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WordPress Gifts for WordPress Fans

I was recently thinking about the 10th birthday of WordPress. That got me thinking about presents 🙂

What do you give a WordPress fan for their birthday?

Seems I am not the only user that has this thought from time to time because the interwebs are loaded with gifts for fans of WordPress

Of course you can check out the WordPress swag store  and pick up a t-shirt, hoodie or even a baby onesie or a case for your iphone.

wordpress t shirtAll items come in a variety of colors and embellished with the logo we love 🙂

But why just dress you and your family when you can decorate your Christmas tree WordPress style?


If you want a t-shirt with a bit more on it you can head on over to Zazzle


Maybe you don’t want to wear your heart on your sleeve but you want to display it on your wall. In that case, an understated poster might be just the ticket.

wordpress poster

Or maybe it’s coffee you need.  And you need it  in a cute WP mug

wordpress poster wp-coffee-mugs

or maybe you just want something low key like these cute thongs from cafe press


or maybe something for your dog

wordpress dog coat

There’s probably many a night you have spent battling WordPress when instead you could have been cuddled up to this cute little fella instead


or maybe a bumper sticker for the car for dyslexics


Something that shows your love for a certain framework …

Genesis WordPress poster

or maybe something handmade and crafty like these laser cut earrings

wordpress earrings

And you can never start blogging too early …


Nothing says fan though like a bit of ink – so maybe a gift card for a tattoo might be the perfect gift

Geek WordPress Logo Tattoo | Geek |

Or just a simple badge of honour instead …


Or for the practical fans I’d hook them up with an annual subscription to Sucuri 🙂

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 1 September 2013

It’s a short round up this week because I need to get to a tv. Yes, I’m addicted 🙂 It’s the Masterchef final tonight and I’m dying to see who is the winner. I love cooking shows and Masterchef is one of my faves. So many personalities, so many types of food! I’m a pretty good cook myself but there’s no way that I could cook under pressure the way they do. I would still be thinking about a recipe by the time plating up came around!

WordPress plugin developers have been cooking up a great variety of code this week for WordPress internet marketers to use.

Here’s my favorite selection of the free plugins from the repository.

Free WordPress Plugins

Social Deals Engine – does what it says on the tin! Turns your WordPress site into a daily deals site. If you were going to go with this route I’d also suggest that you add in some content as well including FAQS and more information to help your user.

social deals plugin

Social Deals Engine

My Effecto – want to know what people right think of your content? Rather than wait for a text reply you can use the cute emoticons based on the site. You will need to sign up with to use the emoticons and to make use of the analytics.

MyEffecto-Instant Emotion Reaction

Artists Painting Using Pretty Photo – if you run an art gallery site then you may want to add in more details about a painting including the medium used. This plugin makes adding in those details super easy

artists wordpress plugin

WP Reading List – yet another reading list plugin! These plugins are helpful though if you do reviews of books or just like to keep your readers up to speed with what you are currently reading.

WP Reading List

WP Rapid Quiz – quizzes area a great way to build engagement with your audience but they are also helpful when selling products and services. Adding a short quiz that is designed to assist the visitor find the appropriate product/service for their needs could increase your sales.

wordpress quiz plugin

As Heard On – are you a gad about and a mover and shaker? If you are and have been interviewed by peeps on their podcasts you might want to spread the word on your own blog. You can do this by adding this plugin that is designed to showcase other podcasts where you have been interviewed

As Heard On

My Kindle Books – allows you to show your readers what you are reading on Kindle and insert your affiliate link as well.

kindle reading list plugin

My Kindle Books

Agreement – allows you to add a pop up agreement to your blog. Useful for terms of service, over 18 statements and the like. Of course, you need to supply the text of the agreement herself


Funniest Plugin of the Week Award

Strain To Try – displays a random medical marijuana strain to try in the footer

Premium WordPress Plugins

There have been quite a few premium plugins released this week. However, I am not recommending any to you. The ones that I checked out can be found for free in the WordPress repository and/or there are premium plugins that do the same thing, have been tried and tested and have great customer support. Just like anything, always do your research before pulling out the credit card on the latest must have plugin 🙂

Until next week ..


10 Dual Factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress Users

With the recent publicity on brute force attacks aimed at WordPress blogs beefing up security should be on your mind!

There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure you tighten up your blog including an extra layer of security.

