

Demo of the theme:

[ilink style=”info” url=””]Download Zenith Theme[/ilink]

Coming Soon (Mail Chimp)

The team at Theme Lab have also put out some free prettiness this week. It’s a coming soon page powered by Mail Chimp.

You can view the features in detail on the video:

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]

WP Blue Steel

Another nice freebie theme if you are building, say a consultants site and don’t already have a premium theme is WP Blue Steel.


It has a nice clean design.   There are a number of  areas on the theme where you can list your services.   There are also some footer widgets for adding in more information.  Unlike most free themes it also comes with  some clear instructions on how to drive it.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More information[/ilink]


6 plugins to help prevent adsense click fraud

Creating adsense based sites is an easy way to get started making money on the internet (and getting money from Google is always attractive ) 🙂

Most internet marketers have a few adsense sites kicking about somewhere in their virtual real estate. Some may have a few sites to test a niche out,and some people make entire businesses out of creating adsense sites and have thousands of sites!

[box][quote]The revenue from AdSense online allowed us to take our business offline. With the money we earned from AdSense we were able to purchase tour buses and hire employees. AdSense gave us the confidence to start our own company.
– Gus and Michelle Moore Publishers,[/quote][/box]

Problems with adsense sites

There are a lot of problems  basing your business around Google and Adsense. First, of course, is that adsense is really not a high paying monetization method – unless you have a lot of sites or a niche with a high CPC and a lot of clickers – which can present its own problems.

Getting banned from Adsense

A worry for adsense site owners is the black cloud hanging over their head that they can get banned from the adsense program at the whim of Google. Usually, when you are banned all accrued earnings are returned to the advertisers, and your chances of getting reinstated via the adsense appeal system are slim.   The dread of receiving the adsense termination letter in your inbox can give you early wrinkles!

Adsense Click fraud

There are a number of factors that could get your account banned including click fraud. Click fraud is basically visitors to your site fraudulently clicking on the ads that are being displayed. The “false” click is costing the advertiser money.  If they are tracking their stats they will soon be alerting the big G that something is “fishy” with their ad campaign.

Some people unintentionally commit click fraud by clicking on their own ads to see if they “work”.

That’s a no no 🙂

Others do so by driving traffic that is known to click to the site.

That’s also a no no 🙂 This is often called Paid To Click traffic.

Others may fall into the final category of being totally innocent of any click fraud. The situation may be like this, your little adsense site goes from making $1.15 a day with a cpc of about .02 . Overnight your cpc is now 25 and you have just made $40. Before you get out the party hats and streamers and start celebrating you should investigate the source of the traffic. You may find that you have been click bombed.


What is click bombing?

Clickbombing is a method used by some webmasters to destroy their adsense competition in a niche usually. Basically your ads on your site will be intentionally clicked repeatedly within a short space of time. This will set both the advertiser and Google alert button off.

If you are not checking your stats you could find a sweet adsense termination letter from G in your inbox (usually just before pay day) that tells you your account has been banned.  It seems that the ban email from Adsense usually comes near the end of the payment period.  I would suspect (but I don’t know) that  irregularities are thoroughly reviewed before the end of each payment period.

Preventing Clickbombing

Luckily you are a WordPress user so you know that the WordPress community has already thought of ways to prevent click bombing on a site. Generally, this is done by using a plugin that limits the amount of times an adsense ad can be displayed or clicked on by a particular visitor (which limits the risk of an abnormal amount of clicks).

Now some of you may think that you are now losing revenue because visitors aren’t getting the opportunity to click as much.

Yes and No.

The reality is that most people wouldn’t be visiting your site and clicking on the same ad over and over again. They would click the ad and leave your site to that address. If they were clicking on the same ad they either have short term memory loss or they aren’t your friends 🙂 Better to lose a small amount of ad revenue then risk your account getting banned.

6 Clickbomb Prevention WordPress Plugins

There are 6 plugins in the list that can be used to defend your site. Some of the plugins are free and the others are paid.

