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What I am up to (not mischief)

I have been slack.

I have so many posts to write for my blog I think I could post twice a day until the end of  the year and still have more to write!

Although that seems like a challenge it’s not one I’m going to be taking up ….just yet :)

Here’s why

I’m in product creation mode right now and have been for the last few months.     So although it may seem like I’m … Read More

Google Plus Sneaky

Google Plus has been out now for a little bit.    Of course, whenever something new is released there are always people busy out there creating new gadgets, apps and add ons to increase the functionality of the technology.

One such busy bee is Andrew Shen who got to work and seen that Google Plus was missing something.   Now, no doubt, Google in its infinite wisdom has omitted this essential function for a reason and will … Read More