An additional layer can be added by using two factor authentication on your blog.   According to Wikipedia:

“Two-factor authentication is often confused with other forms of authentication. Two-factor authentication requires the use of two of the three authentication factors. The factors are identified in the standards and regulations for access to U.S. Federal Government systems. These factors are:

Something the user knows (e.g., password, PIN, pattern);
Something the user has (e.g., ATM card, smart card); and
Something the user is (e.g., biometric characteristic, such as a fingerprint).”

For WordPress users a way of adding dual factor authentication is by using your mobile phone to confirm your identify as well as your username and password. If you use Pay Pal’s additional security features you may already be familiar with this double layer of security.

Duo Security Plugin

One plugin that you can use to add extra security is the Duo Security Plugin. The plugin is free from the WordPress repository but you will need to register for a personal account with Duo Security before installing the plugin.

No mobile phone?

No problem, you can also use a landline.


Duo offers a free plugin for up to 10 users, and business and enterprise accounts for those that require more than 10 users.

You can add the additional authentication for the following roles: Administrator (yes!) editor, author, contributor and subscriber.

After you have signed up with Duo, you need to activate your account by clicking the email that they send you. Then you need to create an integration (basically a fancy pants way of saying what you are trying to protect – in this case a Web SDK to protect a WordPress blog).

Give your integration a name that users will see when they authenticate eg WP Queen.

Once the integration is created you will be given details of your integration key, secret key and API Hostname

Google Authenticator

Google also has a product that adds another layer to your blog which is the Google authenticator. The plugin works on android, iphone and blackberries. Just like the previous plugin you can choose which user roles you enable the two factor authentication on. Naturally, your “administrator” account is the big one that you will wish to protect.

This plugin is a little trickier to set up compared to the Duo Security plugin.  It requires you to ensure that your server and blog are providing accurate time information. The codes that the plugin generates for the double authentication are time based so it’s imperative that the phone you are using and the server where your web host is located is in sync. This is just a little too complex for me being in Australia and having hosting in the USA.

google two factor authentication

Authy Two Factor Authentication

I’ve been using Authy on my blog for quite a while now without any problems.   Out of the plugins above it was the easiest to set up.  No messing about syncing clocks and the like.  I just signed up for a free Authy account and installed the plugin.

authy two factor authentication

Toopher (Beta) 

Toopher have produced a nice little plugin that is currently in beta.  It will be interesting to see more user reviews of this plugin and how it develops in the future.

toopher two factor authenticator

Shield Pass

In order to use this free plugin from the repository you will need to buy a Shield Pass (costs about $10).  Shield Pass differs from other plugins listed as it operates on a dynamically changing password.  You can get a brief overview by watching the short video [youtube][/youtube]

Two Factor Auth

This plugin appears to be less feature rich than others listed.  It requires you to still to use another app like Duo or Google Authenticator.    In addition, if you use custom login pages you will need to switch to the standard default page.

two factor authentication wordpress plugin
IM Login Dongle

The IM Login Dongle allows you to receive your passcode to login to your site via instant messenger.  This is handy for those that don’t have or don’t like using mobile phones.



I have to put in a shout out to WordFence.  Not only is it one of the best free security plugins in the repository (and better than most paid plugins being peddled in certain forums) but it also has two factor authentication.  Now the two factor cell phone authentication is in the premium not free version but seriously with all this plugin offers it is worth the small investment.

wordfence two factor authentication

Rublon WordPress Plugin

The Rublon plugin works on an “invisible two factor authentication”.   Basically it requires you to create a Rublon account and use only a trusted device that you have to sign in to your WordPress blog.

rublon wordpress plugin

Use Rublon to manage and define the devices you trust, such as your laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Rublon secured accounts will only be accessible from your Trusted Devices. The Rublon mobile app allows you to add or remove Trusted Devices at any time, anywhere you are.

Rublon is an additional security layer that verifies whether you are signing in from a Trusted Device. It works on top of any existing authentication process. This means that you still have to type your username and password or use a social login button to sign in, but it must be done on a Trusted Device in order to access your account. And if you want to sign in using a new device, simply confirm your identity using Rublon, and then add it to your Trusted Devices.