Adsense Defender  – this  simple piece of code that WP users can add to either widgets or their pages and posts. The script is meant to “identify and monitor inbound traffic and automatically take action against click fraud” Like most of these products you can block or blacklist certain traffic souces, ip addresses and locations from viewing adsense ads. The cost is $47.00 however they have had a number of issues with support

[ilink style=”info” url=””]click for more information[/ilink]

Adsense Firestorm – this is a plugin mish mash that combines several “adsense” type plugins in one. The first is clickbomb protection with their built in security system. You will be serving ads with rotation,content targeting, and fighting ad blindness. Although this plugin is being updated the reviews on it are mixed. Many users reporting that although it is meant to work with all themes it doesn’t. The main issue appears to be ads not displaying.  It’s early days yet and hopefully improvements will be made to it.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]click for more information[/ilink]

Clickbomb Defense –  I would like to give you some information about this plugin but the sales page is noticeably lacking in this department.   If you can bear to endure the video you might find some information.   I haven’t found any reviews on this plugin either or testimonials from users.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]click for more information[/ilink]

CB Protect –  this is free from the repository  and is what I use. It’s very basic but I don’t need anything the other bits and pieces that plugins have as I have those features in other plugins.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]click for more information[/ilink]

Ad Logger    – this plugin offers a lot of features (not just related to clickbomb protection).   I’ll just summarise some of  the many features  but I suggest you check it out if you do a lot of adsense sites.

[unordered_list style=”arrow”]

  • Tracks your Adsense clicks from unlimited domains
  • Tracks your Adsense impressions from unlimited domain
  • Tracks Adsense ad background colours
  • Tracks Adsense ad border colours
  • Tracks Adsense ad text colours
  • Tracks Adsense ad link colours
  • Tracks Adsense ad url colours
  • Tracks Adsense ad types
  • Tracks referring servers
  • Tracks target of Adsense ad clicked
  • Tracks time of click in both local and Google time


[ilink style=”info” url=””]click for more information[/ilink]

Who Sees Ads – this plugins lets you choose who sees your ads. You can select ads not to show to returning visitors. This ensures that a visitor will only click your ad once.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]click for more information[/ilink]

Other things you can do to prevent clickbombing

You also need to ensure that your adsense code is not placed on other sites that would use it maliciously. To do this you simply need to authorize your site in the Google Adesense account management.

[ilink style=”info” url=”″]Visit Google Support for more information[/ilink]

What to do if you think you have been click bombed

If you suspect that you have been clickbombed then you may wish to submit a ticket to the big G notifying them of your suspicions. Check your stats first and pay attention to the ip addresses, number of clicks and time on site.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]Contact Google Support for more information[/ilink]

You may also want to remove your adsense ads from your site at this stage (to prevent further click activity) and replace it with some non niche related banners with a tracking url. Chances are if these non related banners are getting massive clicks then your site is being targetted by click bombers.

If you are not sure if your site was banned from the google adsense program you can check by going to the Google Sandbox.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]Contact Google Support for more information[/ilink]

Learning to create adsense sites

If you want to learn to publish adsense sites that earn you an income then my recommendation would be to pick up the this adsense course. You will learn how to create adsense sites the right way for long term success.

Random Stuff

Cannot connect to the server …

That’s the message that made my January not so much fun 🙂

Here’s what happened …

For most of January I’ve been unable to access my website.  Seriously.   I haven’t been able to see the front of my site, my server or access the backend of  my site for any length of time.

The only way that I was checking to see if my site was up was relying on monitoring tools,  a proxy server and

Everyday I would start my ritual of wake up and try and access my site.   I would usually be able to login for about half an hour before I was locked out of my site and could no longer access it from my computer, my windows VPS,  or Manage WP

My first thought was that my web host was being a bit too keen with the firewall that was part of the web hosting so I asked them to check.   It seemed at first that this was the problem.   I had done something “sketchy” to trigger off a firewall alarm bell and ban me from my own site.     Yes, the sketchy thing I had done was change my WordPress theme 🙂

The web host did all sorts of fiddling about with firewalls and whatnot and then suggested maybe it was a security  problem.

The guys at Sucuri monitor the site so I flicked the problem to them.   By this stage,  I was hoping that it was a security problem because I know that Sucuri would have it fixed in hours and I would be back in business.  Well Sucuri worked their fingers to the bone (multiple times) and found nothing that was causing the lock out for me.

After a lot of head scratching it was back to the web host for more tests, inspect plugins and fiddle with firewalls.   Long story short – nothing worked.   By this stage 10 days had passed and to say that I was getting annoyed might be the understatement of the year 🙂

The next suggestion was perhaps it was a computer infection.   I shudder to think that my pretty Mac has any sort of infection, but playing safe I duly subjected her to a ton of software, multiple times to give her a thorough cleanse.  Long story short, my pretty Mac had nothing wrong with her.

