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Spread the word using a WordPress podcast plugin

I wrote in my book WordPress for Internet Marketers and WP Quick Cash years ago about using free WordPress podcasting plugins to get traffic and links to your site.

What is a podcast?

According to Wikipedia a podcast is:

How do you create a podcast?

You can easily create a podcast by reading one of your blog posts and recording it using free software like Audacity.  Once you have made your recording upload it … Read More

Backup Buddy v WP Twin

I’m a plugin junkie so it’s pretty natural for me that I own both of these WordPress time savers.

Backup Buddy is a plugin that is installed in your WordPress site.   On the other hand, WP Twin is a script.     Both of  these WordPress add ons are able to take a complete copy of your site.    Of course, there are free plugins in the WordPress repository that will also do this as well.     There’s a … Read More

Video Blogging – Fun or Fizzle?

What is Video Blogging?

Video blogging or Vlogging is a blog based on video rather than the traditional article format (like this one).   There are many ways that visitors like to digest information text, images and videos.    Most Vlogs consist of a talking head film style.   This means that a person is filming themselves when vlogging.

Why Vlog?

Video blogging is just one way that you can communicate with your niche.   You’ll find that almost … Read More

Five Tips For New Bloggers Getting Started

It can be so exciting setting up a blog for the first time!

I know my first blog (and no I’m not going to tell you about it now!) took me ages to set up.     I fiddled with graphics, ordered new graphics, customized themes until my fingers were raw :) and then I waited …. and waited.

When I checked my stats and noticed that there weren’t any visitors or anyone clicking on my enticing ads … Read More