Clockwork Two Factor Authentication

I haven’t  used the Clockwork two factor authenticator plugin but you should note that as well as needing a Clockwork account you will also need some credit to use it.

clockwork sms two factor authentication plugin

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 25 August 2013

As usual it is a WordPress plugin feast this week with lots of developers geeking out over WordPress. I’ve sorted through the latest plugins to hit the repository and grabbed a selection of the most useful ones for WordPress internet marketer users.

Here goes ..

Free WordPress Plugins

Jameel’s Dev Tools – if you develop websites for clients then this handy plugin could save you a lot of time when you are transitioning the site to the client’s server. If you are doing the hosting yourself then you won’t need it 🙂

Jameel's Dev Tools

Iconic Navigation – ever admired those sites with cute little icons in the navigation bar? Of course you can easily do this if you are code savvy but for those that like to save hair pulling and learning code this is a little time saver.

icon navigation plugin

Iconic Navigation

WP Projects Portfolio – still on that offline theme have a projects page for your clients where they can add their own testimonials as well

project portfolio and testimonial plugin

WP Projects Portfolio with Client Testimonials

Daskal – most people are aware how popular tutorial sites are. You can create your own tutorials using this little plugin – super easy


CPD Journals – I have to do continuous professional development every year for my job so I found this plugin interesting. Rather than the scraps of paper and receipts I keep you can keep a journal of your CPD activities. This plugin is for use with a multisite installation and for the situation where you have a number of members being supervised for instance. Saying that, I think you could turn this into something useful for a membership site where members had to do “homework”

cpd wordpress journal


SEO Search Terms – something for the SEO enthusiasts

SEO SearchTerms Admin

Auphonic Importer – Auphonic is one of those companies I love! If you haven’t heard of them before you can check them out here:

I love them because you can upload your audio and they will analyze it and do whatever it takes to make it sound good. And they do this for free!

Now you can easily import those podcasts for example that you have created straight to WordPress with this handy auphonic import to WordPress plugin

Auphonic Importer

Infusionsoft for Developers – as a lot of internet marketers using WordPress also use Infusionsoft I’ve added this one for you

Infusionsoft WordPress Developers Plugin

DevSup – If you want to host videos in the back end of your WordPress dashboard for clients then this is a handy free plugin. At the moment, there is no support for hosting your own videos but apparently this will be coming soon.

videos in wordpress dashboard plugin

Simple Documentation – another plugin super useful for offliners! This one allows you to provide documentation in the dashboard for WordPress users.


Simple Documentation

Book Review – if you like reading books and sharing them with your readers then you’ll enjoy how you can format and rate the book using this plugin

book review wordpress plugin

Book Review

Update Shaming – if you need to clear the blog cobwebs but don’t know where to start

Update Shaming

Marketing Optimizer – go conversion testing mad with this plugin

Marketing Optimizer

Product Launch Countdown Widget

Product Launch Countdown Widget

Funniest Plugin Award

This week the funniest plugin goes to the Kittens for Comments developers!

kittens for comments plugin

Kittens for Comments

Premium WordPress Plugins

Sonic Impact – pop up madness

read more here:

or watch the video

WordPoster – bulk post your articles to WordPress

Read more here

Video Silo Plugin – the team at Theme Zoom have released their video silo plugin
you can read more here:

view the video

Just a reminder that Evanto are having a birthday sale. You can get about $500 worth of “stuff” for $20 until the 3rd September 2013


7 Plugins to Print This Post

Often I’ll go to a site and start reading a blog post and know that I really, really want a copy of that post. I want to be able to print it out. I want to be able to highlight important parts. I want to add it to a swipe file of information I collect for education and inspiration.

Some blog owners make it super simple for me to grab the post and print it out. Other’s don’t. When they don’t it means that I have to copy and paste into a text file and spend time removing stuff. That’s time that I could have spent leisurely digesting the info with my pink highlighter in hand.

To make it easier for readers to save your content and print it out you can add a print plugin to your site. All the plugins listed below are free in the WordPress repository and I’ve tested them all out using the Twenty Thirteen theme and WordPress 3.6. I should also mention that the top 7 of print friendly WordPress plugins does not include plugins that you can use to turn your posts into a pdf and focuses on printing only.

Print Friendly & PDF

One of my favorites. Just install it and activate it to use. You can go to Settings/Print Friendly & PDF to customize the icon buttons and text, color, size and positioning. It’s a great little plugin that gives the visitor the option of printing, creating a pdf or emailing the content.