By this stage, the only option left was to move servers and see if that was the magic cure I was looking for.

Problem -How do you move servers when you can’t access your site or server?

Actually that was the easiest problem for me to solve.  I just trusted the job to someone who I knew could and would do it and knows WordPress.

The server move didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped as the server hadn’t been configured to suit this WordPress layout.   After several hours of waiting while the new web host fixed that issue the site was then migrated over to its new house (virtually at the stroke of midnight).

I had hoped that the server move would fix the problem and that I would wake up Saturday morning and be able to access my site.


By this stage I had tried:

[unordered_list style=”red-x”]

  • web hosting firewalls
  • plugin conflicts
  • security issues
  • computer viruses
  • moving web hosts


Logically, if I couldn’t see my site, and there was nothing wrong with my computer or the server or the website then the problem had to be closer to home.   It had to be the modem or router that was putting in place a firewall that allowed me in briefly (getting my hopes up) and then locking me out.

A quick search of the forums revealed that this is an issue and the way to solve the problem is just to simply reboot the modem.   Sheesh if only I had thought of that two weeks ago!

After rebooting the modem, I had my usual half an hour play in the site before I was locked out.    

Having looked at the Events Log in the modem I now knew that it was a modem issue.   A quick call to Telstra my ISP and they deleted the isps that were being blocked and allocated a new number. Oddly enough the Technical Support officer said that a lot of customers had been complaining about being blocked from sites like Facebook, Amazon and Ebay. Just my luck, they are all the sites that I can access and spend way too much time/money on! They would have been doing me a favour locking me out of them.

Moral of the story – sometimes it could be the simplest fixes that cause the biggest headaches 🙂

If you were expecting more posts from me in January or a comment approved now you know the reason that I’ve been slack 🙂

Here’s hoping that February is better!

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 20/01/2013

The WordPress community has been busy this week releasing new plugins for our pleasure. Here are some of my favorites that WordPress Internet Marketers may find useful.

Mobile Map Widget – the widgegt adds a mobile optimised static Google Map image with a c olored pin on your destination. You can get directions as well as the map with the route of your choice.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

Perfect Audience Retargeting – this is a free plugin but it is used with the Perfect Audience service. The plugin allows you to create Facebook and retargeting campaigns quickly and easily.

[ilink style=”info” url=” “]More info[/ilink]

Min and Max Purchase for Woo Commerce – another woo commerce plugin this one allows you to set up minimum and maximumpurchase rules. If customers don’t comply with these rules they can’t purchase the product. There are also separate plugins just for minimum purchases and just for maximum purchases.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

To Do List Member – I like this plugin for membership sites where you may give each member/user tasks to do. They can check off the tasks as they proceed. I think this would be a great addition to membership based sites based on learning where members get homework 🙂

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

All In One Social Life – if you want to show your web visitors your social media reach then the social life plugin is one such plugin that allows you to display your Facebook, twitter, google, linked in and stumble upon reach on your site

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

Domain Rail WordPress Plugin – This plugin is a premium plugin. It uses the Expired Domain software that allows your website visitors to find domain names from a large database. You earn commissions from being an affiliate with either Go Daddy and/or Namecheap on the sale of domain names.

[ilink style=”info” url=”″]More info[/ilink]

WP Security Plus – this is a new premium plugin which is said to protect against brute force attacks, checks basic wp functions, locks down ht access and wp-config files and various other things (some of which you probably have already done manually to your site anyway). At this stage, the plugins hasn’t been released very long and at the time writing there are no user reviews from people with expert WordPress knowledge. I’d like to see some reviews from real WP experts on this one before I tried it out.

[ilink style=”info” url=”″]More info[/ilink]

MemberPress – a new WordPress membership site plugin. It allows you to sell digital products securely from your website. There are many membership site plugins available (both free and premium) and you should check out all solutions before purchasing. The other caveat I would also add is that you should consider whether you should use a plugin or a membership script or service for your needs.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

Offline Pop Up Profits – Thisis a pop up plugin with a difference. It’s sorta cute 🙂 It allows you to put quizzes and surveys in a pop up form. It’s useful for both online and offline sites and I could see it being a very helpful sales tool.

[ilink style=”info” url=””]More info[/ilink]

Commerce Manager -This is a new set of plugins that contain a commerce plugin, an affiliate manager plugin and a membership plugin. At the time of writing, there aren’t many reviews on this. As always, when thinking membership sites and affiliate programs I would caution you to compare all products on the market and whether a wordpress plugin is the best solution for your needs.

