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Quick Way To Earn Money From Blogging

One of the problems bloggers face is how to earn money from blogging.    After all you do need to pay for hosting and lash out on chocolate every now and then, so you need funds to pay for these small pleasures in life.

One of the ways that you can get some cash in the coffers is by using the real estate on your blog.     All that lovely space on your blog above your posts, below your posts in the sidebar is space that you can use to sell affiliate products or rent the advertising space to others.

To do this you can easily add affiliate banners  to your theme files or just add the affiliate banners on a post by post basis.

But, seriously that’s work!

You have to locate the banner you want to use, find a spot for it, refer to the front of  your blog from time to time to work out what goes where …you could lose minutes or hours on this task.

A better solution is a plugin where you can divide your blog up into zones for advertising space.    Above the post could be a zone, the sidebar another zone and so on.

The good news is that there are plugins that already do this.

One free plugin is Max Banner Ads.   I do use this plugin but what I don’t like about it is the annoying link back to the plugin developer and joining the email list.    You can remove the link back by paying for the plugin though.  Another annoyance is that  the plugin developer excels at email marketing.  If he was as bad at email marketing as I am I would be happy but he’s  not  …so expect a constant barrage of offers hitting your inbox or set up another account for the plugin.    Which is another bug bear.   If you want to use the plugin on another site you have to optin again to activate it.   If you have more than a few sites this can get v. annoying!

On the plus side the plugin does create zones on your blog and has a great ad tracking system where you can see which banners are getting clicked.   Of course, this information is gold.    The more you know who has clicked and where on your blog the better you can monetize your blog and start getting money from blogging!   You will be able to determine the best spots to place ads on your site that convert and the ads that are bringing in the most money for your site.   Once you know this information, you will be able to tweak your blog to maximise the earning potential.

Another plugin that I love to death is OIO Publisher.   I bought this plugin years ago and I truly don’t use it enough.   I find that I have so many plugins and test so many that I often misplace my faves 🙁

OIO Publisher is more than a banner ad system and tracking system it is a full ad manager.   It allows you to fully automate the sale of advertising space on your site.

Have a look at the demo on their site for a more thorough review.

There are a lot of plugins (both free and paid) that you can use to manage your advertising.

Before you start selling advertising space on your blog you need to have a commodity to sell.    Remember, the  price for the space is directly correlated with the amount of traffic that your blog receives.    So, build up the traffic, do some seo and link building and start ranking for some keywords before you hang up the “for rent” sign.

Remember, when choosing a plugin that you need to be able to easily use space on your blog.

Choose a plugin that:

  • allows you to divide up your blog into different advertising zones for better management of your virtual real estate.
  • has in built tracking
  • automates advertising payment (if you are selling direct ad space)

Don’t make more work for yourself.  Use plugins to automate the process for you!

If you purchase a product through my affiliate link I will be paid a commission which should keep me in coffee and cake!
WordPress News

The Easter Egg Hunt Is On!

I love Easter Eggs because usually they are made of chocolate which I fully believe should be a food group and a meal on its own 🙂 Although man can’t live on bread alone I’d sure like to give a chocolate and coffee diet a good go!

But, Easter Eggs aren’t always about my obsession with chocolate.

There are other types of Easter Eggs

An Easter Egg is often inserted into games, software and interactive websites.    It’s just a little bit of code that when the user comes across gives them an unexpected surprise.   Easter Eggs aren’t frightening they are just a surprise for stumbling across the hidden treasure.

Some people just love hunting for Easter Eggs in programs.

When Matt from WordPress indicated that  WordPress 3.0 had some Easter Eggs in it that you might be able to see on HD the hunt was on.    I’ve watched the video in HD a number of times, admittedly without my glasses on but I still couldn’t find the Easter Egg 🙁

Then, just when I was playing with WP 3.0 and not expecting to find the Easter Egg – I found it!!!  Then not long later I found another one.   Now, my only problem is how many Easter Eggs are there to be found before this hunt can be officially over?

If you want to see the Easter Eggs in action watch the short video below.    There is no sound on the video because of an I D 10 T error (yes I’m the idiot that didn’t have the microphone on!).

Watch what happens when you login with the incorrect details or compare post revisions with the same revision.


I have to say that I did spend way too much time amusing myself with the Easter Eggs like a small child fascinated by a new toy!

Another way to find Easter Eggs rather than my click buttons and hope for the best approach is to compare the code between WP 3.0 and WP 2.9.    Of course, this does sound like a lot of work but it really is bothering me if I have missed an Easter Egg somewhere!


Sharing the Luv

I was thinking today about comments.

Comments are great because they allow you to interact with your visitors as well as providing user generated content.   Add to that you can often obtain seo benefits from comments because they often incorporate keywords or related keywords.    This helps you get ideas for new posts, new keywords and may even be indexed by the search engines.

So, how to get more comments

There are a number of ways to get more comments.     You can just ask people to comment, you can reward people if they comment or you can punish them if they don’t make enough comments – ie I will not post this juicy tutorial unless I get 50 comments – that works well for some people but is annoying if it appeared on every blog.

I like things that are automated.    Then, I don’t have to think too much and get time to focus on the things that I like doing … eating chocolate and shoe shopping amongst other things 🙂

One of the best plugins to reward people for commenting (and it’s free) is Comment Luv.  I’ve used   Comment Luv for a long time on other blogs where I play with things and test them out but …. never here …until today 🙂

Comment Luv allows a visitor to post a comment on your blog and that comment will also link to the last article that the visitor posted.  This allows people to get passer by traffic to their site and links all while contributing to your user generated content.   Of course, you need to have your comment approved by the blog owner.   It goes without saying …but I’ll say it anyway… that spammy, valueless, meaningless comments probably will not be approved.

The benefit of using Comment Luv for the site owner is that the reward for commenting is now automated by the plugin.   In addition, Comment Luv has an active little community of users using the plugin where you can make comments, enter contests and have some fun while getting links!    You can also set up your comment luv blog as well as join their affiliate program.   It’s really worthwhile looking at and the plugin is free.

So, back to my thought for the day

I was thinking about doing a quick search for the most popular blogs that are using the Comment Luv plugin so I could write a quick and juicy post on it today.     After a quick trip to Google I realized that cyberspace was giving out this thought to a few people other than me.

The good news

An internet marketer beat me to it and has compiled a great list of sites – by niche – that are using Comment Luv.    Between that list and the Comment Luv members sites you should have no problem finding a place to add your comment contributions in cyberspace.

P.S. Share the luv – and post a comment below

Plugins WP Help Desk

WP Help Desk Plugin

WP Help Desk

WP Help Desk is a free WordPress Plugin.    If you have a WordPress site selling your products chances are that you might need a Help Desk.     Rather than integrating another script with WordPress WP Help Desk works with the popular Hesk help desk software.

Now you can have your very own Help Desk integrated in the WordPress dashboard.

Installation and Usage instructions are contained in the read me file.  Please note that WP Help Desk is NOT compatible with WP 2.7

We are working on an all new versionof WP Help Desk that does not rely on third party integration with Hesk but rather a stand alone help desk solution.

Download WP Help Desk