The only downside for me is that it doesn’t include comments. Sometimes, I find the comments very worthwhile and worthy of swiping as well.

print friendly pdf wordpress plugin

Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly

Universal Post Manager

This plugin is packed with features! Not only can you print the post but you also can choose to have options of downloading the post in pdf, xml, doc or html format as well! In addition to the printing features you can also turn on social sharing and polls. Once you install the plugin you will see a new menu called Post Manager where you can customize the settings.

If you have elected to have all the print and save options it will display on your site like so:

universal post manager wordpress plugin interface
If you elect to use bookmarks and social sharing you will be able to choose from a range of icons or upload your own.

universal post manager bookmarks display

It really is a fully featured plugin and it’s difficult to believe that it is free


You can read more about it here:

Printer Friendly WP

This plugin has very little to customize. You simply have the choice of having a print button on posts, pages or both. That’s it! You will then see a cute little printer icon at the end of each page/post.

printer friendly wp output

Printer-Friendly WP

Print What You Like

Once you install and activate the plugin you can customize it by going to Settings/PrintWhatYouLike. You”ll find that you can customize the look and display easily. Advanced users can also customize the way their blog is formatted for printing.



Clean Save

this is another feature rich plugin. Not only can you save the file to your computer, google drive, dropbox or kindle but you can also save a pdf, print or email it. Two things I really like about this plugin is that not only can you edit the article to keep the bits you most want to remember but you can also append a logo to the clean print output file so your branding stays with the user. So many choices for visitors …

clean save wordpress plugin

Genesis PrintStyle Plus

For use with the Genesis theme framework only.

Genesis Printstyle Plus

Print Me

Simple to use plugin with basic features. Although the plugin works perfectly you can’t help thinking that compared to some of its stable mates it’s a bit lacking. The two areas that I feel could do with improvement are some default icons and the ability to easily add your own icon as well as more control over the positioning of the icon/text.


Print me!

There are quite a few other printing style plugins that I also tested – sadly they didn’t work 🙁 Hopefully, developers will release new versions in the future.


Revenge of the Affiliates – Kindle Training

Have you ever wanted to write books and sell them on Kindle? Or better yet, have someone else do the writing for you while you sell the books on Kindle and make monthly commissions?

Ever since Kindle came out I’ve been fascinated with it. So fascinated that I’ve been stockpiling a pile of books that I’ve written so I could one day go upload crazy and list them online.

geralt / Pixabay

I’m glad I held back though… because although I had done the writing I hadn’t done the research. Without research who knows if my little books would ever sell!

When Brian Johnson released his Kindle training called “Revenge of the Affiliates” I knew that I wanted it. Brian always produces quality products whether it’s how to sell halloween items or WordPress plugins – you know that they will be good.

What I really liked about the Kindle training was that there was a whole free pre launch series stepping you through how Brian makes money on Kindle. You’ll be shocked when you realise how little “writing” there is in his books but they are still of high quality and make passive income each month. I was also pretty surprised with how long it took to go through the training, how good it was and that Brian is giving it away!

In the training you’ll learn how Brian first entered the Kindle market over a year ago. He started as a true newbie in this niche and ultimately developed a system where about 10 books (that he didn’t write) earn him monthly passive income. No list, no fancy pants backlinking and starting with no advertising budget.

Here’s my overview of the pre launch video training:

Video 1 – Selling Topics

In this video Brian steps you through the research you need to do to discover topics that will sell on Kindle. Thank goodness I overcame my aversion to videos and watched this because this one video saved me from uploading my stock pile of books and re-thinking the title and category I should be focusing on. Brian also gives away some valuable tips on how to get an instant boost in the Kindle store and the best pricing strucutre for your new book. Less than 30 minutes to watch and well worth watching at least once.

Video 2 – Conversions and Traffic

Brian teaches you how to leverage traffic and get more eyeballs for free to your book. He uses this information that is freely available (just takes time to research) to name his book. Without watching this short 20 minute odd video you could risk losing traffic.

Video 3 – Reviews

Using ethical and white hat methods you learn how to use free sources and more importantly when to use them to get more reviews for your book. Getting reviews on your products and books is always important and Brian shows you how to work smarter to get reviews coming in.