[ilink style=”info” url=”″]More info[/ilink]

Where are the Themes?

Yes, I know there are no themes in this weeks round up 🙂 Truth is – I haven’t seen a release of a theme this week that is a) different b) original and c) suitable for internet marketers. Hopefully, next week there will be some themes in the round up 🙂

Random Stuff

New Year, New Look

One of my tips for getting ready for 2013 was to give your website a make over.

After a few years with the same theme that was created for the site I decided it was time for a new look.    The new theme is a slightly customized version of  Canvas from Woo Themes.

Why did I choose Canvas?

I could give you lots of reasons about the in built features and good customer support from the team at Woo but that wasn’t the decision maker for me 🙂   The real reason was that I bought Canvas a while ago and actually had forgotten to use it!      This forced me to learn how to use it, and use some of those things that we buy that end up as hard drive dust if we don’t use them immediately.

Thoughts so far

I like the new clean look,  but will reserve the right to make any changes as I feel like along the way 🙂   On that note,  I haven’t quite finished tweaking the site to incorporate the features of  Canvas which can replace plugins that I was previously using.


I would like to say that the whole change over process went smoothly.    I can’t say that 🙂    One of the biggest problems that I had was that I lost my internet connection half way through the change 🙁   Another problem is various plugins not playing nicely with this server set up and with existing plugins.    The beauty of using this theme was that I was able to build out the new look on a test site and just back up the options and transfer them over.   That was a real time saver.

I hope you enjoy the new look.



Weekly Round Up WordPress News

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 13 January 2013

In the WordPress World new themes and plugins are always being released every week. So we can all keep track of these new tools I’m adding a weekly round up of what’s new in theme and plugin world. I’m only concentrating on themes and plugins that are particularly suited for internet marketers and local business consultants in the line up.

Feel free to chime in and add any that I miss out in the comments section.

Premium Plugins

Social Curation Lockdown WordPress Plugin – curate discussions from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Google to curate contents for keywords and topics you want. Consists of Social Lockdown to use to make content go viral and generate social signals, the social curator is used to link to authority sites and gather social content.

Check it out here

Google Crystal Ball WordPress Plugin – This plugin is aimed at improving seo for your site by changing the way you do keyword research! Huh? According to the developer the serp results are being affected by Google intentionally favouring paid advertisings and pimped out Gplus listings in the search results. The plugin can help you find keywords that can have you sitting pretty in the organic results once again.

Find out more

Paper Template 2.0 – WordPress Sales Letter Plugin – automatically set up sales pages and optin forms from the back end of WordPress. What is amazing about this plugin (as well as the price) is that you don’t need to buy another theme, it works with any theme, and there are point and click pre made legal forms and pages, download pages, video replay pages, webinar, optin forms.  It also writes the pages for you – optin templates, sales letter template, bullet points – all these are template style and you modify them to suit you. All you need to do is customize the pre written templates to suit you, add the graphics  you may want to use and you are done.     The price makes this an absolute steal of  a deal but you need to watch the video to really appreciate it.  The developer is Robert Plank who has a number of WordPress plugins in the marketplace.

Check it out

WP Video Optin – This plugin with developers licence allows you to create custom landing pages with video backgrounds and integrated optin forms. It is said to work with any autoresponder service.

Find out more here

SilotBot WordPress Plugin – Allows you to easily build silo structures automatically on your site. The plugin concentrates on the importance of internal links in your websites. A silo links and organises relevant content on your site make it easier for visitors and search engines alike.

Check it out

Scheduled Sales Plugin – this plugin is an add on for the Woo Commerce plugin. Its function is to allow you to build urgency for a product and increase the pricing. As internet marketers know – scarcity sells! You can adjust the regular prices or sale price for specific dates/times based on quantity sold, increase or decrease pricing, adjust stock quantities and publish and unpublish product at scheduled dates and times. You can even do more complex things easily by adding countdown timers and setting up rules.

find out more about the Woo Commerce add on
Click Missile Plugin  – this works on making sure your existing Adsense niche sites are optimized on mobile phones for ads. If your ads aren’t displaying on mobile phones then you wont be making money from mobile surfers.   This is suited for people with adsense sites wanting to capture the mobile surfers.

check it out here 

Site to App plugin – Turn your wordpress site into an app. This product allows users that are browsing your site to download an “app” of your site onto their phone/ipad or ipod. The site is then displayed within the IOS webkit. You can add in messages – like “get a free drink” etc or add in touch to call. I know a lot of people are super “hot” for apps at the moment.   Before you rush in on this, you really need to think how super useful that app is going to be. Seriously, do most people need/want an app of Joes’ Plumbing services on their phone? Our mobile devices are fighting for app real estate at the moment against apps that are truly useful like online banking etc.

Find out more

Free Plugins

Kanagawa SMS Alerts –  this is a simple solution to send text messages to your WordPress subscribers. I haven’t tried this plugin myself but I certainly would make sure that your subscribers knew that you were going to SMS them. That beeping noise in the middle of the night might get tiring real quick!

Download the free plugin here

Fikra Ticker – display newsfeeds as a ticker across your blog.  There are many plugins that do this (both free and paid) as well as services.    Check your hard drive before downloading as you may already have one or two of them!

Download the free news ticker plugin

WP Ads within Contents – this plugin certainly doesn’t have the snappiest name but it is useful. Allows you to show ads within a post before and after the content or use a shortcode to display the ad wherever you like.

Download Ads Within Contents

Media Library Assistant – this plugin adds some extra geatures to the media library include gallery shortcodes, assigning metadata, enchanced search box, categorizing types of media and taxonomie support.

Download the Media Library Organizer

Advanced Blog Metrics – This is an interesting plugin that measures the number of posts, average per day, number of words etc so you can easily see which posts bring you in the most comments (or which authors or post size). This sort of information can help you plan the length of posts to write, who the author should be and the time of day to post to get more interaction on your site.

Download Advanced Blog Metrics plugin

Pinterest Tab – allows you to showcase your boards and pins on Pinterest. You can also use the plugin on your Facebook page and mobile site.

Download Pinterest tab WordPress plugin

Hot Spots – draws a heat map of the mouse clicks on a webpage. You can then analyse this data to improve the usability of your site for visiors.

Download Hotspots heat map plugin

Simple Post Ratings – easy way to add ratings to your blog posts. It contains a number of options that are easy to configure.

Download Post Ratings Plugin

WP Social SEO Booster adds microdata to your site to improve search engine visibility. there are many premium plugins but this one is totally free and is said to support all microdata supported by Google

Download WordPress Social SEO Booster

Fancy Widget Popup – allows you to add a widget to a sidebar. A popup in the widget will display when the user reaches the foooter of the page. This could be used to entice the visitor to further pages in your blog or promote an offer, request a comment, phone call etc.

Download Pop up Widget

Premium Themes

Offline Lead Magnet WordPress theme (+ 19 logos) –  this is yet another lead generation theme. It has an easy to use interface, sliders, featured article, custom widgets, responsive and  built in contact form.

Get the theme while on sale here

WP Biz Theme – Another local biz theme!  Similar features as previous themes but has some slicker graphics on it, imo). Nice sliders, mobile responsive and 7 color schemes. Personally I’m not impressed with the color schemes but maybe that’s just me 🙂

Buy WP Biz Theme

Petit WordPress Theme – nice theme from the gang at WP Zoom. Very slick. Particularly suitable for restaurants, cafes and recipe sites due to the layout style. It is, of course, responsive 🙂

Buy Petit WordPress Theme

Appply – Woo Themes – this is a new theme by the team at Woo. It has support for an ecommerce store, sliders and the usual style. I have to say that I agree with a lot of the commenters on this theme – it’s nothing new and not innovative. Sorry, I feel like it should be called “yawning”.  Don’t get me wrong I love Woo Themes but I would like to see a return of the exciting themes that they used to do rather than the ones lately that have been much of a muchness.

View Appply here

Worth a mention …

Not a plugin or theme but certainly worth a mention is CMS2CMS an online service to migrate platforms to WordPress.

The service can migrate pages, posts, categories, tags, comments, content images, users and internal links. It currently supports Joomla, Joomla K2 and Drupal migrations to WordPress. In the future support for Typo3, Zoops and Expression Engine will be added.

In order to migrate the data you need to havee a connection bridge and install the connection bridge script via ftp on your source and target CMS websites.

You should be aware that your url structure may change during the import and you may need to redirect those old urls using a plugin when you migrate to WordPress – but it will be worth it!

It is currently in beta and worth a look if you are doing a migration.   Practice on a test site first though!



Short Bytes


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