Bonus – Live Training replay

I don’t often like watching webinars anymore. They are usually too long and tedious for my liking. However, I did enjoy Brian’s webinar because you get the feeling he genuinely wants to help people achieve the same success with Kindle he has. In the webinar Brian briefly describes the 6 step formula he uses to create Kindle books.

The most important take away that you get from this training is that first and foremost Brian is a marketer and not an author. Important difference because not everyone likes to write. If that’s you and you are wondering how on earth to publish on Kindle you might be surprised how easy it is to produce a quality product that people love. To support this, check out Brian’s first book on the Kindle store. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’m not going to name it here, but it is primarily images and has very little words. In addition, it has been top book in its category and continues to earn Brian money each month.

If you are a writer then you will save money by doing the work yourself and not outsourcing. More importantly, you will realise the importance of marketing when it comes to getting sales automatically and passively each month for your work.

Certainly well worth watching at least once.

You can follow along and do the free  training yourself here

Theoretically, you could do the free training that Brian provides and get a great book up on Kindle and start making sales.

However, I would suggest that once you’ve completed the training you check and see if the Revenge of the Affiliates training is available and snap it up if you can. Unlike the pre launch series the 6 step training is a pdf. It is packed full of information and expands upon what was in the launch videos. Often Brian removes this from sale so you have to sign up to his list to get notified when it is available.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own publishing empire then I highly recommend checking out Brian Johnson’s – Revenge of the Affiliates Kindle Training course.   I’d love to have a Kindle book a day challenge where I create a book each and every day for a month and pop it up on Kindle.   With Brian’s method, I can produce a high quality book that will sell, and sell regularly.

Weekly Round Up

WordPress Weekly Round Up – 18 August 2013

Well thankfully I’m over the worse of the flu but it does appear to be hanging on a little more than I like. As I was feeling a lot better this week it did give me an opportunity to check out more plugins for you!

Free WordPress Plugins

User Tracker WordPress Plugin

The user tracker plugin has quite a few little features and is a worthwhile plugin to test on your blog. It does, however, have the potential to annoy your visitors …hence testing is required.

user tracker wordpress plugin

Pix Gridder

If you are not using a framework or theme that has column and row shortcodes in built then the Pix Gridder plugin can give you those features without changing themes

pix gridder wordpress plugin



This is a great little plugin for offliners or digital marketers. Easily display your specials that you run on your website in an attractive way.

specials wordpress plugin


Simple Magazine

It’s a pity that the developer hasn’t found time to add more information to the repository on this plugin. However, if you follow the github link you will find more information. You can install the plugin on your site, quickly add articles and display all your magazines nicely.

simple magazine wordpress plugin

Simple Magazine

Free Live Support

Want live support on your WordPress blog wihtout paying monthly fees? Well Livesupporti is the latest offering this service. You do need to have an account with them to use this plugin

Free Live Chat Support

live chat wordpress plugin

Memphis Documents Library

This plugin has me scratching my head! So simple yet why on earth haven’t we seen more plugins with this idea? (yes, I know there are plugins like it but…) Memphis has a beautiful interface, easy tracking of downloads and the ability to easily replace versions of files is a god send to product creators and others that often update materials on their site.


Memphis Documents Library

Silo Plugin

The folks at ThemeZoom have released a free WordPress silo plugin.

You can read more about it here and watch the demo vids as well.

In order to download the plugin you do need to opt in. The opt in will be pre-filled with your Facebook information (if you are on Facebook) or you can use your regular email. ThemeZoom are using Aweber and it seem to take a few hours between confirming the subscription and notification.    Don’t panic.  It may take a few hours to hit your inbox.

One thing that I do like is that the guys at ThemeZoom are keeping track of theme conflicts. If you are worried that this plugin might conflict with your current WordPress tehme then check out the google doc spreadsheet and see if it is compatibile with the Silo Builder plugin

You can see the google doc here 

They have submitted the plugin to the WordPress repository so by the time of publishing of this post you may find it there.

Naturally, the guys are giving this away for a reason. The reason being that shortly they will have a Video WordPress Silo Architecture plugin on the market ($27). Giving away this plugin will help them gain more interest in their new release in the future. Kudos to them.

 Paid WordPress Plugins

As you know I only like to post things that I think will be useful to WordPress users that are internet marketers. Nothing this week in the premium market has taken my fancy as being useful to you in the long term. Hopefully, next week there will be new toys to play with 🙂